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Title: 3.2 The Gates of Hell or is it Hades, nope it’s the Abyss?
Post by: St.Drewcifer on 19 June 2009, 17:33:20
We step through the Gateway and several members of the party get struck by lightning bolts, Dancing Bear is hurled into the air from the strong winds, with the limited visibility and loud noises and moans it is difficult to find her, we spread out and eventually spot her.

Continuing on we see the start of a cobblestone path which we are looking for, also we spot a bunch of Demons pushing this smaller figure around. This could be the guide we seek. There are several different types of demons, and nearly instantly a wall of darkness is created cutting of the parties vision of the enemy. Brock hurls his hammer at a nearby creature – the ensuing thunderclap stuns everyone, including the party, a minute later with a slight ringing in the ears we continue the fight. As the enemy starts to emerge from the darkness they engage party members. Their numbers seem to multiply as more are gated in. Soon even some Ghasts emerge through the darkness. Finally a large winged demon emerges, this creature faces off with Brock. Brock finally takes a blow at this creature and receives the damage himself. Dancing bears large Oak tree entertains many enemy as they all try to get some wood. The enemy keeps gating in more and more types of demons, soon there are creatures of all types. With a little luck though and a lot of skill the party reduces their numbers and finally destroys the last of them.
At the end of the combat the slightly cowering creature who was being held captive is approached. His name is Grimms and he is a little Demon with a withered hand, seems like he used to be a lackey for the dude we have come to assassinate. Grimms is taken on as a guide to the palace though he isn’t completely trusted.

Shortly after the party starts down the path they discover several dead bodies of minotaur’s. They are looked over a little and its decided they died in battle. Then Grimms steps back into the party and says “They are coming.” After backing into the party they look ahead and see some five armed three legged daemons coming at them. Brock strides up and demands the Demons weapons whilst Brin fires at the nearest Demon. Then Grimms runs to the side after looking backwards and says, “He’s here, run.”
In the blink of an eye a dark figure appears behind the party and casts a prismatic wall hitting several of us. Caerlith disappears and Wack falls to the ground not moving, not a good start to the combat. Crow turns and fires at the dark creature as Brock runs back to confront the dark creature as does Crow, several sword and axe blows later it is gone.

Matrix gets concerned over Caerliths disappearance and starts scrying, he soon locates him on an adjacent plane where he is facing up to a large devil. Matrix makes contact and relays some instructions to make an escape, meanwhile Crow communicates with Graz’zt and sees if this being can intervene and bring the Paladin back to this plane, the Demon Prince makes outrageous demands on Crows and Caerliths possessions, neither of whom wish to give their items up.

Caerlith parleys with the Greater Devil who has summoned a couple of Bone Devils to back him up, when it seems that they have no intention of helping battle commences, almost simultaneously Matrix appears behind him and another two bone devils join the melee. The first Devil manages to summon another of his kind before he is cut down. With several creatures surrounding the pair it is deemed to dangerous for Matrix to cast his spell with fear of losing it if a creature hits him. The second greater devil also bites the dust but there are about 8 bone devils surrounding them now, with more appearing all the time. The two down potions of Speed and take some of the creatures out but start getting hit by ice storms and walls of ice falling on them. Caerlith draws his second sword but in the treacherous conditions it flys out of his grasp, Matrix goes to retrieve it and with further attacks has to retreat quickly out of the combat zone. Caerlith summons a fire elemental and with a huge stroke of luck an Efreeti appears, these creature grants wishes and soon Caerlith joins Matrix at a safe distance (there are now about 30 Bone Devils) and then wish to rejoin their comrades on the other plane.

What seems to have stretched on for ever has only taken about 15 minutes, as soon as Matrix is back he resurrects Dr Wack and questions the creature known as Grimms closely. It would appear that Anshar (the god on our hit list) is not that popular with others in the Abyss and he and the gate have annoyed others of lesser power (such as Graz’zt). These other demons have lost some control in the Abyss as they are no longer the only source to the prime material plane, as had happened many years ago the gate will become a well travelled avenue there.

We continue on our way and see a small child crying, wary of a trap but showing compassion Matrix and Caerlith advance and question the child. He would seem to be an offspring of Anshars, as he seems capable of surviving on his own we leave him be and Wack gives him a skull trap present which explodes for a massive amount of damage but does not kill the child – something definitely fishy there.

Eventually a large wall is seen in the distance and on closer approach a drawbridge is spotted in the half raised position; also a dark horned creature is seen in one of the windows that occasionally dot the wall. We ready ourselves to get across the 30’ wide black moat as demons sail out of the air and attack us, soon more demons spring out of hiding places by the moat and we are surrounded, Wack summons forth various armored undead to help us and a big red elemental. Giant Iron scaled Gargoyles jump into the attack from the wall above the drawbridge, first trying to crush an opponent each then breathing fire onto the tree setting it ablaze.

Title: Re: 3.2 The Gates of Hell or is it Hades, nope it’s the Abyss?
Post by: St.Drewcifer on 19 June 2009, 19:11:21
We seem to be missing a chunk of the tale here, did I forget to do a write up, ah no

This is where we confronted Anshar and over a thousand battles defeated him, I got so confused I did not write it up.