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31 October 2020, 13:55:51 *
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 on: 24 October 2020, 19:45:03 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
Here to Slay

Are you ready to SLAY?Here to Slay is a strategic role-playing fantasy game from the creators of Unstable Unicorns. In this game, you'll assemble a full Party of Heroes and slay dangerous Monsters while sabotaging your friends (enemies.) Brace yourself for a fast-paced, adorable, and utterly destructive adventure.Contents1 main deck (115 standard-sized cards)6 oversized Party Leader cards15 oversized Monster cards6 rules reference cards2 six-sided dice
Source: Here to Slay

 on: 24 October 2020, 19:45:03 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games

Ganesha is the Indian god of wisdom and prosperity.He is noble, kind, and has large ears to hear everyone's pleas.Play Ganesha's game and obtain his favour!1/ Pick up a gem from Ganesha's alter. Take an additional adjacent gem if you have a gem of that colour in your Destiny slot.2/ Place gems on your Destiny tile: in one of the two Destiny slots or in your Treasury.3/ Sacrifice a gem from your Treasury to move all gems of the same colour from your Treasury onto the Mandala to score points.COMPONENTS:4 Destiny Tiles3 Mandala Boards1 Genesha's Alter board1 Scoring Track4 Player Pawns60 Gems1 Gem Bag1 Ganesha@ Drum token8 Spice TokensRulebook
Source: Ganesha

 on: 24 October 2020, 19:45:03 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games

Lisbon wakes up to modernity. The King D. Pedro V commands that the squares and streets of the city are paved with Calcada Portuguesa (traditional Portuguese pavement.)In front of the D. Maria II National Theatre, where it all starts, the undulating and geometric patterns that the stones form will make Rossio square one of the most beautiful in the kingdom.The king also intends to increase the comfort and magnificence of other streets and square in the kingdom, paving them also with Calcada Portuguesa. For this project, he called the greatest stonemasons in the country. Are you ready to inscribe your name in posterity?COMPONENTS12 Square pieces59 Cards: Helper, Expansion, and Solo4 Player boards96 Calcada tiles66 Victory Point tokens34 Coins1 First player marker2 Rulebooks
Source: Rossio

 on: 22 October 2020, 16:45:03 
Started by RSSFeeder - Last post by RSSFeeder
Federal Initiative to Support Marlinist Refugees

*Pilots Federation ALERT*

An aid charity is requesting deliveries of vital supplies to help Marlinist refugees that fled from the Empire to the Federation.

Safeguard Interstellar, a humanitarian aid organisation, has announced a campaign to help refugees requesting political asylum in the Federation.

Several Imperial factions sympathetic to Marlinism were placed under martial law, leading to civilians emigrating in huge numbers to the Federal systems Charunder, Ennead, HIP 36081, LTT 1935, LTT 3607 and Thetis. Local authorities have warned that without additional support, these refugees may trigger public unrest or food shortages. There is also a risk of unfamiliar contagions reaching the population.

Noel Beaumont, the CEO of Safeguard Interstellar, made this statement:

"These ex-citizens of the Empire have suffered at the hands of their own government, and now seek freedom from persecution. Shelter, food and other necessities must be provided to satisfy their basic human rights."

"We urgently require shipments of basic medicines, clothing, food cartridges, fruit and vegetables, and evacuation shelters to Fox Enterprise in the LFT 625 system. From there, they will be distributed to the Marlinists. The more supplies we receive, the more systems can offer sanctuary without strain on their infrastructure."

Safeguard Interstellar's affiliate, the Fionn Liberals, has offered to pay handsomely for all bounty vouchers collected from wanted vessels in the LFT 625 system.

The initiative begins on the 22nd of October 3306 and will run for one week. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.
Source: Federal Initiative to Support Marlinist Refugees

 on: 21 October 2020, 20:45:05 
Started by RSSFeeder - Last post by RSSFeeder
Thargoid Incursion Repelled in Witch Head Enclave

*Pilots Federation ALERT*

Thargoid forces defeated in an Alliance-controlled system within the Witch Head Nebula.

The galactic community has responded to a call for aid from the Witch Head Enclave and successfully resisted an attack by the Thargoids. The majority of the alien vessels were destroyed, forcing the remainder to retreat.

Captain Warren Lamar, head of security for the Alliance Expeditionary Pact, announced:

"Everyone in Onoros and our neighbouring systems owes an enormous debt to the courageous pilots who met the Thargoids in battle. The whole of the Witch Head Enclave is breathing a sigh of relief that this resurgence was prevented from spreading any farther."

The Alliance Expeditionary Pact offered financial rewards for those who took part in the system's defence, and these payments can now be obtained at the Golden Stag.

To help celebrate this victory, the technology broker at Bray Landing in the Yuanjia system confirmed that access to Guardian weapons and modules will stay reduced for one more week.
Source: Thargoid Incursion Repelled in Witch Head Enclave

 on: 20 October 2020, 17:45:02 
Started by RSSFeeder - Last post by RSSFeeder
Marlinist Refugees Flee to the Federation

The Empire has formally demanded that the Federation extradites all Marlinist political refugees that have fled into their space.

