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Author Topic: Threefold House - Mage The Awakening Setting [Draft Notes]  (Read 1465 times)
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« on: 03 May 2017, 18:03:23 »

The following is a small smattering of first-draft musings for my eventual Mage: The Awakening Hogwarts-esque Mage-school game setting.
Houses - [Names and Path allocations entirely subject to change]

Grimalkin - Symbol is a Cat.
Moros - Death & Matter, