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04 June 2020, 06:33:17 *
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HHGG Quote:
Shee, you guys are so unhip it`s a wonder your bums don`t fall off. - Zaphod
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 on: 05 May 2020, 13:45:03 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
Marvel: Crisis Protocol Gamora and Nebula

"Witness My Daughters, and Despair!"Adopted by Thanos, Gamora was raised to be the fiercest warrior in the galaxy and serve the Mad Titan in his goals of conquest. Gamora proved herslf equal to her title of "Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy." However, a spark of good within her drove her to rebel against her adoptive father. She now uses her abilities to fight for good both as part of the Guardians of the Galaxy and on her own.A pirate and mercenary, Nebula was raised alongside Gamon as Thanos' adopted daughter. Fueled by jealousy of her sister, Nebula has become feared across several star systems for her ruthless nature and willingness to work with anyone to accomplish her goals.Includes:1 Gamora Miniature1 Nebula Miniature2 Bases2 Character Stat Cards2 Team Tactics Cards10 TokensMiniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted.
Source: Marvel: Crisis Protocol Gamora and Nebula

 on: 04 May 2020, 23:45:03 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
Star Wars: Legion - Vital Assets Battlefield Expansion

"I CHOOSE TO LIVE FOR MY PEOPLE."- RIYO CHUCHISoldiers are called to serve in many types of missions, from tense hostage exchanges to payload deliveries to bombing runs. Wherever or whenever the battle rages, this pack adds new options to expand the scope of your STAR WARS: LEGION games!This expansion for STAR WARS: LEGION contains 16 finely sculpted battlefield objective miniatures, along with new battle, hostage, and supply cards to add to your games. These miniatures can be used to replace the objective tokens found in the STAR WARS: LEGION core set and as terrain pieces to enhance your battlefield.Contents:16 Plastic Miniature9 Battle Cards16 Supply Cards1 Hostage Cards1 RulesheetMiniature supplied unpainted and require assembly.NOT A COMPLETE GAME. STAR WARS: LEGION CORE SET REQUIRED TO PLAY.
Source: Star Wars: Legion - Vital Assets Battlefield Expansion

 on: 04 May 2020, 16:45:03 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
Shadows of Kilforth: Adventures

"Shadows of Kilforth: Adventures" includes 54 brand new, unique, and gorgeously illustrated cards to add to your games of Shadows of Kilforth! Adventures adds even more stunning content to your encounter and reward decks to enhance the variety and narratives of your journeys through the world of Kilforth - simply shuffle the extra cards into your game and you are ready to go.
Source: Shadows of Kilforth: Adventures

 on: 30 April 2020, 22:45:03 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
Oceans Deluxe Edition

Ocean is a stand-alone board game in the highly acclaimed evolution series. Everything you need comes in this box. You don't need prior experience with the series.Oceans depicts the interconnected ecosystem of marine life and combines it with the powerful mysteries of the unknown. It features an introductory game for those wishing to dip their toes in the water before diving into deeper strategies.The Known WorldEnter a vast, underwater cosmos: a mysterious interconnected world of tentacles, sharp teeth, and black ink, where your survival depends on your ability to adapt.Oceans is a strategy game where you create a vibrant web of marine life in a continually changing environment.But this is just the surface. There's more when you're ready to dive deeper...The UnknownLurking deep below the surface lie mysteries so bizarre they hardly seem natural. The Deep is a deck of 89 unique cards you'll discover over the course of many games. These powerful traits represent the unknown: the undiscovered wonders of the deep ocean.Venture into the deep at your own risk!Contents:120 Surface cards89 Deep cards200 Population tokens25 Scenario cards24 Species boards1 Reef board1 Ocean board4 Player screens4 Bonus tokens1 Cambrian Explosion cardDeluxe Edition contains bonus content:15 Scenario cards (foiled)10 Deep cards (foiled)5-6 player expansion:40 Fish tokens10 Species boards2 Bonus tokens2 Player screens240 Population tokens (acrylic)6 Population bags (printed)220 Card Sleeves (printed)
Source: Oceans Deluxe Edition

 on: 21 April 2020, 23:47:00 
Started by Zarniwoop - Last post by Zarniwoop
Well I signed up for BoardgameArena and Yucata

Boardgamearena is more towards the live play with virtual tabletop but does also support turn based play, not tried it with other players yet I had invited others to try but not sure they have signed up yet.
I am trying Yucata with a friend and this site is much more geared towards turn based play, though if players are all online they can take those turns faster.

