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Title: Thursday @ Spirit RPG Night
Post by: Zarniwoop on 31 October 2012, 12:05:04
Thanks to everyone that turned up to our first Thur@Spirit Event.

It would good to see some new and familiar faces and we managed to run two games, which we have not been able to do for a while.

So to try and keep some momentum we need to look at planning the next event. There was some discussion of trying to run this weekly with alternating DM's / Games which was to allow those, like me, who only can make fortnightly games to drop in.

First thing then is to discuss who has got what ready or can get ready, then when next to meet.

I can make Thurs 8th, but currently nothing ready or near ready to run for then.

Title: Re: Thursday @ Spirit RPG Night
Post by: Snakes in the Tiki Lounge on 31 October 2012, 16:31:58
Vince is looking seriously at running deadlands, possibly quite soon. Pop by the RP side of the room tonight, think he wanted to check with everyone whose likely to be in store tonight see what day (wednesday versus thursday) seemed most promising.

I'm very much interested on running something on one of the thursday slots, the trick will be organising it such that it's not clashing with games I also want to play in, and yet still have enough players to reliably run.

Title: Re: Thursday @ Spirit RPG Night
Post by: EvilGinger on 31 October 2012, 19:29:29
I intend to run the next Scheduled game of DeathWatch on Thursday 8th something which had I not been rendered unconscious by round two of a cold I would have posted. I am also happy to run IronKingdoms RPG at the drop of a hat could do it tomorrow if I had interest but do not ideally want to run a game every week unless it becomes my job.

I would also rather like to play & fun as watching the warm up combat familiarization easy fight turn into a near T.P.K. was I did miss my chance at Zarni's splended Game


Title: Re: Thursday @ Spirit RPG Night
Post by: Zarniwoop on 08 November 2012, 14:40:50
Hi Gang

Given an overly long stay in the shop last night well past tomorrow o'clock, don't ask  +:coffee=+::coffee: +:bandhead=+::banghead:, the fact the other planned game has been postponed by the DM and other RL matters I think i will have to reluctantly skip my attendance this week.

As people are not using this site to coordinate their attendance or not to this event it will be hard to know who else may turn up tonight expecting a game.

It might be best, going forward, if we can persuade the internet enabled visitors to register their attendance and/or interest on this site as well as posting about potential games etc.

This will enable us to better manage the event and allow for people to step in if someone has to drop out for any reason.

I do not use facebook/instant messaging, which is why I rely on this site, as well as face to face. Also, as a group we have not all exchanged contact details and those I have given mine to rarely use this as a means of staying in touch. So to me this site is our best outlet to get the message across to everyone collectively and clearly.

Me or Evil can keep the fortnightly events posted or alternatively if we plan, via the message areas here, games then the DM can post the game as an event and restrict the sign-ups to the number of slots available so people can sign up to games and not overload the DM.

Just my 2 cents

Title: Re: Thursday @ Spirit RPG Night
Post by: EvilGinger on 08 November 2012, 17:03:55
Very good points Boss & ones I concur with being again full of cold  +:ill=+::ill: +:bandhead=+::banghead: I would do some organising via the dreaded face book but as I seem not to be able to initiate posts on it at the moment most of the time that is rather a moot point I will be after contact details form every one I dont haver them on at Deathwatch tonight.

Frankly I feel the Burger Bar is the best Place to plan local gaming & all other tools are secondary. I will be at Deathwatch tonight see some of you at least their.


Title: Re: Thursday @ Spirit RPG Night
Post by: Snakes in the Tiki Lounge on 08 November 2012, 18:14:12
I'm not sure it even counts as A Group until the people involved have turned up to more than one or two sessions, after which contact information sharing becomes a pretty good idea. Will just have to see how it goes for a few sessions as we feel our way through.

Title: Re: Thursday @ Spirit RPG Night
Post by: EvilGinger on 08 November 2012, 20:49:02
Dux Brittaniarium is also a possibility in the near future as it looks like most of my figures & scenery for this will end up in the Shop & whilst it is technically a wargame it does have character generation rules & could be adapted to a low fantasy setting & indeed it has been.


Title: Re: Thursday @ Spirit RPG Night
Post by: Zarniwoop on 18 October 2013, 12:45:48
Hi Gang,

With recent changes to personal circumstances means I will have less flexible evening availability during the week. Coupled with this, the fact that some of the games are not being directly organized here and getting alteration notices by other means at last minute makes any plans to attend games difficult on my part.

I have, like everyone else, other commitments and responsibilities that need me to make plans around. With the uncertain nature of when or what is going to be played on Thursday nights I will reluctantly have to withdraw from these events for the foreseeable future.

As with all things, circumstances may change or improve to allow me to return in some fashion, but as it stands to avoid disappointing or preventing people from getting on with enjoying games I though it best to announce this here.

