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Title: Beer & Pretzels 21 - Games Played
Post by: CrazyFrog on 22 June 2010, 12:16:43
Beer and Pretzels 2010 -  21st Birthday

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Started the day off with a quick spot of Pirating.  Its an easy game to pick up, we worked in pairs against the other players which makes it fun for the strategy and tactics required to play.  
Oscar/Arnu 41, Gary/Melissa 35, Zarniwoop/CrazyFrog  24

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CrazyFrog 24, Oscar 15, Arnu 15, Colin() 14, Melissa 13

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First time Iíve played this and itís a very nice easy game.  Theres a bidding round at the start when your trying to fill your boat with goods, then a scoring round for your goods, after you done this 3 times.  The totals are added up.  Trying to calculate the routes and goods of players is interesting.  And itís a game I really want to play again.
Crazyfrog, Colin/Chris R, Melissa, Chris S, Andy, Arnu

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Infinite City
Still havenít got the hang of how best to play this game, but as the board is in constant flux getting your strategy together requires a lot of thinking.
Scores Hosslad 23, Oscar 15, Andy 14, Arnu 16, Melissa 20, CrazyFrog 15

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To Court The King
I really like this game, its like Yahtzee +.  Based on the dice rolls you get extra characters that allow you to have special abilites like more dice or change the values etc.  You build up as many dice as you can then hope when you roll at the end you can get the most dice of a value.
Scores Andy 9x6, Arnu 6x3, Melissa 5x3, CrazyFrog 8x6

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Dominion Seaside  
Ended the evening with a fairly lengthy game of Dominion using the expansion.  It was the first / second time for some of the players using Seaside so everyone chose a different route for victory.  The Island and Smugglers cards I remember being popular.
Craig 57, Zarniwoop 42, CrazyFrog 42, Matt 30