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Title: Crew of the USS Enceladus
Post by: Arnu on 30 December 2009, 16:46:06
This is a thread where I can list Character descriptions for NPC crew members for the USS Enceladus


Captain Richard Harleck - Commanding Officer - USS Enceladus

Captain Harleck is a tall thin human male in his mid 40s He has an angular serious looking face and piercing blue eyes.  He wares his black hair trimmed very short.

He can be serious and shows little humour whilst on duty.  He is loyal to his crew and encourages them to innovative and think outside the box (but he is commited to keeping the Prime Directive unbroken).

Prior to the USS Encceladus, he was the Commanding Officer of the Difiant Class Starship the USS Falcon and served with distinction during the Dominion War and spent the post war years providing escort duty in the rebuilding process of worlds ravaged during the war.

His highest honour was in 2378 when he prevented the Renegade Alpha Jem'Hadar assault on Cardassian Prime.

Title: Re: Crew of the USS Enceladus
Post by: Arnu on 06 January 2010, 15:05:28
Here is the current command crew list.

Captain Richard Harleck - Commanding Officer - Human Male (NPC)
Commander Allyra Reega - First Officer - Trill Female (NPC)
Lieutenant (Name) - Chief Science Officer/Second Officer - Cardassian Male (Tiki)
Lieutenant (Name) - Chief Medical Officer - Vulcan Female (Oskar)
Lieutenant (Name) - Chief Security Officer Bajoran Male (Zarniwoop)
Lieutenant (Name) - Chief Engineering Officer - Human Female (Frog)
Lieutenant (JG) Ewan Grant - Operations Manager - Human Male (NPC)
Lieutenant (JG) (Name) - Ship's Counsellor/Diplomatic Officer - Betazoid/Vulcan Female (Morgalahan)
Lieutenant (JG) Tix - Senior Flight Control Officer/Navigantion Officer - Ferengi Male (Dat)

Title: Re: Crew of the USS Enceladus
Post by: Arnu on 05 February 2010, 01:56:12
Junior Officers

Ensign Chella (Bolian Male)
Ensign Eric Wise (Human Male)

Dr (LT) Charlotte "Charlie" Smith (Human Female)
LT (JG) Cerys Reynolds (Human Female) - Senior Nurse
Ensign Priya Defi (Cetauran Female) - Nurse

Ensign Joseph "Joe" Ernest (Human Male) - Communications Specialist
Ensign Jeran (Andorian Shen/Male) - Transporter Chief
Ensign Chi'eph (Andorian Female) - Transporter Cheif

LT (JG) Fiona Taitt (Human Female)
LT (JG) William Morris (Human Male) - Computer Specialist
Ensign Daniel Johns (Human Male)

LT (JG) Bronne Laerys (Bajoran Female) - Tactical Officer
LT (JG) Varin (Bolian Male)
Ensign Toby O'Keefe (Human Male)
Crewman Linda Arronson (Human Female) - Security Guard
Crewman Keith Reynolds (Human Male) - Security Guard
Crewman Susan Chen (Human Female) - Security Guard
Crewman Neil Henson (Human Male) - Security Guard