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Title: Games Played at Raiders
Post by: Zarniwoop on 29 June 2008, 12:42:29
Games Played at Raiders Day III
This time I managed to play the following games:

Tsuro (
I played 2 games of this with Snakes in the Tiki Lounge, Crazyfrog, Evilginger, and for the second game Pallet Ranger. This started the day off well for me as I won both games. This is a really well made game which is quick and easy to play but provides enough for gamers and non-gamers alike.

Infernal Contraption (
We moved onto this for our next game which involved Pallet Ranger, Crazyfrog, Snakes in the Tiki Lounge and myself. This is a really fun card game where you build a machine and try to scupper the other players using up all their parts. Players are eliminated when they run out of parts and the winner is the last gremlin standing. I managed to get eliminated Twice from this game as I having been eliminated once I had to take over Crazyfrogs machine and was cruelly eliminated again. Pallet Ranger eventually won out.

Hive (
I seem to have managed never have played this despite this being one of Phil at Spirit Games favourite games. Pallet Ranger challenged me to a game of this and despite a dodgy move at the start of the first game leaving me to lose very quickly I enjoyed it so we had another game. Having now seen the error of my ways I manage to hold my own and eventually win the second game. This game is very addictive and looks very nice the pieces are extremely well made and I think I will play more of this in the future.

RoboRally (
I have always loved this game, I will always be up for a game of this. You control your robot across the factory floor trying to touch a number of flags in order whilst trying to avoid hazards and the other robots. We played this with Oskar, Pallet Ranger, Arnu, Alec and myself. After much hilarious mis-programs, bumping, shooting, powerdowns and deaths Oskar finally romped home easily leaving the rest of us scrabbling to even touch the first flag :)

Monastery (
This is a really nice game, the pieces are well made and unique. This is a tile laying game with a definite twist, you play monks competing to build and complete a word of the lords prayer. This plays really well and is quite easy to pick up but requires a lot of thinking and planning in order to achieve your goal. We played this with Oskar, Pallet Ranger, Arnu and myself, after a fairly even game Oskar went on to win despite not completing her word, she just had a lot of blessings stored behind her screen!!!!.

Samurai (
Once again this game is a joy to play, the whole game is so well made all the pieces are beautiful. This one was played with Crazyfrog, Oskar, Phil and myself. After a lot of pondering and competition we finally scored the game and Phil Won.

It's Alive (
While Phil went to collect Sally from the Shop we decided to have a quick game of this to fill the time. We played this with Oskar, Pallet Ranger, CrazyFrog and Myself. Pallet Ranger seemed to get more than his fair share of Villager uprisings, after a lot of selling body parts I finally managed to complete my monster screamed "Its Alive" and totted up the scores to find that even with the Bonus for completing the monster I lost to Oskar who after counting the mountain of money she was allowed to add in beat me by 4 points.

Guillotine (
This is always a fun game and great filler. Phil not having returned yet from picking up sally so we had to play another little game. This one involved Oskar, Pallet Ranger, Crazy Frog and myself. The gaming gods did not favour me again this game and I was left to lose another game as Pallet Ranger won this bu 1 point.

Marrakech (
This is a deceptively simple game that is highly addictive and great fun. It is a beautiful looking game with each player having to lay pieces of carpet on the board aiming to have as much of his carpet let showing at the end. We played this with Oskar, Sally, Crazyfrog and myself. If you land on an other players carpet you pay 1 coin for each square of carpet of the same colour that are joined. I really like this game and can't wait for its release. Oskar and Sally were trying to intimidate me and Crazyfrog by saying they would have an advantage having played before but in the end Crazyfrog won with me in second place.

A good day was had by all and thanks to everyone who came and played.

Title: Re: Games Played at Raiders
Post by: Oskar on 29 June 2008, 16:19:06
 :D +:beer=+::beer:

Games I played at Raiders III
This is a lovely yet deceptive game, it looks like a draughts crossed with chess type game with turtles, yes turtles! you have to move or jump one turtle get to the home base of your opponent, while avoiding your opponent catching you and turning you over, this renders you immobile until someone turns the turtle back over which creates more turtles for the person rescuing them, it is not obvious who will win until the very end.  I played about 4 games with Arnu and lost 3, still great fun.

