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Title: Furnace 2008
Post by: Zarniwoop on 15 July 2008, 12:57:01
Details from their website:

"Another weekend of novel games in charming company, five minuteís walk from my front door - satisfaction is all but guaranteed. The event must never relocateÖ This year I learnt two important things while fighting Space Nazis. One: if you find yourself thinking ĎI could have been more heroic!í - donít, in the name of all thatís holy, go back. Even if scant seconds have passed, itís already far, far too late. Two: any plan too sophisticated to describe with a hand guesture is too sophisticated to ever work. (Actually I already knew this, but it never seems to sink in.)" - Richard O'Reilly

Furnace is a tabletop roleplaying game convention in Sheffield UK, taking place on the weekend of 18-19th October 2008 at The Garrison Hotel. Read more ( about the convention
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