Only tried one game so far, its ok but so far it's not really scratching that itch, getting out a game and making it work 2-player with Caz is far better. I can see it being useful to learn a game, though that is working on the presumption they've both got the rules right and they have not been "adapted" to make it work online as opposed to physically played.

Would like to properly try boargamearena but definitely prefer to play against opponents I know rather than randoms, at least for my first foray.

 on: 20 April 2020, 19:45:02 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
Clank! Insert

Board Game Organiser. Includes space for Sunken Treasures, The Mummy's Curse, Gold and Silk and Aquisitions Incorporated expansions.
Source: Clank! Insert

 on: 20 April 2020, 19:45:02 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
Star Wars: Legion - AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank Unit Expansion

"SQUAD ONE, PREPARE TO CHARGE!"- LOK DURDThe AAT Trade Federation battle tank is a hard-hitting vehicle favoured by Separatist commanders like Lok Durd. While its droid operators require precise commands to be used to full effect, its primary MX-8 artillery laser cannons can blast out barrages that target multiple enemies or hammer the same foe with twice the firepower, and its anti-personnel armament can whittle down even squads as heavily armoured as Clone Troopers.This expansion for STAR WARS LEGION contains 1 finely sculpted AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank miniature, enough for one heavy unit, along with new unit and upgrade cards to field in battle.Contents:1 Plastic Miniature1 Unit Card8 Upgrade Cards12 Assorted Tokens1 RulesheetMiniatures supplied unpainted and require assembly.NOT A COMPLETE GAME. STAR WARS: LEGION CORE SET REQUIRED TO PLAY.
Source: Star Wars: Legion - AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank Unit Expansion

 on: 20 April 2020, 19:45:02 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
Everdell: Spirecrest

Far beyond the comfortable borders of the Everdell Valley, deep into mysterious and uncharted lands, adventure is waiting to be discovered.Journey onward!Brave the weather!Plot your game's end set off on you expedition!Weather cards impose challenging limitations to overcome.Discovery cards let players encounter intrepid new critters and locations on their journey, providing unique new strategies and abilities!Big Critters are unique workers with interesting and helpful abilities, and who also serve as trusty mounts!Components:33 discovery cards12 weather cards1 mountain board30 map tiles6 foxes1 frog ambassador15 rabbit travellers6 saddles5 Big Critters12 3-point tokens1 rulebookThis is an expansion! Spirecrest requires the Everdell base game to play!
Source: Everdell: Spirecrest

 on: 20 April 2020, 19:45:02 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
Everdell: Bellfaire

The King is throwing an unprecedented year-long event to commemorate the 100th year since Everdell's founding. Come one, come all!A new basic event and anew set of special events.Awards for the best city in 7 different areas of excellence!Trade goods at the marketThe Market is a dynamic worker placement location with shifting options.New Event Cards provide well-rounded goals for your city.Garland Awards are shared endgame goals with 1st and 2nd prizes.Components:1 Bellfaire board7 garland award tiles6 player boards15 player power cards4 forest cards6 cardinals6 toads2 frog ambassadors1 flower festival tile1 market board4 market tokens1 rugwort token8 axolotl tokens9 special event cards1 rulebookThis is and expansion! Bellfaire requires the Everdell base game to play!Bellfaire adds components and rules for 5-6 players, and plenty of new fun for all player counts!
Source: Everdell: Bellfaire

 on: 18 April 2020, 18:45:04 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
Sheriff of Nottingham 2nd Edition

The most successful merchants in Nottingham offer the most exclusive goods, but the ever-watchful Sheriff maintains the checkpoint against such "Contraband." The Merchants smuggle and the Seriff searches, but who will get through and who will get caught?In Sheriff of Nottingham, players are wily Merchants bribing and bluffing their way into the city walls. Each round, a new player is the Sheriff, searching for Contraband, paying Penalties for searching honest Merchants, while Merchants caught smuggling pay a fine. This 2nd Editioin includes rules for a 6th player, the Sheriff's Deputies, and the Black Market, for high risk/high reward plays.Components:204 Goods  cards144 Legal Goods60 Contraband Goods12 Royal Goods cards6 Deputy cards6 Black Market cards133 Gold coins1 Sheriff standee2 Deputy standees1 Booty tile6 Merchant Stands6 Merchant Bags1 Rulebook
Source: Sheriff of Nottingham 2nd Edition

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