The Shepherd and his dog.
I played this with Arnu too, and it does what it says on the box really, a Shepherd and his dog have to heard the sheep into a pen, if one escapes and gets through the gate in the field it`s all over and the sheep win, I played the shepherd with the dog and I was glad to say the dog was victorious and penned all the sheep, but it wasn`t easy, nice game.

This game looked very complicated to begin with, there are lots things to do and lots of options, the monks in the monastery need to build around the monastery with tiles and gain points to buy more monks to help the cause, letters of the lords prayer need to be purchased to complete a word to gain more points, after playing this first game [played with Arnu pallet Ranger and Zarniwoop]
I actually won, great game  :D  I really would like to play it again now I understand it a little more.

This is a longstanding favourite of mine, we have played it for years and it never ceases to make me laugh, You need to plan your moves to get from your starting position to a number of flags in order, once you have completed this task you have won ! but their are lots of obstacles you need to avoid or maneuver around, Pits, Pushers, Crushers, Laser fire, Cogs that turn you, Conveyor belts, mud slides, Teleporters, Water [not all on one board of course] and avoid being shot by your opponents as well.  I played this with Arnu, Pallet Ranger, Alex and Zarniwoop, after me making it to both flags first and Alex having to leave the game early they played on and Arnu came in second place, well done, good giggle.

Played about six games of Pitchcar with Arran and was thoroughly beaten in about five of them :( this simple race track game is always a winner at Raiders and involves people of all ages.

This is another good game, players were Phil, Zarniwoop, Frog and myself, Phil was the convincing winner of this one.

It`s Alive
This new game is an interesting one, collecting body parts to make your monster come alive, with a few twists in between, you buy or auction the parts you are given on your turn, when someone completes their monster they shout  IT`S ALIVE !! and everyone counts up their parts value and their remaining money, because the one who completes first may not end up being the eventual winner, I did not complete my monster first but I won by about 4 points. players were Zarniwoop, Frog, Phil and me.

A good quick fill in game that comes out quite often, Pallet Ranger, Zarniwoop Frog and myself were the players and Pallet Ranger was the victor.

This game is only out on demo at the moment but it  is different and very easy for anyone to pick up, you can move the marker 90 degrees and throw the dice to determines how far you move round the board, once stopped you lay a carpet adjacent to you and hopefully cover anyone else's carpet up, if you land on someone else's carpet you pay the owner of that and each adjacent carpet of that colour, the winner is the person with the most money and carpets showing at the end, players were Sally, me, Zarniwoop and Frog, Frog was the eventual winner of this one.

Title: Re: Games Played at Raiders
Post by: Arnu on 29 June 2008, 17:12:47
The games I played at Raiders III:

After a number of games listed on Oskars post (Tortuga, The Sheperd and his Dog, Monastry & Robo rally)

I went on to play

Dungeons & Dragons The Board Game
This is the basic forerunner to the D&D Miniatures it's a great fun game that simple to play but still keeps the fun of a pure dungeon crawl, this was played with Vince, Dave S, Gary & Arran, with myself as DM.  The heroes faces a band of Goblin raiders and on the way out (Improvised a through in a troll for good measure).

This is a game I've wanted to play for ages and now I've finally had the chance.  This is a tile placement game where each tile is and insect (with a different type of move), the object of the game is to surround your oponants queen and thus win the game.  I played against Phil (he of Spirit Games fame) and I managed to win in a suprise victory.

And another game of Tortuga (This time with Phil of Spirit Games, which I lost in no uncertain terms but still a fun game)

Title: Re: Games Played at Raiders
Post by: EvilGinger on 30 June 2008, 06:52:14

a lovely little game on my to get list which I managed to lose again but would play again in an instant

very much hero quest for the 21st century by the same people who do Rune bound long game which was pretty evenly matched until it went horribly wrong for the hero team in the penultimate room. also on my to get list but I need more painting to afford it <hint>

a great day even if I wimpled out at 5mp ish

must get some sleep before the next one.

Title: Re: Games Played at Raiders
Post by: CrazyFrog on 30 June 2008, 16:48:50
Games played / ran at Raiders III or as I now think of it the gateway to Arkham and sanity

2 games of, but forgot who topped me off in them.

Infernal Contraption
Starting playing but couldn't give it full attention as I was getting ready for my victims, (sorry professional players) for Arkham Horror.
I need to play this again it looks great fun.

Over to the big event. (drum roll please)

Arkham Horror - King In Yellow
6 Players including myself went to see the great play of The King In Yellow in Arkham.
Things went well for the players we stopped the first Act appearing (by adding 2 extra too the doom track), then as time went on I knew the end was coming.
The first act finally started as the doom track was about 9/10, then the second act started about 5 rounds later, finally 2 rounds later act 3 started and that was the end of all things.

The players liked how the game ramped up, it was slower than when I last played this expansion, but I think that was down to some very good card shuffling to put the act cards near the bottom.

Having resurrected myself I then played


It`s Alive


Great fun and you get to play with small magic carpet pieces, can get very tactical when thinking about future moves of players.

Looking forward to Raiders 4 and most likely more Arkham  ;D

Title: Games I Played at Raiders
Post by: Zarniwoop on 21 March 2010, 12:28:55
Well Raiders X has been and gone.. but it was another great day of gaming...

I started the day with a game of Krysis ( which played really well with 3 people, I did manage to forget a vital rule but as we all played it the same way it was not so bad but would have changed peoples earlier tactics.. Ahh well there is always next time and it was only the 2nd time I had played it.

I then played a game of Infinite City ( which is really easy to pick up and play, ideal for somewhere like Raiders. You basically have a hand of tiles you play it on the table add a token and do what it says in the tile. Game ends when one person runs out of tokens or 5 power stations have been played. Highest scoring player wins. Unusually for me I have had a good track record with this game and this game made the 4th game in a row I had won. I did finish the end of the day playing this as well with Phil & Sal, who both managed to get large chains of tokens together which were hard to split with the cards and power stations out so I ended up losing my first game.. About time really I don't normally win my own games so the universal balance is restored.

Also had a go with Letter of Marque ( which is a bluffing type game where you put ships at sea with treasure only 2 of which you can protect from piracy from the other players. As mentioned above as this was my game I was destined not to win and this was born out. Good game as always, quick and easy to play.

I also played Infernal Contraption ( with Andie, I had forgotten how much fun this game was and I did actually manage to win this one, sorry Andie.

Good company and good fun thanks to all..

Title: Re: Games I Played at Raiders
Post by: Oskar on 21 March 2010, 13:20:56
Raiders X I played a game of Magic first with Andie, I played this once before with Zarni but it was years ago, this game took us about half an hour and i managed to slaughter all of Andie's creatures eventually, not without taking some damage on the way I might add, anyway it was a good game.

Next was Krysis, a new game of Zarni's It is played over 5 rounds, in this game you need to collect treasure to create your VPs the end of the game,you bid for your turn order in each round with the treasure you start off with, you create teams of fighters and carriers, the carriers can move your treasure from your collection area to your hidden area where they will be safe, while they are in the collection area they are vulnerable to other players using their fighters to steal them on their turn, you can also use the carriers to sell the treasure back to the bank on your turn to give you much needed VPs through the game.
Another way of gaining VPs is to collect Relic cards which you can use to enhance your hand on your turn or you can collect them to give you extra VPs at the end.

I then played a game of Cities and Knights Settlers with Alfie, Matt and Roy, this started off pretty slowly, Roy was doing rather well but had to depart after a couple of hours and Andy took over for him, Andy had not played before but picked it up pretty quickly and forged into the lead, once he was out in front he was targeted of course and we managed to reduce his lead enough for the rest of us to make a descent attempt to Win, but despite our best efforts Andy managed to claw back his lead and secure the last point he needed to win. this was a marathon 4 hour + game.....phew !!!

Lastly When Sally & Phil arrived we manager to get a game of Infinite City in before closing time.  This is a good little game very simple to pick up but can be quite devious, Phil seemed to go steaming ahead at the beginning, Zarni was making a good effort too and he had already won 4 games of this one at Raiders and 2 previously at Spirit Games so I was watching him too,  you need to built up a city of squares which have instructions on them as to what you can do with any particular card, some can be used together and it's up to you how you organise you men within the city, you have a marker on all your tiles until they are maybe moved by another player and chaos ensues, your markers score you points but the tiles also have point you need to accumulate for the end of the game to enhance your score.....really good game and only about 45 to 60 mins.

thank you all for some good games
Oskar   ;)

Title: Re: Games I Played at Raiders
Post by: Slatie on 21 March 2010, 16:43:18
My Part in Raiders X

Spent while thinking 'It's Saturday and before 11am' but joined a game of Tomb -Cyptmaster which was excellent fun and looks really good too.  It does take a little time to get your head around the rules though so don't plan on playing it Cribo day with screaming kids!  I came a respectable 2nd ( cough! mercenaries cough!).  I then went on to a game of Wings or War which is a wonderful mix of figure and board gaming (one win and one time limited Draw - though truth be told we was going down!).  I finished with a VERY rushed 4th ed D and D game which I failed to roll over 5, on a d20, almost the entire whole game.  It was fun though and did give me an opportunity to make a cuppa  ;D.

