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Title: Easter Sessions
Post by: Zarniwoop on 12 April 2009, 00:20:16
Well we had a few people round Easter Fri and managed a few games..

I played a game of Smallworld ( with Mat, Crazyfrog and Philsy. This game is just a joy to play, easy to pick up and some hilarious combos of race and abilities. After a good game where everyone had a damn good go at one another on the board the winner was Mat but it was another fairly close game which i what makes this fun to play you never seem to get a runaway winner there is always a chance to get back in the game.

Oskar and Arnu had a few 2 player games like Mr Jack (, Cthulhu Rising (

Finally we all got together and played a game of Citadels ( where early into the game it looked very bad for Arnu as it seemed he got all the bad luck but managed to pull it all back later in the game. Oskar finally managed to build the 8th district to finish the game and won by a close margin. In fact it was a close game again all round.

Title: Re: Easter Sessions
Post by: Zarniwoop on 12 April 2009, 01:52:13
Popped to the Shop to show the shop babysitters some support ;)

Oskar and I played a few games, started with Carpe Astra ( which is an awesome game I love playing and I beat Oskar but it was close game.

We then played Traders of Carthage ( which is another great game which has some great artwork and is always fun to play. I usually lose at this game and this time was no exception as Oskar trounced me in this, but again the final scoring was fairly close.

Finally we played Hive ( a brilliant 2 player game with some beautiful playing pieces. This was Oskar's first game as she wanted to try it, I just managed to beat her because having played before I knew a bit more about how to use the pieces, I doubt I'll be so lucky next time :)

Title: Re: Easter Sessions
Post by: EvilGinger on 12 April 2009, 05:11:10
just like to say thank you to every one who came along on Saturday I enjoyed it I hope they did. Even if they dident stay long enough to join in with Zarni & Oskar and conspired to keep me too busy to take part.

have to do it again as I suspect Phil will run off to motorbike land again.



Title: Re: Easter Sessions
Post by: Oskar on 14 April 2009, 13:41:59
Yes Zarni and I managed to get quite a few games in this Easer, We had a break on Sunday but on Monday we went round to Arnu`s place, Crazyfrog and Arnu were already well into a game of Dominion which I think Arnu won, once that one was over all 4 of us played another game of Dominion [only played it once before] it`s quite quick to pick up and the pace is really good, Crazyfrog eventually won by a mile.
We went round to do some roleplaying which Arnu wrote,  I`m sure he could tell the tale a lot better than me...........

Later Zarniwoop, Arnu and myself had a game of the Catan dice game which is another simple and quick little game which I really enjoyed, can`t remember who won that, it might have been me  ;D

Hope you all had a good Easter. :)