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Title: Towards "A TOTAL PARTY KILL" Preludes
Post by: EvilGinger on 18 November 2012, 16:55:22

25th of October 2012

A dwarf Warrior (1)
A Halfling Thief  (1)

a parcel colection job

Unemployed & stuck in the small Thorpe of Hamiscotte  our "Hero's" met when they both went to the house of Ulien the apothecary & vet who was expecting a package of rare ingredients to have arrived at the end of the post line in the nearby & significantly larger village of Yariels Rest. This involved a road trip of about eight hours each way on a good safe patrolled road or about six cross country.

Our Hero's chose the short cut & made off across the intervening fields into the line of low wooded hills the road skirted following a selection of game & foresters trails on one of which they heard something of a disturbance. Unable to see any thing in the bushes off the trail they stopped & started to investigate. In the Midst of this a lone goblin stormed out of the trees & took them some what by surprise. It boldly charged the Dwarf wielding its wicked cleaver like sword hacking him down even as he drew is axe whilst the halfling who had the fortune to be a few feet behind the stout dwarf, first fell back & then attempted to take the foul thing down with his sling. Before it could finish off the wounded dwarf after the fight there was little to do save continue for the dwarf was very wounded but still able to walk if with pain & the Goblin had no gear of value or interest save its crude chopping sword & a wooden amulet of a lightning bolt which neither of our hero's could identify.

Pressing on they made it to Yariels Rest but much to late for the first aider at the temple of the White order (caregiver) to do more than clean & dress the wounds the Dwarf had suffered and send our Hero's off the the aptly named & inexpensive Travellers rest. In the morning the halfling elected the package from the post office and not being a complete idiot took it back to Ulien in Hamiscotte by the longer road route.

Honour                        1 each for doing the job
Combat EXP                 11 each goblins are tough
Story EXP                    2 for the Dwarf
                                 3 for the Halfling who completed the mission.