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Title: Public Background
Post by: Hard Rain on 22 September 2009, 00:05:08
What this thread is for

I will post the bits of background any character would either know or could find out without any great effort.

The campaign is set in the Segmentum Pacificas


yet to be defined

Sub sector

is situated on an island of stars in the Pietestien Rift and sits on the only stable jump route across the rift. It was named for the Rogue trader who first found the route across this area of nearly hundred light years void of stars and full of warp vortexes which can easily destroy or drive a ship off course causing it to be lost in the void  possibly a worse fate than destruction.

there are just over a dozen stars in the region none more than five light years form any other strung out like a twisted fragment of genetic helix. Of these  most have planets thought few are inhabited by any number of people and most are given over to bulk mineral extraction of one type or another. Three have significant populations

Dawn a mixed Hive and imperial world, with a race of indigenous Abhuman "blues" apparently normal humans with blue pigmented skin who live a feral existence in the areas which are not farmed.

Veran a imperial world with very impressive ruins suggesting that it was once a very long time ago heavily populated. There all sorts of rumours about the ruins but it well known that all the inhabitants  there now are descended from post contact imperial colonists.

Vorres the capital and administrative centre for the region mostly a port of passage and a market centre for this regions many mining operations. It is very heavily populated bordering on the level of a hive but most of the cities though they are massive sprawling metropolis with populations in the tens of millions are not quite that big and lack the huge structures of hive spires.

The Vorres System is also the flag base for the subsector fleet and whilst it is not the main depot which is in the adjacent planet less D551 system, a large number of capital warships are to be found in system most of the time. Given the importance of the route across the rift the subsector fleet is significantly larger than might otherwise be expected and very active.

Other systems of note

A major naval depot capable of doing any maintenance required to the ships of the subsector fleet short of building new vessels. It is needless to say very heavily fortified with numerous battle stations command mine fields and the like. It is also off limits to non imperial naval personnel without special permissions.

Z 34.260.137
This is the system which holds the infamous mining station Zebra

Z 34.260. 153
This system was bought from the bankrupt Ultima mining corporation by house D'vion about twenty years ago and is being used as its base of operations.

Thats all for now I will add to this as things progress.