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Title: Derby on Board - Last Wed 'Bean Cafe' - Venue to change
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Nicola Cheney

28 June at 19:09 Derby

( All Derby on Board Gamers.

We have had a successful 2 years at Bean Caffe with our board game group. We are now looking for another venue as Bean Caffe are going to move in to being a bistro. Our last event there will be on the 30th July and I hope this will be a celebration of how successful we have been and say a big thank you to Bean for having allowed us to grow and develop into something that we all love.
I welcome all ideas on where we should go, we want to keep this a family friendly venue as we have other nights being hosted with D6 + Beer in Pubs , so please ask about and see what is available.
To keep you up to date we have asked in Bike Works and The Bookshop Cafe do far. The bookshop cafe is really very big which would give us a chance to expand and therefore advertise more being confidant we have the room to grow and it has the most perfect tables for us.
They they would like me to send in an email to explain a bit more about us and give them an idea of how many come, they will obviously need to cover their costs and make some money on the event. I feel we would need to get quite a few more people in to the group to cover what they would like to take.
Can I get peoples views on venues and also days, should we stick with Wednesday or would we be busier if we changed to a different night? Please let me know.
Also can we keep promoting the 12th July however you can. I have been and paid the rest of the money today so lets make it a fantastic day and show people what they could have in their cafe one evening. (