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Title: The Lost Sons
Post by: dust on 30 December 2012, 19:34:32
Session 1
The wild cards were on a stage to Deadwood, when they were ambushed on the road by bandits. The stage hit a ditch which caused to the front axle to break and the horses to bolt, chased down by the driver.
James Douglas snuck out to try and ambushed them, but they spotted him, and Isaac Grunmen persuaded them that they were not getting paid enough. This caused an argument between the bandits to which James, managed to kill one bandit, meanwhile two native Indians who had been following the stage shot arrows at the bandits and killed a further 2. The remaining bandit bolted in great fear, and was not seen again.

After Isaac repair the stage, they carried on, to be interrupted next night by a heavily wounded Indian called Sky Hawk, who explained that his tribe need help as it was under attack.

Heading off towards the tribe, they left the stage to carry its way onto Deadwood, and made their way west of the Deadwood stage trail. The route was fairly uneventful, aside from a small swarm of devil bats that mildly waylaid the wild cards on route.

REWARDS: 1xp, horses, various small arms and ammo.

Title: Re: The Lost Sons
Post by: dust on 30 December 2012, 19:35:30
Session 2
The wild cards reached a small valley where the Ghost Dancer entourage are pinned down by Ravenites.
Sky Hawk suggested that they sneak into the area using the trees as cover to pick off the attacking braves.

Using a nearby copse of trees, the wild cards made their approach unseen, and proceeded to surprise the attackers.

James Douglas sniped which his trusty Winchester from the treeline, killing braves with precision, Isaac made shots from his trust sidearm, ready with his fantastic healing gizmo should it be needed. The Indian shaman Howling Coyote imbued his brave companion with great agility and he shot down the enemy with arrows swift and true.
The bad mannered, infuriating Huckster, Art Stevens pulled forth his cards and called forth a Manitou to give himself extra power, this however did not end well for the huckster as, as he flicked his cards toward the enemy, several of them flew back and burnt and slashed him, with the malevolence of the Manitou. The gunslinger Abraham Judge shot rapidly with his Colt peacemaker with fierce determination and little regard for his, or his companions safety, as if every bullet fired may be his last one…

With the demise of the attackers, one made a break for it, attempting to flew the heroes that had come from the shadows, but Howling Coyote called upon the spirit ancestors, changing to the form of a hawk, taking flight and chasing down a running brave, dropping from the air and changing back to a man scalping him in one swift action mid-air (1xp for stunting).
The remaining attackers were dealt with easily and the heroes regrouped ready to meet the Ghost Dancers…
REWARDS: 1xp, various small arms and ammo.

Title: Re: The Lost Sons
Post by: dust on 27 January 2013, 18:38:40
Session 3 - 10 Jan 2013
After defeating the attacking braves the adventures spoke to the small defending tribe, and were asked by the leader to seek out the Indian within the town of Deadwood who goes locally by the name Charlie Bull.
After parking company and heading to Deadwood, they arrived shortly before - what looked like - a small army, led by Custer.
Within town there was opportunity to relax the tires and tribulations of the travel, and unwind.
There was some gambling, some bartering and bathing.
Once feeling refreshed the wild cards sought out the Indian by the name of Charlie Bull and found him within the theatre.
During discussions with him the wild cards were asked to seek out a local prospector who mentioned some local Sioux making deals with some Far Eastern immigrants, and was going to follow them, but who had not returned.
The wild cards took the Indian at his word, and agreed to look into the disappearance and rested the night.
REWARDS: 1xp, approx net gain of $50 through sale of small arms, rifles and gambling.

Title: Re: The Lost Sons
Post by: dust on 27 January 2013, 18:39:22
Session 4 - 24 Jan 2013
Next day the wild cards awoke and set out on the trail described by Charlie Bull towards the missing prospectors.
On the way out of the south of Deadwood the wild cards saw a local who was quite drunk, and shouting that 'Wild Bill's coming back, he's risen...' paying little heed to the lady.
On the path through the Black Hills, the wild cards passed by many bodies lashed up to posts, which serve as a grisly warning to trespassers that the Sioux will not take lightly to people wandering were they shouldn't.
Through the drizzle and wetness two bodies slipped their bonds to the ground, their limbs elongating and stretching to abnormal proportions.
The wild cards were mildly disturbed by the sight and the Mad scientist was fascinated by the transformation that was occurring to the dead flesh scribbling notes frantically (1xp for staying so true to char), whilst the Huckster drew forth his deck of cards flicking them towards one of the monstrosities and it was shredded, whilst the second stepped forward in a gangly fashion and grasped the huckster drawing it upwards into its grasp. The rest of the wild cards dispatched the pole man in a flourish that was a deadly shot to the face of the monster.
With no further incident on the trail the party arrived at the claim seeing many boot tracks and some dried blood around the ground near to the prospectors shed.
As there was no signs of a struggle the shed door was burst open, and they stood face to face with a grizzled old prospector pointing a double barrelled shotgun at Isaac, whilst attempting to calm the situation, much argument ensued and shots fired. The prospector attempted to flee but was captured by Howling Coyote, and brought back to talk to, whilst instilling within him a mild phobia of hawks…
Gideon told the wild cards what he know, that Blount went south to a secret area called dusky jewel, an illegal mining operation a day’s ride south of Deadwood.
Making their way south they approached the fortified mine, noting barbed wire, many guards, barricades and samurais.
Retreating to a safe area, the wild cards formulate a plan…