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Title: Comments & Feedback
Post by: Zarniwoop on 25 March 2010, 20:29:05
Please feel free to Post any comments or feedback about our events here, alternatively there is a feedback form  ( on the Raiders Website (

Thank you

The Organiser Team...

Title: Re: Comments & Feedback
Post by: Spirit Games on 02 January 2012, 20:08:27
Well, what a Raiders! 29th December 2011 was by far the biggest ever, what was especially handy for me was that the shop overflow space was needed, so I was able to join in while still pausing to do more work when really necessary. Organiser Paul himself had a Christmas No Room at the Inn moment and brought Kingdom Builder ( over, my kind of game although not yet ahead of Hacienda ( in my list of favourites of that genre. Come shop-closing time the crowds had thinned out so Sally and I nipped over to the Sally Army for a game of Revolver ( followed by introducing Head Honcho Carole to Igel Argen (, a classic quick fluffy game from 1990. My, how time flies when you are enjoying yourself.  Phil

Title: Re: Comments & Feedback
Post by: Oskar on 03 January 2012, 14:13:12
Well, I am just about recovering from the last Raiders event, and what a bumper one it was this time we were nearly bursting at the seams, a couple of people even had to go to the overflow option over at Spirit Games. New faces are coming through the door every event which is really encouraging for the committee as we must be doing something right.   +:thumbup=+::thumbup:

I would not have thought when we started this four years ago that we would still be at it now, it just shows that gamers from all over are still alive and kicking, well done all of you for making the effort to keep this event as successful as it is, I hope you all had a good time, I know the organisers did, we couldn't do it without you.   +:wav=+::wav:

Looking forward to seeing you at the next one  +:wave=+::wave:

Title: Re: Comments & Feedback
Post by: EvilGinger on 03 January 2012, 16:38:52
Glad every one had so much fun & I understand that even more people could have turned up had it not classed with other events or as in my case I needed to recover from travelling to Leicester the previous weekend. Lovely time but very hankering.

Particularly Glad young Phil & Sally got over to game as part of my original plan was to throw them out of their own shop so they could do this