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There`s nothing out there Ford! Like, No ground! Some cat`s taken the ground away!. - Zaphod BeebleBrox
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 on: 15 September 2020, 15:45:02 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
A Witcher's Journal

Take a glimpse into the Golden Age of Witchers, when monsters roamed the world and you could hardly travel to the next town without running into a cyclops or a foglet! Through the journal of the founder of the Griffin School of Witchers, Erland if Larvik, you'll encounter many new monsters; some of which haven't been seen in generations.A Witcher's Journal is a supplement for the Witcher Pen & Paper RPG which gives you a number of new monsters and intriguing plot hooks to use in your game as well as new lore and an in-depth investigation system.Featuring:33 New Monsters:Terrorize the countryside with all manner of creatures from deadly archespores to gruesome vendigo!2 Exceptional Monsters:Create unique higher vampires and true dragons to populate the dark corners and high peaks of the Continent!An In-depth Investigation System:Learn how to write out a mystery for your players to uncover as the game progresses or write up a murder mystery for a session of fun!All New Lore:Learn the history of the Order of Witchers and the story of Erland of Larvik, the First Griffin!
Source: A Witcher's Journal

 on: 14 September 2020, 17:45:04 
Started by RSSFeeder - Last post by RSSFeeder
Prince Harold Duval Assassinated

Prince Harold Duval is dead after a targeted assassination attempt by the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army.

The Empire has imposed a media blackout on these events, and no official statement has been made. However, independent journalist Gwendolyn Nash published this on-the-scene report for Vox Galactica:

"From interviewing multiple sources, we gather that a single assassin managed to infiltrate Harold Duval's personal transport. He was killed by shipboard guards but not before shooting the Prince at close range."

"The NMLA claimed responsibility for this attack in its latest propaganda broadcast, which referred to the Duval family as 'imperialist parasites'. The extremist group also demanded that 'Marlinists everywhere must rise up and demand a democratic Republic'."

"Harold Duval was famously declared unfit for the throne by Emperor Hengist, and has been out of the public eye ever since. He rarely left Capitol but was making an unpublicised journey to visit his daughter Aisling Duval, presumably in response to the recent terrorist attack in the Cemiess system."

"It remains unknown how the NMLA knew of the Prince's itinerary, or managed to breach security on his ship."
Source: Prince Harold Duval Assassinated

 on: 12 September 2020, 17:45:05 
Started by RSSFeeder - Last post by RSSFeeder
Inquiry into Starship One's Destruction Concludes

An independent inquiry by the Federal Attorney's Office into the destruction of presidential vessel Starship One has produced a final report.

Senior Attorney Milandu Okoro made this statement:

"The loss of presidential vessel Starship One in May 3301, along with hundreds of lives, was a great tragedy. Despite suspicion that this was an attempt to eliminate then-President Jasmina Halsey, initial investigations concluded that a catastrophic malfunction of its drive systems was the likely cause."

"A new inquiry was opened when fresh evidence came to light, including testimonies from several members of the Federal Navy. Our final report states that there is sufficient reason to believe Starship One was destroyed by deliberate sabotage."

"A grand jury has determined that criminal charges should be made. We have shared our findings with the Federal Intelligence Agency, and understand that an arrest will take place shortly."

The inquiry report is not yet in the public domain, but is thought to allege that illegal modifications were made to the Frame Shift Drive system of Starship One in advance of its destruction during flight through hyperspace.
Source: Inquiry into Starship One's Destruction Concludes

 on: 12 September 2020, 17:45:05 
Started by RSSFeeder - Last post by RSSFeeder
Terror Attacks Used Thargoid-Derived Explosives

The Imperial Internal Security Service has transmitted another urgent bulletin regarding terrorist attacks on starports in the Empire.

"There have been indications that the four starports came under attack by Thargoids. We can confirm that this is not the case, and there is no evidence of Thargoid vessels in the vicinity."

"Observers reported that some of the damage inflicted on the stations' infrastructure closely resembled the effect of Thargoid weaponry. This was registered by internal sensor systems, resulting in automatic emergency broadcasts designed to summon aid during a Thargoid incursion."

"Preliminary investigations suggest the use of customised explosive devices that incorporated elements of Thargoid technology. This suggests that the perpetrators have access to unusually sophisticated resources as well as xenological materials."

"As yet there is no reason to doubt that the Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army (NMLA) is responsible for these attacks. We have received reports of jubilant scenes from some Imperial fringe systems, in territories where Marlinism remains popular."

Help with rescue operations is still being requested from the four Imperial starports: Mackenzie Relay in the Cemiess system, Tsiolkovsky Terminal in the Gabjaujis system, Garrido Market in the LHS 4031 system, and Muller Terminal in the Rabh system.
Source: Terror Attacks Used Thargoid-Derived Explosives

 on: 12 September 2020, 13:44:12 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
With involvement in the games industry going back to the Seventies, we are to many people dinosaurian, and while we share some characteristics, we do not intend to become extinct just yet.
And as I head towards the dotage for which I have been so obviously practising, young Sally has made it clear that I need to be looking after her, not vice versa, so I have to keep the brain functional.

