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Title: Episode 2 into the unknowen
Post by: EvilGinger on 12 July 2010, 05:03:38
At the behest of the chief Priest of Illmater in Iron Forge our hero's have travelled to Falconvale on a mission to rescue some youths who have been kidnapped from the Chapter house there. Stopping only to hire some mercenary cannon fodder at the local adventurers inn the Lamplighter our hero's set off along the old trade road to Thornvale. On the road they encounter some unfortunate goblins and a group of refugees escorted by the lord of Tornvale's men, before turning off onto the Falconvale road and discovering things are more complicated than the priest of Illmater at Iron forge had said. The youngest son of the lord of Falconvale had it would seem gone adventuring with a group of his friends having had their heads turned by the songs of a Halfling harper who had now fled and worse there "quest" seemingly to find the stronghold of an ancient warlord  took them into the lands of lord Thornvale with whom the lords of Falconvale had had a long feud now settled but still remembered.  

To be continued.......