I have spoken to Phil and Simon regarding this, so they should have been able to pass the message on to anyone attending last night. In case I was not clear in this regard with them could anyone who does visit this site please pass on my apologies to the gaming group I was in on Thursday nights.

I hope everyone is still enjoying the Thursday night gaming sessions and I will try and catch up with folks when I can.

Title: Re: Thursday @ Spirit RPG Night
Post by: Snakes in the Tiki Lounge on 18 October 2013, 14:37:23
Recent real-life issues have been rather getting in the way of Deadlands happening, unfortunately. It's just one of those things. To complicate matters further, Jamie has had to put Pathfinder on hiatus due to gainful, shift based employment.

Which means plenty of disruption over the next few weeks I suspect, whilst we scramble for fill-in games and stuff.

Title: Re: Thursday @ Spirit RPG Night
Post by: EvilGinger on 18 October 2013, 19:11:05
Sorry to hear that Zarni old chap & we will have to find some other way of scratching your roleplaying itches. I would point out that I am more than happy to have drop in & drop out players in either of my games should you get the chance I can also find you pet warg something to amuse himself with whilst we are gaming even if its only the odd Yugioh player to gnaw on & most of them are very odd as we know.

I would also add for general consumption that its a good idea to post changes to game schedules on here or at least tell me so I can as whilst last minute changes happen & you cant really do any thing about that, it is nice if as may people as can know about them. Operating on fragmented communications nets only adds to the frustration.


Title: Re: Thursday @ Spirit RPG Night
Post by: Zarniwoop on 25 September 2015, 00:50:49
I created the Wed & Thur night sessions posted as events on the East Midlands Roleplaying Meetup ( in order to help drive interested people in that direction. I feel it has now been a victim of its own success as I have had a couple of comments posted on recent events but have been left with egg on my face as I am unable to furnish much information about the sessions.

If I am to leave them there then is there someone who attends the evenings who is also a member of that meetup group or wants to join willing to let me add then as co-host so they can pass on relevant info.

Otherwise should I just remove them as there is no activity here regarding on-going games or new games seeking players.

 +:dontknow=+::dontknow:  +:bandhead=+::banghead:

Title: Re: Thursday @ Spirit RPG Night
Post by: Snakes in the Tiki Lounge on 25 September 2015, 03:25:40
Man, I haven't used meetup in forever. Stopped posting notices about wednesday games because the group is relatively stable, allowing for occasional random influxes of new people, so generally it runs week to week without needing external notices, you know?

At the moment, we've got about one session of my epic cyberpunk campaign left to do and we're in the final stages of the "end of season" special event to mark the end of the current run of Andy's Mutants and Masterminds 60's campaign. After my cyberpunk we're looking at a short fill-in game of some kind (Andy has something in mind iirc) and then onto Vampire the Requiem 2.0, whilst his M&M gives way to D&D 5e Eberron.

Exact wednesday membership is slightly in flux at the moment, but we're a relatively stable group size. Not as over-full at the moment as we sometimes are, though.

Thursdays are a lot more complex. I'm a good way in to my full-blown Horror Campaign which runs alternate weeks. The same week sees a D&D 5e game big enough that it's likely to split into two groups again, (making a potential third game of something if numbers stabilize enough to make it viable). The alternate week sees one big game of Hackmaster, which is usually just about manageably bloated and sometimes swells to hilarious levels of fullness (but that strangely works somehow given the perculiarities of the game system and group). There seems to be a pretty noticeable stream of new people turning up on Thursdays lately, presumably by word of mouth? They've been filtering into games other than my Horror Game because that's both a little high-concept (making dropping in mid-way a little trickier than usual) and at least a 15 certificate due to content. I always go by the idea that someone's only reliably joined when they are regular attendees for a couple of months because there's always a lot of drop-outs during that kind of time period, but a good few of the newer Thursday lot seem to be committed. Might have to start learning more names.

Not sure I have the time or energy to keep event postings up to date, but depending on stuff you are certainly welcome to ask for updates. Alternatively, feel free to simply add a note about contacting me or Andy for information on what games are currently running on Wednesdays (It's usually one of us running something, though Bob was rumbling about breaking Apocalypse-World back out last week and we have nefarious plans to build Alex towards GMing, so watch this space). I'm assuming you've got Andy's email and if you don't have mine let me know.

As for Thursdays, that's a lot more confusing but if it comes to it, Evil Ginger is as close to the event-coordinator as you're likely to get for those games, it might be worth asking him about the particulars of the situation.

Title: Re: Thursday @ Spirit RPG Night
Post by: Zarniwoop on 25 September 2015, 12:05:34
Thanks, I'll see what I can do to update the information on the meetup events to that effect.
There is minimal traffic on those sites (east & west midlands) these days but meetup does have a high visibility on search engines still, so a worthwhile place to advertise events.

I'll try and catchup with Evil at the weekend and see what we can put in place for the Thursday night stuff.