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Title: How to Use this Area
Post by: Zarniwoop on 11 April 2009, 11:52:13
This area has been created so people can arrange games at the event.
If you wish to post a game here are a few pointers:

  • Start a New Topic with a suitable Subject
  • State the Name of the Game and a Brief Description
  • No Of Players you require (or Spaces you have Left)
  • Approx Playing Time
  • Arrangements for meeting at the Event
  • What Day/Time you hope to play.

Please remember NOT to post personal details in any of the messages as these areas are open to public view (IE Mobile Phone Numbers, Address etc) if you wish to pass these on then use the Personal Message system or email.

After the event is over these areas will be cleared of messages not relevant to the next years event, if there are any messages you wish to be held over then PM me and I will archive those instead.

Thanks and Have a great weekend of Gaming!!

Big Bang Burger Bar Team.