Hundreds of thousands of believers in the republican ideology evacuated their homes following anti-terrorism lockdowns. The Imperial blockade in Ackwada prevented ten megaships from escaping, but others carrying huge numbers of Marlinists have appeared in the Federal systems Charunder, Ennead, HIP 36081, LTT 1935, LTT 3607 and Thetis. Many smaller vessels are also thought to have spread far and wide.

Imperial Ambassador Imogen Luciana sent the formal request:

"The Federation is harbouring potential criminals who are connected to the NMLA terrorists. We insist that they are detained and returned to us to face justice."

Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester, who was once engaged to Princess Aisling Duval, provided an official response:

"There is no extradition treaty for unconvicted citizens, and these people have claimed political asylum. I have requested that Congress grant them sanctuary within the Federation, and that we offer protection to all Marlinists seeking to escape discrimination by the Empire."

Although there is no indication that Marlinist emigrants have set course for Alliance space, Prime Minister Edmund Mahon confirmed that they will be welcomed. Some independent systems are also offering assistance, while others have warned that any influx of refugees will be resisted.
Source: Marlinist Refugees Flee to the Federation

 on: 19 October 2020, 20:45:01 
Started by RSSFeeder - Last post by RSSFeeder
Political Turmoil for President Hudson

Political support for Federal President Zachary Hudson has plummeted after the results of a trial concerning Starship One's destruction.

Fleet Admiral Lucas Vincent was charged with sabotaging the presidential vessel, leading to hundreds of deaths. His close relationship with Hudson has triggered a public outcry and accusations of a conspiracy to assassinate then-President Jasmina Halsey.

Political analyst Vihaan Niven reported on the situation:

"The Republican Party is officially in a state of crisis. President Hudson has refused to make any statement regarding Fleet Admiral Vincent, despite pressure piling up from all corners of the Federation. Over a dozen congressmen have resigned in protest, refusing to be associated with what some newsfeeds are calling 'the crime of the century'."

"Shadow President Felicia Winters has stopped short of making direct allegations against Hudson but, in several powerful speeches, she stressed that no elected ruler can ever be above the law."

"Opinion polls suggest that the Liberal Party now has majority support for the first time in years, and that many people view Hudson as a symbol of corruption. In 3305, halfway through his term of office, the President won the scheduled congressional vote of no confidence by a slim margin. It is doubtful that his administration would survive if it were to be held today."
Source: Political Turmoil for President Hudson

 on: 17 October 2020, 20:45:03 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
1565, St. Elmo's Pay

Relive the Greatest Siege in History! A vendetta spanning decades reaches its terrible and bloody crescendo: Suleiman the Magnificent's 30,000 strong armada descends on the 500 beleaguered Knights of St. John and the defending people of Malta, with the express purpose of wiping them from existence, and changing the course of history forever...1565, St. Elmo's Pay is an asymmetric, competitive, tactical card game, and successor to the award-winning 1066, Tears to Many Mothers, with which it is fully compatible. Each player, as either Ottoman Turks, or Knights of St. John, musters troops and resources to overcome the various historical obstacles and events in their path before the two armies collide in an epic siege over three frontiers on the tiny island of Malta: Birgu, Senglea, and the doomed fortress of Saint Elmo.Will you gather the stalwart Maltese people into your outgunned fortresses and defend the Knights of St. John from certain oblivion?Or will you assemble the greatest armada in the Mediterranean and claim Malta in the name of the Ottoman Empire?THIS BOX CONTAINS:166 cards (+3 bonus promo cards for Shadows of Kilforth!)40 red wooden teardrop tokens40 blue wooden teardrop tokens22 cardboard attribute modifier tokens1 first player tokens2 rulebooks (one for full solo play!)1 solo play resource dial
Source: 1565, St. Elmo's Pay

 on: 17 October 2020, 13:45:04 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
Patchwork Christmas Edition

So many pieces of cloth and patches lying around - time to make a beautiful Christmas-themed quilt out of them! This requires significant effort and time though and a steady supply of buttons. The player who picks the best patches and combines them most skilfully into a patchwork quilt wins the game.Components:1 time board2 quilt boards2 time markers1 neutral token33 patches5 special patches1 special tile50 button tiles1 rule book
Source: Patchwork Christmas Edition

 on: 17 October 2020, 13:45:03 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth - Dwellers in Darkness Figure Pack

Enemies AboundThis figure pack contains three detailed, unpainted plastic figures representing the villains featured in the Shadowed Paths campaign and Haunting of Dale campaign for , plus six new items and three exciting new titles.Box Contents:1 Ursa Figure1 Supplicant of Morgoth Figure1 Ollie Figure3 Title Cards3 Item Cards3 Trinket CardsRequires The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth core set, and Shadowed Paths Expansion to play.
Source: The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth - Dwellers in Darkness Figure Pack

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