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Title: Beer & Pretzels 22
Post by: Zarniwoop on 07 March 2011, 01:17:08
The 22nd Beer & Pretzels Games Weekend (
14-15th May 2011

at the Town Hall, Burton on Trent

With our usual mix of board, card, roleplaying and miniatures games with good food & beer, in a splendid venue.


Open 10.00 - 10.00 on Saturday

10.00 - 7.00 on Sunday

Tickets 5 per day or 9 for both

available on the door or in advance from Spirit Games Tel. 01283 511293.

I expect that there will be dark mutterings as it is only 9 years since the prices last went up, but the Council now charge 5 times as much for the use of the bar.

There is ample free parking, and the railway station is 2 minutes walk away.

The essential features are:
Guaranteed playing space
Free board games library - plus plenty of people bringing their favourite games
Participation miniatures wargames
Organised role-playing sessions
Disorganised role-playing sessions
Good beer
Hot and cold food

Newcomers - don't be slow in asking for assistance. If you are at a loose end or unsure of what the set-up is, anyone near the ticket/help desk will be happy to help.

Details so far for the 2011 Event (

So Beer & Pretzels 22  ( is May 14-15th 2011

If you plan on running any Specifc BoardGames or RPG's then please post details in the Beer and Pretzels ( area so space and players can be organised.