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Title: The Esoterrorists
Post by: Zarniwoop on 24 August 2012, 01:33:52
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First of the GUMSHOE system RPG's where, unlike other systems, this helps the characters get the first clues but then have to use their skills to uncover more.

The idea is the system helps to drive the plot along rather than totally rely on the players ability to deduce or get that luck roll.

Really well thought out, simple to learn/teach system that is expanded upon in the other games in the series as well as expansions for this.

Excellent system well worth a look

Title: Re: The Esoterrorists
Post by: whitefire on 25 November 2012, 22:09:47
I've played this a few times, and it can be fun. However that said if the players really are being dumb, the game can go off the rails very quickly (or at least the scenarios I played could have). Simple and qquite rules light. I've yet to play it witht he resources book I also have (although I can't remember the title of that at the moment).