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Title: SG: New Roleplaying Games at Spirit Games
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Tales from the Wilderland

"There are no safe paths in this part of the world. Remember you are over the Edge of the Wild now, and in for all sorts of fun wherever you go."

A failed robbery, the daring of two Hobbit brothers, a terrible crime, the flight of the Elves, the affairs of Wizards, black treachery, an ancient threat - seven stories await to be told in the twilight of the Third Age. Seven adventures need a company of heroes to undertake them.

Tales from Wilderland contains seven ready-to-play adventures, complete scenarios that can be played separately, or as an epic campaign spanning across a number of years. All adventures re set in the years after 2946, and take place in Wilderland.

A wealth of background material expands the setting information contained in the core set for The One Ring, the newest fantasy roleplaying game based upon The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, the world renowned masterpieces written by JRR Tolkien.

Will you dare enter the great forest of Mirkwood, journey under the shadow of the Misty Mountains, visit the house of Beorn, follow the River Anduin down to the Gladden Fields, or climb the Grey Mountains to look upon the Withered Heath?

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Rifts Black Market

Rifts Black Market is an epic, 192 page sourcebook that contains a wealth of information about the inner workings of the Black Market, the Five Factions, new Bandito Arms/Black Market weapons and gear, how to make Any O.C.C. a Black Marketeer, special abilities of the Black Marketeer, criminal enterprises. Black Market loans, merc and crime jobs, and much more. This book has it all. AND best of all, a lot of it can be easily adapted to just about any world setting, not just Rifts Earth.

  • New Bandito Arms weapons, power armour and robot riding animals
  • New BigBore weapons and other weapons and gear.
  • Black Market Market Techno-Wizard weapons and items.
  • Major Black Market smuggling corridors and routes.
  • Any O.C.C. (or R.C.C.) can become a Black Marketeer
  • Special abilities and benefits of the Black Marketeer.
  • 10 Specialized O.C.C.s of all the Black Market including Con Artist, Enforcer, Expediter and Rift Runner.
  • The Five Black Market Factions that wield the greatest power in North America: Bandito Arms, The Chicago Network, The Immaterial Hand, El Oculta and Le Marche Noir.
  • Criminal enterprises and inner workings of the Black Market.
  • Smuggling methods, both magical and conventional.
  • Travelling Shows: Freak Shows, Medicine Shows, Circuses and more.
  • 192 pages written by Matthew Clements, Kevin Siembieda and Carmen Bellaire. Additional material by Taylor White, Julius Rosenstein and Alex Marciniszyn.
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Adventure Path 61: Shattered Star - Shards of Sin

Relics of the First King

The Shattered Star Adventure Path begins with a thrilling new adventure from fan-favourite author Greg A. Vaughan. In Varisia's bustling frontier city of Magnimar, the Pathfinder Society's newest lodge recruits a team of rookie Pathfinders to track down rogue agent Natalya Vancaskerkin - who also happens to be one of the Varisian criminals known as the Sczarni. Yet when these heroes track down the missing woman, they find far more than a Pathfinder on the run, becoming embroiled in a swiftly expanding hunt for a fragmented artifact from the ancient empire of Thassilon - a quest that will take them to some of the most dangerous corners of Varisia.

This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path launches the Shattered Star Adventure Path and includes:
  • "Shards of Sin," a Pathfinder RPG adventure for 1st-level characters, by Greg A Vaughan.
  • An exploration of the ancient Sihedron artifact and its ties to powerful Thassilonian magic, as well as details on the mysterious skymetals that fall to Golarian, by James Jacobs.
  • Forays into the even seedier underbelly of Riddleport in the Pathfinder's Journal by Bill Ward.
  • Five new monsters, by Benjamin Bruck, Craig Campbell, Adam Daigle, Amanda Hamon, and James Wilbur.

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