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Title: Moving on nothing to see
Post by: EvilGinger on 08 October 2009, 06:21:14
Swiftly leaving the Blood Ravens Space Marines to clear up the mess they discovered on the pilgrim station. Our Heros  with Magda in tow slide into the warp to their next destination Veran but will they hear the baby crying? 

Perhaps more worryingly Young Nail face is no linger feeling ill but is growing and his clothes dont fit even more so than before...... 

& Magda has also been having Visions, which she wont talk about.....

 >:D Ginger

Title: Re: Moving on nothing to see
Post by: morgalahan on 08 October 2009, 12:53:52
Xanti removes all her piercings, stops drinking, and focuses single-mindedly on training. She'll either co-opt an empty room somewhere or ask the ship if there are training facilities. When not training she'll sit somewhere quietly and polish/perform maintenance on her weapons, over and over again. Those around her notice a rather vacant look in her eye when she's doing this. If watched while she's training, she seems to be furiously angry all the time and possibly punishing herself for something. When she's eating she sits and makes lists of things she 'needs' to do. On the list is 'get better weapons, more money to buy better weapons, train, kill enemies...' She seems to forget the lists and leaves them around. If someone goes up to her and tries to interact with her, she'll react normally, but after a while her attention wanders and she mutters "I have to be ready..." and then walks off. Not even she seems sure of what she needs to be ready for.

(Woo-hoo! My character's snapped!)

Title: Re: Moving on nothing to see
Post by: Snakes in the Tiki Lounge on 08 October 2009, 13:04:26
Ordinarily M, I'd be very, very worried about this.

As things stand, with events for both my characters being as they are, well. You're on the list, please hold. Your insanity is important to us, and an operative will be on as soon as possible to be properly concerned.

Thank you for holding. (

Title: Re: Moving on nothing to see
Post by: morgalahan on 08 October 2009, 13:34:05
Meh, we'll see where it goes. I figure a crazy character might have more chance of surviving in this rather fecked up universe.

Title: Re: Moving on nothing to see
Post by: EvilGinger on 08 October 2009, 16:32:03
good good good

Barrak would appear to be reciting the lives of the saints from his little book which is very odd as he cant read and only found the illuminations and pretty pictures comforting..... especially when stressed....

Magda is praying a lot and wandering about in a similar sort of state to Xanti but without the combat practice and the lists....

The ship is behaving as if every thing is perfectly normal..... & has been role playing the simulated crew to the Nth degree.....

Xanti wakes up one morning to find her knives have been replaced by best quality mono edged ones which other wise look identical to the old ones....

but does any one here the baby crying.........


Title: Re: Moving on nothing to see
Post by: morgalahan on 08 October 2009, 23:08:11
Wow, we're a fecked up bunch of people. The 'normal' ones seem to be the two psykers and the foppishly dressed scum. Yep. That about sums up how truly screwed up the crew of this ship seems to be.

Xanti doesnt seem to notice the fact that her knives have been replaced, she just seems more cheerful that day.

If this crying baby is an actual sound that seems to be haunting the ship, and can be heard using our ears and not some supernatural warp based ability, then I guess Xanti would hear it. However, she'd ignore it and either assume it's something the ship is doing as part of it's roleplaying, or something else unrelated to her. She's not completely oblivious, or unaware, she's just focused and single minded.

In her head, she has this idea of what she SHOULD be in order to survive. Professional, skilled and deadly. She's trying desperately to make her vision of herself a reality. It's hard for her, as it's not really her nature, but she's trying any way she can. If her madness progresses she may begin to see herself in that light even if it's not completely true. She may become delusional.

Oh, and, are we to arrive at 6:00 PM as per the usual or on the modified time from last week?