I'll  be back to RotGC in June

Title: Re: Games I Played at Raiders
Post by: CrazyFrog on 04 May 2010, 16:32:03
Raiders X

Arkham Horror with Black Goat Of The Woods Expansion.

I ran Arkham Horror with the Black Goat to see if its a unbeatable as they claim.  
The Herald can be added to make the game tougher, the main affects of the herald is monster surges
always cause a doom token to be added and also that all hexagon monsters are stored in a seperate cup.  
These are added to the main monsters that appear with gates and when defeated cause you to draw a corruption card.

There are 32 corruption cards in the deck, the frist 16 (green ones) affect the investigator only, the other 16 (red) affect all investigators / the board.
Each card has a symbol and colour just like the monster  moves on a mythos card.  When this matches the mythos card the corruption is activated.
When the deck is empty the ancient one awakens.

Date of Game:  20/03/2010                          
Raiders X - 8 Player Game - Black Goat Of The Woods - Started @ 11:30 Finished 17:00?   Break of 1hr
Ancient One:Shub Niggurath +  BGW Herald

NameCharacterLivedMonster Trophies (Toughness)Gate Trophies Clue Tokens InjuriesStaminaSanitySt Mary'sArkham AylsumNotes
CrazyFrogDarrell SimmonsDevoured in EBLost in end battle-------
ChrisMandy ThompsonDevoured in EBLost in end battle1------
CraigJoe DiamondDevoured in EBLost in end battle1----
AlexMontery JackDevoured in EBLost in end battle-----2
VinceVincent LeeDevoured in EBLost in end battle-----1
CharlieMichael McGlenDevoured in EBLost in end battle-----1LITS due to Mythos
ScottDexter DrakeDevoured in EBLost in end battle-------LITS 1st Round
Dave (LHR)Amanda SharpeDevoured in EBLost in end battle-----1--

Ancient One awoke:Yes
Reason:5 Gates + 12 Doom Track together
Ancient One Attack Rounds:6?

End Game Stats  
12Rounds Played
9Monsters In Streets at end game
-Monsters In Outskirts at end game
-Monsters In Sky at end game
4Monster Surges during
5Gates Open in Arkham at end game
2Gates Closed Only
2Gates Sealed
10Terror Track
12Doom Track
-Rubble Tokens


End battle, all players got devoured, Chris survivied the longest due to having the most monster trophies at the start of battle.  2 Doom Tokens were left on the track when he was finally devoured.

Dominion - Seaside
Preset layout - High Sea

This was the first time any of us had played Seaside.  It plays the same as normal Dominion, however there
are some cards with a new function called 'Duration'.  
When you play this type of action card it has a normal effect in your current round,
and then its not removed after cleanup, so the second section of text or function takes place at the start of your hand (eg. +1 card) so you can draw 5 cards to make your hand up and when your go starts immedailty +1 card, this card is then removed during cleanup.
Also there are 3 small player mats with pictures of an Island, a Pirate ship and ??????.  These mats are using with action cards to store items on.
The 'Pirate' mat is used to store the metal gold tokens on that you plunder when playing the action card 'Pirate', each player turns over the top 2 cards, if there are treasury they trash the card of your chose and discards the other/all and regardless of how many players had treasury you gain 1 gold token, which you can use with the card during your buy phase.
The 'Island' mat is used to store victory cadrs that you can set aside using the 'Island' action.  This means your victory card is safe and also reduces the size of your deck.

The game went very well, I'd tried the 'Pirate Ship' and was stock piling gold, Craig was playing 'Wharf' and 'Embargo' to great effect, and I've forgotten the straegy Vince had, I think it was play any card in any order, except I do remember a few 'Smuggler' cards.

