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Author Topic: Session 1: The Game's Afoot  (Read 1818 times)
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« on: 20 July 2007, 09:51:48 »

soon i shall write it all up - i just to have remember what we've done...
this hasn't happened yet, but it's only a matter of time...

Here are the patchy recollections of Golorian Longshanks (Please feel free to edit/delete/amend as necessary):

One of our early party members, a fighter, was a little too keen in his questioning of a thug when we encountered a young lady being assaulted in a side alley. Lets just say after this 'chat' he came into the local church covered in blood. Not a great introduction.

The young lady was known to the priest and he has asked us to look after her, whilst we figure out who wanted her harmed. We uncovered that she may be pregnant and the father may not want this to come out.

Following a lead we staked out a local warehouse where a meeting was to take place. Having got there early and somewhat jumping the gun we did end up in a small fight but when all was thought lost our heroic Sorcerer produced a most excellent rugby tackle and stopped our man from escaping so we could ask him a few questions. This time we managed to keep the fighter under control.

During this we uncovered a name of who hired the thugs and uncovered a new wannabe gangster starting a local protection racket. We managed to locate his base of operations and followed him on his rounds. When we discovered him harassing a local shopkeeper we decided to intervene, however things did not go according to plan and both this gang leader and the shopkeeper ended up headless. We now have a somewhat tainted reputation with the local watch who suspect we may have had a hand in the shopkeepers death.

After that we were approached to uncover information of the activities of another local gangster especialy around his importing and exporting. We managed to get hired by him to recover his daughters body from one of his ships which had sunk near the harbour in an incident. He is sending one of his henchman to 'help' us but he has said we can take whatever we want from the ship but we must recover his daughters casket and return it to him untouched. Our plan is to possibly investigate this ship before we offically meant to, in order to get a clearer idea of what we are getting into, however we have not been so good at this whole planning thing so things may go wrong.

Our last misadventure was a A small Distraction
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