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03 March 2021, 18:13:03 *
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 on: 01 March 2021, 17:45:11 
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Galactic Summit Imperilled by Political Frictions

Delegates at the diplomatic conference have clashed over long-standing political issues, with some threatening to abandon the event.

Journalists at Patterson Enterprise in the Sirius system reported their observations via mainstream newsfeeds.

The Imperial Herald: "Minister Whyte's claim that the Empire had fomented terrorism by repressing Marlinism was somewhat predictable. But nobody expected Princess Duval's icy retort, which caused shocked gasps across the chamber."

Sol Today: "President Hudson easily dealt with Patreus's whine about the Federation's so-called 'war-mongering', putting the bombastic Imp in his place."

Eye on Achenar: "The dull-witted thug of a president was no match for Senator Patreus, who received cheers for his condemnation of typical 'Fedneck' arrogance."

The Alliance Tribune: "The conference's hosts were visibly embarrassed by Councillor Kaine's claims that Coalsack Nebula terraforming projects had triggered recent Thargoid attacks. Shockingly, several delegates dismissed this as an internal matter for the Alliance."

The Federal Times: "Chancellor Blaine's stonewalling on the co-funding of humanitarian aid brought a rare flash of anger from Felicia Winters: 'Maybe the Emperor's puppet could loosen a few strings?'"

The Sovereign: "Despite Prime Minister Mahon exaggerating the benefits of Alliance membership, several independent ambassadors complained about its incomprehensible bureaucracy, saying it would be less damaging to declare war against the Alliance than join it."

A representative from Sirius Corporation reported that the Galactic Summit was "going well".
Source: Galactic Summit Imperilled by Political Frictions

 on: 26 February 2021, 15:45:03 
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Historic Meetings at the Galactic Summit

Alliance, Empire and Federation leaders have held their first ever face-to-face discussions at the diplomatic conference in the Sirius system.

Political correspondent Conrad Sterling published this report for Vox Galactica:

"The Galactic Summit has already made history by bringing together many political figureheads within one conference chamber. Optimistic opening statements from Chancellor Anders Blaine and Prime Minister Edmund Mahon gained applause. President Zachary Hudson was more curt, reminding everyone that billions of people would be affected by their efforts."

"Agendas and debate topics for the next three weeks were formalised. Much of the work will be done behind the scenes by ambassadorial staff, making big decisions in small rooms."

"The general tone so far has been courteous, although that may not last. Predictably, interactions between the Imperial and Marlinist delegations have been frosty, with Senator Denton Patreus refusing to even acknowledge their presence during discussions."

"However, First Minister Jenna Fairfax enjoyed a more cordial meeting with Shadow President Felicia Winters. They were joined by Jasmina Halsey, who has accompanied Winters from Mars in an unofficial capacity."

"One notable absentee was Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester, whose family is under legal scrutiny following the crimes of his older brother Jupiter Rochester. This at least spared Jordan the awkwardness of having to formally greet his ex-fiancée, Princess Aisling Duval. But it's likely there will be no shortage of tension between other delegates in the coming weeks."
Source: Historic Meetings at the Galactic Summit

 on: 25 February 2021, 19:45:04 
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Galactic Summit Begins with Defence Request

*Pilots Federation ALERT*

The Federation is working with Sirius Corporation to offer bounty hunting opportunities to protect the diplomatic conference.

The first Galactic Summit has officially opened at Patterson Enterprise station in the Sirius system. Temporary permits have been issued to all arriving delegates and Commanders for the three weeks of its term, although these do not apply to fleet carriers.

 Sirius Corporation's CEO Li Yong-Rui announced:

"The data supplied to us in January revealed several unanticipated threats, putting additional strain on our navy and security forces. Working with the generous support of the Federation, we have placed bounties on all wanted ships to ensure delegates' safety. Pilots defending the Sirius system will be rewarded for handing in bounty vouchers at the Spirit of Laelaps."

The joint initiative will run for one week, after which Sirius Corporation will partner with the Empire to provide for the needs and security of the conference. 

In related news, Core Dynamics, Gutamaya and Lakon Spaceways are celebrating the political gathering of all three superpowers with a 10% discount on their ships during the next three weeks.

Delegations have begun to arrive and formal introductions are taking place, with much media attention. This is the first time that universally recognised figures such as President Zachary Hudson, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon and Princess Aisling Duval have been seen side by side.

Source: Galactic Summit Begins with Defence Request

 on: 25 February 2021, 19:45:04 
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Rare Goods Received for Political Delegates

*Pilots Federation ALERT*

A wide range of luxurious food and drink for the Galactic Summit has been delivered to the Sirius Corporation.

Orders were placed for Eden Apples Of Aerial, Ethgreze Tea Buds, Gerasian Gueuze Beer, Giant Irukama Snails, Goman Yaupon Coffee, Karsuki Locusts and Lavian Brandy. Large quantities of these rare items were shipped to Ashby City in the Luyten's Star system.

The consumables will be ferried to the nearby Sirius system, where the diplomatic conference will take place. This initiative was considered a priority, since some delegates only agreed to attend if their requests for these rarities were met.

CEO Li Yong-Rui has expressed his personal thanks to all pilots who delivered the rare goods, who can now collect their payment at Ashby City in the Luyten's Star system.

Sirius Corporation has been organising the Galactic Summit for the past month, which has involved increased freight runs into its home system as well as heightened security. Preparations are now complete, and the first ambassadors from the Alliance, Empire and Federation are on their way.
Source: Rare Goods Received for Political Delegates

 on: 23 February 2021, 20:45:02 
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Alliance Protests Triggered by Cancelled Election

The postponement of the election for a new prime minister has led to widespread public disorder across Alliance systems.