Vince was collecting 'Duchy' and 'Province' card fairly unnoticed by myself.  I thought my plan to get the 'Province' cards was going well.  However in the final scoring I'd failed to card count / watch what everyone else was doing.

Final scores Vince 49, Craig 38, Frog  32

Title: Re: Games I Played at Raiders
Post by: Zarniwoop on 26 September 2010, 18:01:52
I managed to get a few games in this Raiders:

Started with a few games of Castle Ravensloft ( with Richard who did a grand job of running games of this throughout the day. It was a popular Table :)

I then played a game of Fresco ( with Carole and Andy. This is always a great little game with very different mechanics. Carole won this quite handsomely.

Finally I played Catan Histories: Settlers of America Trails to Rails ( which I really enjoy playing, though it is a longer variant of Catan to play. Alfie played a blinding game to win this one, though the rest of us were not too far behind.

Thanks to everyone who played games with me and I hope everyone had a good event. Look forward to seeing you all again in December.


Title: Re: Games I Played at Raiders
Post by: carldjcross on 01 December 2010, 15:10:58
September's Raiders was an diverse affair.

I started off with Los Mampfos or as it was accurately described on the day, the Donkey Poo game and Snorta!. The former is a simple memory game (with nice wooden pooing donkeys mind) and the latter a game of Snap where you have to pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time.

Next off to play Senet with Carole. A kind of Egyptian backgammon with the noisiest "dice" known to man! I remember being a bit mean and blocking Carole's pieces and I also remember winning. These two facts may be connected, I don't know.

Then off to visit Richard at Castle Ravenloft where we all died horribly but hilariously before coming over all Charlton Heston and also winning (I know!) at Fresco.

The natural order of things was restored as we played On the Underground and I didn't win. I'm still not sure we were playing it right as it seemed to go on for a very long time indeed.

Title: Re: Games I Played at Raiders
Post by: CrazyFrog on 10 May 2011, 13:48:11
Raiders 13 (29/12/2010)

Games I played at Raiders
Sitting Ducks
Arkham Horror (review below)
Space Hulk the card game
Roll Through The Ages.

Review: Arkham Horror + Innsmouth Expansion (8 Players)
The expansion was added to the game in the last 30 seconds of setting up, so I had little time to read the rules.  However the board plays easily and looks after itself as most of the expansion boards in Arkham do.
Jim got devoured due to 6 monsters entering his location due to monster movements.
3Quarks was devoured in an Arkham encounter (Innsmouth card)
The Deep ones track got to 5 then was reset else ZHar would have awoken.

The game ended with 6 Elder signs, 5 Doom, 1 Terror, 2 Deep ones track.

Tcho Tcho Priests in which expansion, as they are linked with ZHar
Blessing characters off world. I donít you can, need to confirm with rule book.
Movement deep rift

Title: Re: Games I Played at Raiders
Post by: CrazyFrog on 10 May 2011, 13:49:11
Raiders 14 (19/03/2011)

Started the day with a group of friends and decided that we should all play the family friendly lets all shoot each other and laugh a lot game ofÖÖ

Game:    Sitting Ducks x2
Players: Me / Scott / Scouse / Neil
Score:   Scott or Neil, having too much fun to remember the scores.

Game:    Inca Gold
Players: Me / Scouse
Score:   Scouse winner as I just kept exploring and getting chased out of the temples.

2 new players ( JP / Laura ) arrived for their first time at Raiders, so I decided to play lots of quick and easy games.

Game:    Itís alive
Players: Me / Scouse / JP / Laura
Score:   Me 32 / Scouse 26/ JP 24/ Laura 46

Game:    Itís alive
Players: Me / Bobs Daughter / JP / Laura
Score:   Me 24 / Bobs Daughter 53/ JP 42/ Laura 45

Simon then joined our gaming table

Game:    Inca Gold x2
Players: Me / Simon / JP / Laura
Score:   Me 14/ Simon 38/ JP 40/ Laura 29
Score:   Me 0/ Simon 59/ JP 79/ Laura 54
Iím starting to think I was getting worse at playing this game as the day progressed.

Game:    Dominion
Players: Me / Simon / JP / Laura
Score:   Me 26/ Simon 31/ JP 19/ Laura 35
JP & Laura had wanted to play this for the first time, Simon was experienced in the game and tactics.

