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Title: CONcrete Cow '08
Post by: Zarniwoop on 15 July 2008, 12:41:16
Details from their Website:

Milton Keynes RPG Club are holding another of their games days on 27 September 2008.

We're Milton Keynes RPG Club. ( .

Saturday 27th September 2008. Doors open at 9.00am, first games start at 10.00am. We'll finish at 11.00pm.
(We'll be doing another on 14 March 2009 at the same times.)

Any roleplaying or board game. You want to play it, bring it along and run it. Previously we've had on offer Amber, Call of Cthulhu, Cold City, Dogs in the Vineyard, GURPS Banestorm, Gwenthia, HeroQuest, Hollow Earth Expedition, Mythic Russia, Primetime Adventures, Savage Worlds, Spycraft, Tekumel, Transhuman Space, True20, Vampire, and some more that I've forgotten. Latest updates will be posted on our website.

A full list of games on offer is on the Concrete Cow games page (