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Title: Briefing Mission 1 opperation Ghosts in the night ( Tasking)
Post by: Hard Rain on 01 October 2009, 17:35:47
This information and a copy of the whole brifing and suporting data is on the cheap data slate every one was handed at the end of the briefing

Individual tasking

Mission leader and security advisor

•   Investigate the administration of the station and try to gather as much information about station operations as possible.

•   Investigate the activities of Pentros Vela Vorres and his staff without causing offence. Being noble born yourself you will understand the need for the proper courtesy and etiquette as there is no need to cause offence unnecessarily and even the Holly Ordos does not need to upset the family of the Subsector governor without reason.

Quintos Frastus

Psycher Special advisor

•   Investigate the genuineness of the reported psychic phenomena this is mission critical
•   Given your background assist Ynus Kultrayn in their technical assessment where possible
•   Provide special support for the rest of the team.

Ynus Kultrayn
Technical advisor

•   Investigate what the House D’vion is doing on station X117-335  from a technical point of view ascertain whether there operation is legal and exactly what it is. Pay especial attention to any possible Tech heresy particularly unsanctioned adaptations to the station and the ore processing plant.