Game:    Heckmeck Barbeque
Players: Me / Simon / Craig / Neil
Score:   Me 9 / Simon 10/ Craig 8/ Neil 2
Score:   Me 13/ Simon ?/ Craig 14/ Neil 5
The first we played it was getting used to the rules, the second time was a lot better and quicker.
This was the first time any of us had seen this game, itís a barbeque game for chickens in which players roll dice and use a yahtzee mechanic to score then grab or steal worms / snails.  Only worms can be stolen from other players.  A good game for starting / ending a day takes approx 30mins to play.

Game:    Wings of War
Players: Neil + Craig as the Hun / Simon + Me as the Brits
Score:   Brits won thanks to some great synchronised flying.

Game:    Roll Through The Ages x2
Players: Me / Oscar / Simon
Score:   Me -5/ Oscar 11/ Simon 4
Score:   Me 13/ Oscar 16/ Simon 
Lots of disasters for me in the first game, second game was quicker.

Title: Re: Games Played at Raiders
Post by: Zarniwoop on 20 June 2011, 18:54:40
I actually had quite busy Raiders this time around getting in quite a few games.

Started the day off with a game of The Speicherstadt ( a deceptively simple game, this is a game that can be explained to new players in a very short time but getting the right strategy takes a little longer. I love the bidding mechanism in this, it is fairly unique and it never plays the same way twice. I really enjoy this game which is reflected in the fact I have played this a lot at various events as well as with my normal gaming groups.

After Lunch, I had a game of Space Hulk: Death Angel - The Card Game ( with Arnu, Oskar, Crazfrog and Craig. this is a very nice, if not deadly game, as I proved losing one marine after killing some genestealers using his special ability and losing the dice roll to keep him :( . Round 2 my other marine fighting some genestealers failed to roll enough to defend and thus I had a quick exit from this game. I heard later that the rest of the marines did not fare much better and it ended in a TPK.

Having lost at the previous game I wandered back upstairs where palletranger had arrived and was looking for some players. I then played some new games which I had not seen before Famiglia ( and The Battle for Hill 218 (

Famiglia ( is a very nice card game with some very good card artwork; players try and recruit the most valuable gangsters with the aim to have the best gang at the end of the game. Each gang member has a value, with certain families/values have special abilities that can aid you, the 0 value cards you can pick up from the open cards on the table, higher value cards are normally obtained by showing 2 cards of the same colour with a value one less, you then collect the card and place one of the other 2 face down in front of you.
If you cannot collect a card you can discard one of the face up cards and deal a number of new cards equal to its value face up in the "street". After the deck has been gone through the first time the mechanics are the same except there is no discard pile and any cards spent to deal out new ones are placed on the bottom of the deck. Once the last card is played you play out your hands and then score.
Really fun game, simple but with enough meat to make you want to play again

The Battle for Hill 218 ( A nice little 2 player card game where each of you are battling to Control Hill 218 to do you you each have a hand of cards with various forces in that need both supplies and support to attack opposing units. Each type of unit Infantry, Tanks, Artillery etc. need support and supplies from different directions marked on the cards, same with the attack the cards they can attack are marked on them as well. The aim is to both defend you suppply line, attack the enemy and hopefully to capture the supply base of the opposition. If you can not gain the opposing supply base then in the final tally the player with the most units left in play wins. Nice game, not normally a fan of war based games but I did enjoy this one.
We also had a game of Senet ( an ancient Egyptian boardgame with some modern rules (best guess as to how it was played as no surviving rules have been found) players compete to get all of their pieces of the board using some half round wooden pieces as dice, the number of flat sides face up = number of moves, and 4 round sides up is a six. Players can not take their pieces off the board at the end until all of their pieces have left the first line of the board. Having 2 of your pieces together stops the other players swapping places with your piece by landing on it, 3 pieces together stops the swapping and prevents the other player from leapfrogging your pieces. If you can not move a piece forward you have to move backwards. There are a few safe zones on the board as well as a trap square. All in all a simple but extremely fun little game, which is beautiful to look at as it is made entirely from wood.

Finished the evening off with Ming Dynastie ( this is an area control kind of game, the rules are confusing but the game once you get going is not that complicated but does have a lot of strategy, with plenty of opportunity to spoil other players carefully made plans. Played with Philsy, Gary, Melissa and Myself with the final scores being: Philsy: 168, Melissa: 167, Gary: 158 and Me: 124

Title: Re: Games Played at Raiders
Post by: CrazyFrog on 28 September 2011, 11:45:52
Raiders 15 (17/09/2011)

Started the day with Inca Gold and lost out completely to Scouseman

Then moved onto playtesting Quellenge designed by Mark Anthony
Suggested some tweaks and a new card which we then trialed out and I used destructively.