With costs ever rising and market share falling, it was apparent pre-covid that something had to give, and the lock-down helped to clarify the situation. Until a couple of years ago we seemed to have found a niche offering help and advice amidst the bewildering display of new games, but recently more and more people have been just going for the latest on-line sensation, ignoring the shop. Competition for on-line sales has massively increased, though strangely, our on-line sales have held up well. Loyal customers around the world have stuck with us, while local customers have increasingly gone elsewhere, or are simply broke, or have already bought so many games from us that they really, really don’t need any more. Some have done their absolute best to support us throughout, and they have my heartfelt thanks.

The upshot of this mail order will continue as normal, and we will continue to have a local presence, albeit at arm’s length, which is alas the way of things these days anyway. Until 14th November the shop will operate relatively normally, still on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday while we prepare for the move on the days in between, and from 22nd November collections can be arranged by phone (usual number) or e-mail, from Webbe’s Self Storage, Wharf Road, Burton, from our house nearby, or from a convenient pub, assuming some have survived by then. We are all waiting to see what is possible in 2021 perhaps a mini Beer & Pretzels eventually? Until then, keep in touch, and stay lucky.

 on: 11 September 2020, 13:45:02 
Started by RSSFeeder - Last post by RSSFeeder
Starport Upgrade Initiative to Support Fleet Carriers

A press release from Brewer Corporation discusses plans to improve access to refuelling for owners of fleet carriers.

"We have been surprised and gratified by the popularity of our latest product. The options for independent pilots and crews have been considerably expanded by the versatility and capability of our Drake-Class Carriers."

"But we have also listened to customers' concerns, in particular that large ships such as Anacondas, Corvettes and Clippers cannot dock with refinery outposts to take on Tritium fuel."

"To help alleviate this issue, Brewer Corporation has partnered with two independent construction firms: Kavanagh Spaceframes Ltd and Steel Castle Inc. They are tasked with upgrading a number of outposts into fully functioning starports, in order to make refuelling runs more efficient."

The two construction companies that won this contract both have impressive track records in modifying orbital habitats. Kavanagh Spaceframes specialises in Orbis starports, while Steel Castle exclusively works with Coriolis designs. The projects are expected to begin next week.
Source: Starport Upgrade Initiative to Support Fleet Carriers

 on: 10 September 2020, 16:45:02 
Started by RSSFeeder - Last post by RSSFeeder
Terrorist Attacks on Imperial Starports

*Pilots Federation ALERT: For the attention of all Commanders*

The Empire has broadcast this message across its emergency channels:

"There have been multiple explosions within Mackenzie Relay station, in Princess Aisling Duval's home system of Cemiess. NMLA terrorists have claimed responsibility."

"In coordinated attacks they have also struck at Tsiolkovsky Terminal in the Gabjaujis system, Garrido Market in the LHS 4031 system, and Muller Terminal in the Rabh system."

"We urgently request assistance from the galactic community with repairing these starports and rescuing their populations."

The Imperial Internal Security Service issued a bulletin regarding this current threat:

"The Neo-Marlinist Liberation Army (NMLA) is a paramilitary force of political extremists, whose activities have been small-scale until now."

"Marlinism is a well-known ideology inspired by Marlin Duval, who established the Republic of Achenar in the 23rd century prior to it becoming the Empire. Many people in the fringe systems are Marlinists, who want to replace hereditary Emperors with representation by elected senators. Neo-Marlinism is a more radical conviction that only terror tactics will force such change."

"The NMLA's hatred of the Imperial Family explains why it has targeted starports under the Duval banner. But its use of portable military-grade explosives is unprecedented, suggesting an increase in resources."
Source: Terrorist Attacks on Imperial Starports

 on: 09 September 2020, 15:45:03 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion

You are a member of Jaws of the Lion, one of the most infamous mercenary groups in this run-down backwater. When a sinister cabal starts disappearing the less fortunate of the city it somehow falls to you to get to the bottom of it... so long as you get paid for your trouble.Based on the highest-rated board game of all time.Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion is a fully cooperative campaign game of tactical combat in a unique fantasy world. Players will assume the roles of hardened mercenaries and work together to fight through a campaign full of choices, challenges and twists.Each scenario offers stream-lined tactical combat without dice against fully-automated enemies where using the right ability at the right time can mean the difference between success and failure.You don't need anyone to prepare the campaign or control the monsters. Just open the box and start playing together!Includes:Two scenario books including 25 scenariosLearn-as-you-play guide and rulebookFour playable minis, each their own decks and character sheets16 unique monsters, each with standees and decksCity map with stickers20+ event cards100+ tokensExtra content revealed as you play
Source: Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion

 on: 09 September 2020, 12:19:54 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
Following unsuccessful rent negotiations our lease on the shop is coming to an end. From mid November we will be concentrating on mail order, but collections will still be possible by appointment from our new storage unit nearby, or from our home address with added tea and chat.

Do your Christmas shopping early to catch the many bargains we are offering so we have less stuff to shift.

 on: 08 September 2020, 18:45:02 
Started by Spirit Games - Last post by Spirit Games
Catan Expansion Cities and Knights Scenario: Legend of the Conquerors

A Legendary Campaign of 3 Linked ScenariosDEFEND CATAN!670 years after the arrival of the first settlers on Catan, an enemy army lands on the northern shores. Thora, the Catanian ruler, must summon the knights from every clan to defend the island.
Source: Catan Expansion Cities and Knights Scenario: Legend of the Conquerors

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