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Title: Forum Help
Post by: Zarniwoop on 01 May 2008, 09:20:53
Useful Links to help you get started using this forum.

Index ( - Main Help File Index

BB Codes Index (;sort=subject) - How to use the BB Codes

Calender Index (;sort=subject) - How to use the calendar

Title: Re: Forum Help
Post by: Zarniwoop on 23 June 2008, 12:14:55
When there are new messages you want to read  if you click on ( next to the Topic it will take you directly to the new message(s)

Title: Re: Forum Help
Post by: Zarniwoop on 14 March 2009, 11:07:05
If you wish to post Events to the calendar all Members can post entries but could I please ask that if you wish to link Entries to posts you try and place them in appropriate topics.


Events ( for events that apply to all or do not really fit in any other category

Burton Delvers - Games and Events ( for events related to the Burton Gaming Groups

Lefthandrule - Games and Events ( for events related to the lefthandrule Gaming Group

Spirit Games - Games and Events (,163.0) for events related to the Spirit Games Gaming Group

Winchester Delvers - Games and Events ( for events related to the Winchester Gaming Group

If you have an event for an RPG game then you can place it in the appropriate Topic to according to the game type ie Sci-Fi Roleplaying Games - Traveller (

You will notice that for some larger games we have created sub-forums for messages and session reports - Please do not post events into those Forums as these are purely meant for writeups, notes and background info.

If you are unsure as to where to post an event message then please contact myself or any of the BBBB moderators who will be happy to assist you.

Title: Re: Forum Help
Post by: Zarniwoop on 14 March 2009, 11:17:56

I have opened the Gallery up for members to post pictures too. I have limited the size to 800x600 with a max file size of 1MB (this is to try and regulate the Bandwidth usage as I have limits from my Hosting)

If you require any more categories then please PM me the details and I will set them up for you.

Please verify any (C) issues with pictures posted, any (C) pictures posted without seeking permission from the owner will be removed.

Title: Forum Help - Event Registration
Post by: Zarniwoop on 30 October 2010, 19:49:26
Hi Gang,

New MOD Added today that will allow registration to events, So when posting events you will see a number of new Boxes to fill.

Creating a calendar event will allow you to register for this event.

  • Creating a calendar event will allow you to register for this event.
  • A max number of attendants can be specified when creating the event, each person registered after the max number has a +n to note that they are on the waiting list.
  • 7 Days (customizable) before the event date you will be allowed to confirm for the event.
  • 4 Days (customizable) before the event the list is sorted with confirmed attendants appearing first.
  • On the day of the event (customizable), registrations are closed.
  • You can unregister at any time.

Changes in Latest Update:
  • Allow multiple registrations from the same member, to allow them to sign additional people up.  Optional per event.
  • Allow registrations from guests.  Optional per event.
  • Allow comments to accompany signups (for additional information such as event needs, etc).
  • Admin Register button added, allows you to register or delete other members from the event.
  • Admin buttons always visible now, even if Admin isn't registered for the event.
  • Allow members with moderating permissions to administrate event sign ups.
  • Event administrator can also confirm or cancel any signups on the topic view.
  • $timeleft fixed, was originally not ever getting the option to confirm. (Display Source and Template)
  • Show number of days remaining before you can confirm. (Display Template and Language files)
  • Setting days before confirmation to 0 disables confirmation for the event (hides confirm buttons).
  • Post Event page (the one with just event title, no post) does not show event data; sometimes too much clutter when you might not want to link the event to a topic. (Calendar template)
  • Event registration options on post event page combined on same lines to save space. (Post template)
  • Terms and Conditions don't show if they are blank. (registerEvent.php)

Setting maxAttendants to 0 will disable registration for that particular event.  Sometimes the events posted don't always need signups.

All events currently posted will have the defaults set.
As always please report back to me or Crazyfrog if there are any problems.

When you first post a new event you get these options:


If Terms and Conditions left blank they are not used.

If multiple signups allowed then to initially sign up when you see:
( Just click the Sign up button

For subsequent sign ups click in the box with your name in delete and add the name of the additional person:
( then click the Sign up button

Which will show as:

Title: Forum Help - Event Registration
Post by: Zarniwoop on 02 November 2010, 01:34:47

The event mod is retrospective so all events already posted will have the registration feature on, with default values.