Moved downstairs into an 8 player Wings of War, in which surprisingly the 2 seat Hun won.
I think this was down to Craigs experience and tatics during the game.

Next was 2 games of 'Torus' a very good multi-tasking game and a slight violent piece grabing element.  Amazingly good fun to play.

Finished with a Cargo Noir and I've no idea who won, but I'm fairly sure it wasnt me.


Title: Re: Games Played at Raiders
Post by: CrazyFrog on 19 March 2012, 09:05:48
Raiders 16 (29/12/2011)

A very good day in which I got to play 3 new games.

I started the day with my first game of Elder Sign, which I liked as I'm an Akham nut  ;D
Players: Andie, Sam, Gary, Melissa, Eric, Crazyfrog
Game won with 13 Elder signs

Next was another first Utopia, I remember this was another very enjoyable game and involved trying to dominate areas of the world.
Mandy 48, Andie 59, Sam 42, Gary 44, Crazyfrog 63

It's Alive
Crazyfrog 31, Mandy 45, Caz 32, Damien 28

Incan Gold
Crazyfrog 5, Caz 27, Damien 26

Roll Through The Ages
Crazyfrog 21, Mandy 22
Crazyfrog 11, Mandy 41
Crazyfrog 19, Mandy 15, Scott 29

Another new game Innovation, I cannot how, but I did win this game.
Tom 19, Mandy 8, Crazyfrog 37

Martain Dice
Crazyfrog 27, Mandy 22
Crazyfrog 17, Mandy 25

Title: Re: Games Played at Raiders
Post by: CrazyFrog on 20 April 2012, 07:55:35
Raiders 18 (31/03/2012)

The day was full of games that Iíd not played before, except for the last game which Iíd only played once before.

 Lords of Waterdeep  (  (BBG)  (


Gamers/score:  Crazyfrog 86, Carl 90, Alan 104, Zarniwoop 123, Pete 123 (won under tie breaker)
My first time for playing this game which I think was the shops demo copy.  A resource gathering game in which you complete quests to gain VPís

 Alien frontiers  { The Dicey Spacey Game } (
 (BBG)  (


Gamers/score: Zarniwoop 6, Carl 7, Roy 7, Crazyfrog 8 (won)

A game in which you roll dice (yes I know amazingly I was quite good at it lol) and assign them to resources each round, each resource has x slots and once these are filled by other players you cannot assign to them.  At the start of each round you reclaim your dice and roll again.  You get VPís for landing on the planet and occupying areas, each of these sectors gives you a bonus function.

A great game and I want to play it again. It is very easy to pick up even for non gamers and within 2 rounds you will be into the full swing of it.

Undermining (  (BBG)  (


Gamers/score: Carl, Zarniwoop, Roy (won), Crazyfrog

You each have a Under Mining Vehicle (UMV) and have to mine into the planet to gather resources which you cash in on the surface for upgrades or VPís.  The VPís are 3 piles that decrease in value, so there are a definite advantage to getting them early, when one of these piles is empty the game ends.  Some of the resources are alien tech which will give a onetime only boost to the UMV.

Roy won with speedy cashing in resources for VPís from the start.  I was trying lots of upgrading, alien tech and had a very fast UMV at the end which possible could have started to overhaul everyone if the game have lasted another x rounds.

The only problem I can see after playing the game once is.  Is the only good strategy just to get the VPís from the start and ignore the upgrades etc, due to the advantage of having the high pointed VPís first.

Another great game and I want to play it again.

 Gubs  (  (BBG)  (


Gamers/score: Carl, Zarniwoop, Roy, Crazyfrog (won)

A daft game which is very easy to pick up, if you like Killer Bunnys its a lite version of this, where you a Gub or more as the game progress and you are trying to save it from the other players as they either try to seal it and kill it, all the time you are trying the same thing.  The game ends when all 3 cards have been placed on the table which spell the word GUB, then the player with a Ďfree gubí will win, this was me as all the others either didnít have a free gub or no gub at all.  As the end game condition is based on a card turn this can either be as very short or long game and winning is total down to luck.

