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Title: Integrity - Betrayal
Post by: Snakes in the Tiki Lounge on 13 October 2010, 04:31:16
A sudden trauma or a lingering wound
It never the less leaves it's scar upon us
Whether we are the Betrayer

Or the Betrayed.

Spirit Games, 7pm.

Title: Re: Integrity - Betrayal
Post by: morgalahan on 13 October 2010, 16:25:07
Last session:

We defeated the entity calling itself Nimic

-   What we know of Nimic: It was a being formerly trapped in a dimensional prision, most likely Ravenloft. Itís masters shattered the prison to release it to perform its task. It took the persona of the legendary assassin Nimic because the reputation was useful to it. We donít know what its real name was, only that it served some very powerful things, including a demon interested in enjoying an order of Mordorin liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

After its defeat, its head kept talking while several unpleasant things were done to it by Zyne. 

Also, after itís defeat, Sharanil had an experience which seems to have shaken her mightily. She seems very intent on returning to Sigil as soon as possible, within the next two days.

An offer was made to Quileksa to return her to Sigil. Quil mentioned that the old dark lord, who vanished, disappeared from a location in the glass wastes. Sharanil spied an astral dome in the distance and recognized it as something used by Wizards to travel the planes. Also mentioned by Lainker was a fleet of Bainite ships seemingly fighting the forces of the Black Lord of the world. 

Title: Re: Integrity - Betrayal
Post by: morgalahan on 14 October 2010, 01:38:31
This session:

After a little more direction given by Sharanil, we all headed first towards the village to drop off the boys, and then towards the Sphere. After arriving and making sure she could get in, she summoned the rest of the party to the deck of the ship and explained that they needed to enter but that there could be danger. Sharanil transported everyone to a nice comfy tree in the Fey Wild for a 12 hour rest, which took only 1 hour in the other plane's time.

After that, Sharanil, Quileska, Lainker and Mordorin entered the Sphere.

We walked down a long corridor, longer than the sphere should hold, at the end of which was a set of large ornate double doors. We walked through and entered a colossal library, filled with books of every description.
After some looking around Sharanil discovered Quoven Duskwalker and went off to one side with him.

Quileska followed carefully and overheard the words 'I'm sorry my love, but I just can't take that chance' or something very similar. She saw a shifting humanoid on its knees before the Archmage Duskwalker, clearly in agony. Quil said something, and the mage looked at her then ran off yelling 'Activate defences' leaving the shapechanger to slump to the ground.

Battle ensued in which golden clockword kobolds attacked. The Archmage also attacked, and eventually transformed into a Dracolich. During the combat, Mordorin tried to remain uninvolved and headed for the exit, Lainker handily fought some constructs, Quileska also took part in the battle, fighting the contsructs and the Dracolich. During the combat Nihl tried to flee and remain hidded, trying not to attack until she understood what was going on. Nihl changed her form into Sharanil after a few rounds, and the combat went on with very little happening for a while. Nihl tried to reason with the Dracolich and found that it wasnt possible, then eventually attacked.
So far all four combatants remain alive, as does the Dracolich and it's clockwork Wormpriest.