Title: Forum Help: Dice Roller
Post by: Zarniwoop on 11 March 2011, 12:23:23
Dice Roller Mod (

If you want to try the mod please use the Sand Pit (

There is now a "quick icon" to access this mod when posting: (

This mod allows users to roll dice. They can use the preview function to preview dice rolls to make sure they have it right for what they want, but once they press Post, the dice rolls are embedded in the post, meaning that the only way they can change is if the post is edited, but that should be visible (admins can, of course, disallow editing in that board)

It starts from a [roll] tag, and outputs a [blockquote] tag (implemented just for the mod).

There are a variety of options you can have inside the roll tag:

[roll]1d6[/roll] - rolls 1 6-sided dice.
Might result in:

Rolled 1d6 : 2, total 2

[roll]2d12+5[/roll] - roll 2 12-sided dice and add 5 to the result
Might result in:

Rolled 2d12+5 : 6, 11 + 5, total 22

[roll]2d20^10[/roll] - roll 2 20-sided dice, re-rolling any result necessary so that the dice rolls are greater than 10.

Rolled 2d20^10 : 3 8 10 3 17, 2 10 9 10 14, total 31

[roll]2d20v10[/roll] - roll 2 20-sided dice, re-rolling any result necessary so that the dice rolls are less than 10.

Rolled 2d20v10 : 11 3, 3, total 6

[roll]2d20<10[/roll] - roll 2 20-sided dice, discarding any result where the roll was not less than 10.

Rolled 2d20<10 : 4, 20, total 4

[roll]2d20>10[/roll] - roll 2 20-sided dice, discarding any result where the roll was not greater than 10.

Rolled 2d20>10 : 9, 10

Normally it will add the word 'Rolled' in front - you can customise this. For example, a spell that does some serious damage in a game:
[roll]{Freezing} 1d10 {Fire} 1d20[/roll]

Freezing 1d10 : 1, total 1
Fire 1d20 : 2, total 2

You can also nest the requirements, with the proviso of stating the things as they are in order here.
[roll]{Uberdamage} 15d100+10^10v90<80>20[/roll] - 15 100-sided dice, adding 10 to the result, rerolling anything 10 or less, rerolling anything 90 or higher, and if after that, you have values 20 or less, or 80 or higher, they get dropped.

Uberdamage 15d100+10^10v90<80>20 : 82, 7 61, 3 36, 59, 30, 86, 14, 42, 70, 22, 99 58, 100 73, 46, 93 1 91 42, 12 + 10, total 549
Lastly you can also have an iterator at the end:
[roll]2d6x3[/roll] - roll 2d6 3 times and display the results overall

Rolled 2d6 : 6, 3, total 9
Rolled 2d6 : 1, 4, total 5
Rolled 2d6 : 1, 5, total 6

Title: Forum Help - Profile Settings for Recent Posts
Post by: Zarniwoop on 04 March 2013, 20:07:06
Hi Gang,

After a couple of days of wrangling with new Mods and fixing code I have finally got a solution for those that want a cleaner set of "Recent Posts" on the front page:

Under your Profile Settings there is now a section called: "Recent posts preferences" (;u=1;sa=recentPosts) under here you can select the boards that you want to see posts from on the front page.

Once you have set your preferences this will become an OPT-IN system, meaning any new Sub-Forums/boards will not automatically be selected! you will have have to revisit the page and add them.

The New Posts alerts will still show and the "Latest Posts" ( menu item will still show all the posts.

The First Block of Recent Posts has links (the Title is a link, as is the little graphic on the left) that will take you to another page with as longer list of recent posts which is also filtered by your preference.

Please let me know what you think of the new options and layout.

Many Thanks.

Title: Re: Forum Help
Post by: Zarniwoop on 15 September 2013, 11:59:50
Your Profile ( has a field for putting a "BoardGameGeek" ID, this can be used to add a link to your BGG ID or Collection but I guess the BGG ID makes more sense.

If you use the following format:

[url =]Oridyne[ /url]

You will need to replace "Oridyne" with your BGG Username
Also remove any spaces from the codes for it to work (I have to place them in so it will show them rather than act on them)

To add the missing details:
  • Click on the "Profile" option on the menu above
  • Then click on "Forum Profile Information" using the menu on the left.
  • Finally scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see the "BoardGameGeek" field to fill in then when done click "Change Profile"