 The Speicherstadt  (  (BBG)  (


Gamers/score: Carl, Zarniwoop, Roy, Crazyfrog, PalletRanger (won)

A great and enjoyable game in which you can apply a different strategy everytime you play and the scoring will always be close right up to the end.

Title: Re: Games Played at Raiders
Post by: CrazyFrog on 10 July 2012, 10:00:02
Raiders 19 (23/06/2012)

The day was a mixed bag of different games, but as always lots of fun with new faces coming to the event for the first time.

Discover India (

Gamers/score:  Styx 55, Barry 41, Ian 41, Zarniwoop 40, CrazyFrog 36
A great game with an interesting level of strategy which is not apparent when you first look at the game, as you score VPís by making coloured links on your board, however you can only obtain these from locations based on the previous players move, so it becomes very difficult to complete long chains of single colours.  A good game, very easy to learn but has a fun level to keep you thinking.

Wings of War (

Gamers/score:  The Hun (CrazyFrog & Scott) Lost, The Brits (Paul & Martin) Won
Scott took the Fokker DR1 (Red Baron), I had the Rumpler, Martin the RAF RE8 and Paul the Sopwith Camel.  The Red Baron has an early bath as he got blown out of the sky on the second round because he straight into the middle of the map to meet the enemy head on.  That left me to try and take out the Brits, I fought valiantly and nearly took the RAF RE8 out, but in the end I too spiralled out of the sky.  A great game which introduced this fun game to Paul & Martin.

Power Grid (

Gamers/score:  Andie 7, Martin 6, CrazyFrog 5, Paul 3
As an introduction for Paul & Martin a quick power to 7 cities of Power Grid was run.  I havenít played this for ages and it was nice was to have a gentle game to refresh my rules knowledge.  As always a great game and I really like playing it.

Space Hulk: Death Angel The Card Game (

Gamers/score:  Andie, Paul, Martin, CrazyFrog
Andie ran this game which is good as I always struggle to get my head around the mechanics of this game for some strange reason.  Anyway as normal with a game of Space Hulk death was inevitable it was just how many levels could you survive.

The Roll of Honour Blood Angels reads:
Brother CrazyFrog Ė Died first in ambush
Brother Martin Ė Died in glory facing the enemy with full auto fire.
Brother Arnu Ė Died protecting his fellow brother
Brother Paul Ė Outnumbered but took down a large number of Genestealers before a noble death.
They will be remembered.

Fearsome Floors (

Gamers/score:  CrazyFrog 4, Paul 3, Martin 3, Andie 2
To finish off the evening, we had a quick game of Fearsome Floors.  It has been ages since I last played and do admit to possibly getting the rules slightly wrong as my gang did appear to escape fairly easily and I was the last player to enter the dungeon.  Anyway great fun and simple game to play which is a great way to end off another fun packed Raiders of the Game Cupboard.

Title: Re: Games Played at Raiders
Post by: CrazyFrog on 27 March 2013, 12:27:31
Raiders 22 (16/03/2013)

Another good Raiders day, played the following games

Pandemic  (

Gamers/score:  Andie, Sam, CrazyFrog, Julian
Lost this game was we ran out of player cards, outbreak was at 7, infection at 3, and had all but the black viruses cured.

Incan Gold (

Gamers/score:  Caz 34, Julian 32, Sam 22, CrazyFrog 18, Andie 19

Fun game storming the temple for treasure

Last Will  (

Gamers/score:  CrazyFrog £18, Julian £18, Sam £22, Caz £30, Andie £33,

First time playing this game, you have approx 6 rounds to spend the money (£100), its a bit like Brewster Millions or Go for Broke.
The winner is the person with the less amount of £ at the end.

Asara  (

Gamers/score:  Julian 48 (3 Towers), Sam 43 (3 Towers), CrazyFrog 43 (4 Towers), Caz 38 (3 Towers),

A tower building game, in which you try to construct different coloured towers and heights

Fleet (

Gamers/score:  Chris 56, Andy 70, Richard 50, CrazyFrog 46

A fishing game, were your fleet fishes the seas as long as you have the correct permit to do so.

Africana  (

Gamers/score:  CrazyFrog 38, Chris 33, Carl 31, Paul 31

Great game, racing around Africa trying to complete 'journeys' by using cards to move your pawn around.