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Title: Wizards of the Coast Athlas Encounters
Post by: EvilGinger on 25 June 2010, 05:07:10
DAT having fled the area to recover from his exertions as a DM with the last set of encounters I have decided to take on the next set which is set on Athlas the world of the Dark sun and I am looking for brave souls to join me.

Session 1: Escape the Storm
While travelling across the Tablelands from Altaruk toward the city-state of Tyr, a merchant caravan was caught up in a deadly obsidian shard storm. Emerging from the wreckage as the only survivors, a party of adventurers was then beset by a reptilian horde of silt runners. In order to survive the ambush (and ongoing storm), the heroes salvaged as many supplies as they could and fought their way out of immediate danger, fleeing into the Wastes.