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Count the heads. - Zaphod Beeblebrox
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 on: Today at 21:45:02 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
Dark Souls: Darkroot Expansion

Release date Friday 21st September
Source: Dark Souls: Darkroot Expansion

 on: Today at 21:45:02 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
Dark Souls: Asylum Demon Expansion

Release date Friday 21st September.
Source: Dark Souls: Asylum Demon Expansion

 on: Today at 21:45:02 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
Trans Europa

Europe needs railroads and it is your job to provide them. The players work together to build a vast railroad network across all of Europe. But, all in is not cooperation. The players compete to be the first to connect their set of five cities.This new version adds the use of ferries to cross the open seas from one land port to another.The first to connect their set of five cities will win the round. The other players all lose points based on how many tracks they need to complete their networks. After several rounds, the best track builder will win the game!Contents:1 game board83 black tracks6 x 3 tracks in the players' colours35 city cards in 5 colours6 player starting markers to mark the players' networks6 player locomotives for scoring1 starting player card1 game rules
Source: Trans Europa

 on: Today at 21:45:02 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
Professor Treasure's Secret Sky Castle

Professor Treasure has stolen all the world's treasures and hidden them in his Secret Sky Castle!As an intrepid treasure hunter, you and your friends have finally managed to track down the Castle. But another team of explorers has beaten you here already!Professor Treasure's Secret Sky Castle is a competitive puzzle game. Send out your team, explore the castle, and bring back as much treasure as possible - but beware! Your opponent will try to thwart your plans and grab treasure for themselves!
Source: Professor Treasure's Secret Sky Castle

 on: Today at 21:45:02 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
Duhr: The Lesser Houses

A Game of Warring HousesThe Lesser Houses of Duhr are at war. Not with soldiers, but with calummy carefully crafted to disgrace their rivals and secure for themselves the final prize: Great House status. Will your House survive to become a Great House of Duhr? Or will it fall into disfavour or villainy under the crushing weight of the suspicions and scandals levied upon you by your rivals?Play suspicions and scandals on your rivals!Make deals and trades for cards and favours!Trigger special events!Use conspiracies to gain additional powers!Box Contains:1 Rulebook6 House Tiles6 Conspiracy Cards60 Suspicion Cards24 Scandal Cards6 Event Cards12 Agenda Cards
Source: Duhr: The Lesser Houses

 on: Today at 17:45:01 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
Mythic D6

Mythic D6 is a D6 compatible rulebook that allows players to create heroic characters with fantastic powers! Learn more about superpowers, expanded special abilities, gadget creation, advantages and disadvantages for use in any D6 game.Discover a wealth of information on powers, so many details that it took a whole book to contain them all.Rules for superheroic play with a modular point build characters system!An all-encompassing list of superhuman abilities and powers to make your character truly extraordinary!Clear and concise rules for creating gadgets and artifacts of legendary power!Dynamic superheroic combat Manoeuvres!New advantages and disadvantages!A fast, scalable system that allows for play in almost any genre!
Source: Mythic D6

 on: Today at 17:45:01 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games

What's Your Future!Explore alien worlds or battle against cyborg overlords. Wander through a post-apocalyptic wasteland or venture into alternate realities. The future is whatever you imagine it to be!This core rulebook provides everything you need for your modern-day to far-future sci-fi roleplaying adventure. Inside you'll find:six species, seven archetypes, skills, and special talents to build your science fiction heroA fast-paced combat system perfect for bringing cinematic action scenes to lifeAll the hazards, set-pieces and adversaries a game master needs to create an unlimited numner of sci-fi adventuresand much more!
Source: Alternity

 on: Today at 15:45:02 
Started by RSSFeeder - Last post by RSSFeeder
Starport Status Update

This report presents the latest data on starports experiencing technical issues as a result of Thargoid Sensor related interference.

The following starports are currently closed:

Alexandria Dock, Chanab

Rond d'Alembert Lab, HIP 88595

Meanwhile, the following starports are on the brink of closure:

Black Station, Lausang

Pook Dock, HIP 35873

Somerset Station, I Carinae

Bester Terminal, Jen Nik

Burton Vision, Dimocorna

Cauchy Dock, Decht

Klink Dock, Inino

Semeonis Hub, Nuwach

Sinclair Colony, San Qin Gu

Asimov Landing, LHS 2441

Mouchez Platform, Deacon's Star

Smith Landing, Amber

Descartes Terminal, Nu Guang

Rennie Hub, Kupol Bumba

Wingqvist Terminal, NLTT 57216
Source: Starport Status Update

 on: Today at 14:45:01 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Panic at the Pleasure Palace

Panic at the Pleasure Palace is the sexiest take on uber-violent magical combat to date! So great! So Epic! WOW! EXCITEMENT, SORCERY, and GORE not getting your wand rock hard like they used to? Well, let's take a little stroll to the Pleasure Palace where the HOTTEST witches and warlocks are down to get down! What tickles your Wizard sleeves? Holographic hookers with some dirty reverse nob-goblin action? Twin leprehaun back-door, molasses-covered covetlingus? Necrophagic, French tickler hide-n-seek play? I'm not sure you even know what half of this crap means! Don't worry, the Palace has you covered (in mysterious goo).But not so fast there, shooter! This is not just some sort of free-love hippie BS. I mean the word "panic" is in the damn title. You may have gotten your spell off, but now you've got to slip and slide your way through the minefield of MTDs (Magically Transmitted Diseases). Crotch Krakens, Hepatitis Z, Gorgonorrhea, Clap Traps, Witch Warts, and Genital Harpies are all lurking in those bushes just waiting to extinguish that post-conjuring glow.So, strap in (or on), lube up, grab 2-6 open-minded Wizard partners, and get ready for the most epic, totally consensual battle orgy ever! Who will come out on top? Who will be the bottom? What is causing that chafing? Answers can only be had by those with a large enough sack to enter the Pleasure Palace.Contents:30 Source Cards30 Quality Cards30 Delivery Cards8 Wild Magic Cards20 MTD Tokens8 Oversized Wizard Cards25 Treasure Cards25 Dead Wizard Cards15 Kill Tokens7 Last Wizard Standing Tokens6 Skull Life Counter5 Six-Sided Dice1 Gross Sack
Source: Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Panic at the Pleasure Palace

 on: Today at 14:45:01 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
Lucky's Misadventures

Episode 42: Lost in OddtopiaYou and your dog Lucky should not have taken the shortcut through the woods that night. How were you to know that Pumpkin Ted was going to open a portal to the strange world of Oddtopia? Lucky, your protector and faithful companion, broke his leash and chased Pumpkin Ted back through the portal into an unfamiliar world.Oddtopia is a surreal and sometimes dark world of Tinkerers, Wickeds and Oddlings and is protected by the Great Mechanical Toad. Will you and Lucky find a way home, or will you stay and become the Great and Powerful Witchard of Oddtopia?Lucky's Misadventures is a very "odd" deck building game set in a world unlike anything else: Fate cards change the game each round, simultaneous play. "Head to Head" challenges, combine junk to build cool steampunk machines and instant win conditions. Feed the Toad! Feed the Toad! Feed the Toad!.Game Components:24 Fate Cards123 Ally Cards85 Junk and machine Cards1 Feed the Toad! Card2 Machine Matrix/Turn Order Placards1 Rule Book
Source: Lucky's Misadventures

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