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Title: Re: Dungeon Crawl clasics RPG
Post by: EvilGinger on 25 November 2012, 07:32:18


Just a quick first look having now played the game once I think its one I would like to add to my collection. It is as far as I can see from this admittedly cursory contact a good fun game very much modelled after the pattern of the second version of Basic D&D where non human character races where character classes. The game uses a d20 based system of its own design combined with a dice chain which may have you rolling some pretty odd dice rather than adding large modifiers. It also includes a considerable degree of randomness especially with spell casters and the risks of becoming corrupted by the arcane if a magic user. Alignment which is present sticks to one axis law - neutral - chaos   with law having strong undertones  of good & chaos as evil but its up to you how far you go with this.

It seems to be an easy game to get into, especially with the funnel each player taking a group of four randomly generated zero level characters on an adventure which in the manner of some old AD&D adventures allows you to shape those who survive into a first level character, whose class if human & much of their character is formed by this first adventure. There are as I have noted else where online character generators which make the generation of characters for the funnel very swift & painless & even those of much higher level very straightforward indeed.


Title: Re: Re: Dungeon Crawl clasics RPG
Post by: whitefire on 25 November 2012, 22:07:33
I will have a 0 level funnel game available for play at the 29/12 Raiders event... just let me know who'd like to play.

It will also give us a chance to get a few survivors levelled up to 1st Level, and then at least make a start on a 1st level adventure. Some might survive that long....

Title: Re: Dungeon Crawl clasics RPG
Post by: EvilGinger on 15 December 2012, 19:22:56
I will be there if I can its a lovely game & I really want to play a bit more....