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Title: Dawn Crusade
Post by: Hard Rain on 22 September 2009, 21:02:16
Hi all

Just a quick note to say that any one who wants to join in my online game who local here is more than welcome to just generate a character with 1200 xp to spend and report in the playing forum.

In addition as a Rank three acolyte you will get three times the normal starting cash & can buy equipment without worrying about availability, since you have had the time to hunt it down. Should you want to sell off any starting equipment you will also get full book price for the same reason.

Your Character will also get a rank three monthly stipend once in play

I will accept any sort of character  from the main rule book or inquisition Hand book which is not Calexis sector specific  

Title: Re: Dawn Crusade
Post by: EvilGinger on 23 September 2009, 06:33:39
Thank you though would have been nice to know about the extra money earlier  as I was about to send you the finalised character sheet.

still mussent grumble.



Title: Re: Dawn Crusade
Post by: NewtonPulsifer on 25 September 2009, 09:58:02
I'm in if you'll have me, although I probably won't have a character all kitted up until tomorrow evening Pacific Daylight Time at the very earliest.  A Tech-Priest, although I'm not sure if I want to make one using the Tech-Priest career or Scum with Rank 1 as Reclaimator as a more 'cuddly' Mechanicus front man/woman.  If I do go Tech-Priest I'll be refusing the free implants.

Title: Re: Dawn Crusade
Post by: Hard Rain on 25 September 2009, 16:26:00
OK your in just sort yourself out a character and your in away we have started but we are still at the mission briefing  stage.

All characters get 1200 xp to spend making them level 3 and get three times the amount of starting money which may be spent with no availability restrictions.

current players include a Guardsman & Sanctioned Psycher so a tech priest would be very useful as would Scum if for different reasons.

PM me with the finished character & or with any questions and we are away

over to you