The Alliance Assembly vote was scheduled for Thursday the 25th of February. This date clashed with the start of the Galactic Summit, causing incumbent Prime Minister Edmund Mahon to propose that the election be delayed for three months.

On many Alliance worlds, large-scale protest marches have placed pressure on local police forces. Some civil leaders have condemned Mahon for using the diplomatic conference as an excuse to extend his term of office.

Mahon has referred to the unrest as being caused by a "vocal minority of agitators", and insisted that the delay is in the Alliance's best interests.

Councillor Nakato Kaine, Mahon's main rival, has given the protests her full support. She has become a figurehead for public dissent, with some political pundits suggesting that she might have won the election had it been held this week.

Speaking to The Alliance Tribune, Councillor Kaine said:

"This is the latest in a string of short-sighted decisions, and it's clear that the people no longer trust their prime minister. For this reason, despite believing the Galactic Summit to be a waste of time, I will be attending the conference to ensure that Mahon's agenda does not dominate proceedings."
Source: Alliance Protests Triggered by Cancelled Election

 on: 22 February 2021, 17:45:14 
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Hudson and Winters Confirmed for Galactic Summit

President Zachary Hudson and Shadow President Felicia Winters will both attend the diplomatic conference in the Sirius system.

The Federation will also be represented by ambassadors from the Federal Diplomatic Corps, as well as several civil and corporate interests.

Political correspondent Sofia Trevino reported for The Federal Times:

"President Hudson's personal presence at the Galactic Summit sends the message that he still holds the reins of power. He clearly hopes that facing off against the Empire's leaders will distract the public from the recent Jupiter Rochester scandals."

"In his absence, Vice President Brad Mitchell will oversee congressional matters. There are rumours that Mitchell is positioning himself to challenge Hudson as the Republican Party candidate in the next election."

"The conference also offers opportunities for Felicia Winters to appear presidential. She has eagerly agreed to meet the Marlinist Colonies delegation, having coordinated humanitarian aid for the refugees last year."

"Winters has not asked Shadow VP Isolde Rochester to accompany her, perhaps as a rebuke for the criminal actions of her son. Furiously working on damage control for her family's name, the Rochester matriarch has taken Jupiter's two children into her care after his husband, Tomas Turai, filed for immediate divorce."

Source: Hudson and Winters Confirmed for Galactic Summit

 on: 20 February 2021, 15:45:01 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
It's a Wonderful World: Corruption and Ascension

4 brand-new card typesCorruption: Give up part of your productionMaster Projects: Maximize your victory pointsSuper Production: Proceed at top speedDuo Scoring: Double risk, double rewardContents:56 Corruption & Ascension cards2 Empire cards20 Character tokens60 Resource cubes1 scoreboard1 erasable marker1 rulebookThis expansion requires the base game It's a Wonderful World to be playable.
Source: It's a Wonderful World: Corruption and Ascension

 on: 19 February 2021, 20:45:07 
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Lakon Spaceways HQ Moves to Alioth System

*Pilots Federation ALERT*

The capital system of the Alliance now hosts Lakon's administrative hub and offers a 5% discount on its ships.

The company's main offices have been relocated to the Lakon Spaceways Central planetary port on Alioth 1 a.

All shipyards within the Alioth system are offering a permanent 5% discount on sales of vessels manufactured by Lakon. Pilots will need to obtain a permit for Alioth to take advantage of this reduction.

Both the move and the discount reflect the Alliance's recent purchase of a majority sharehold in the company. This was primarily to retain it as a key defence contractor for the Alliance Defence Force.

Naomi Landseer, chairperson of the board of directors, announced:

"We are extremely pleased to be partnered with the Alliance, especially after recent tumultuous events. Lakon's highly regarded ships will remain available across the galaxy."

The attempted takeover of Lakon Spaceways by Core Dynamics was revoked due to revelations of illegal practices by its former CEO, Jupiter Rochester. Federal news sources have reported that a rapid restructure is taking place within Core Dynamics, alongside investigations by the Federal Intelligence Agency.

Source: Lakon Spaceways HQ Moves to Alioth System

 on: 18 February 2021, 22:45:02 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
Puzzle: The Swing

Was £5.99, Now £3.00Your aim with the puzzle is to remove the metal ring. When you have achieved it, your next goal is to get it back on.
Source: Puzzle: The Swing

 on: 18 February 2021, 17:45:07 
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Rare Goods Required for Galactic Summit

*Pilots Federation ALERT*

Sirius Corporation has requested deliveries of consumables to Luyten's Star for the forthcoming diplomatic conference.

The Galactic Summit will take place in the Sirius system and last for three weeks, beginning on Thursday the 25th of February. It will be attended by leaders from the Alliance, Empire and Federation, plus representatives from independent systems.

Sirius Corporation has placed orders for these rare commodities: Eden Apples Of Aerial, Ethgreze Tea Buds, Gerasian Gueuze Beer, Giant Irukama Snails, Goman Yaupon Coffee, Karsuki Locusts and Lavian Brandy.

All shipments are to be delivered to Ashby City in the Luyten's Star system. They will then be ferried to Sirius before the conference begins.

CEO Li Yong-Rui discussed these preparations at a media event:

"We will provide all honoured delegates with a comfortable, luxurious environment. This includes offering the finest cuisine from across the galaxy."

Several journalists pointed out that both the Alliance and Empire had registered official complaints about the Galactic Summit's location being situated deep within Federal space. Li Yong-Rui responded:

"I assure you that the Sirius system is politically neutral territory, and Sirius Corporation remains independent from the Federation. I can personally guarantee the safety and diplomatic immunity of all attendees."

Source: Rare Goods Required for Galactic Summit

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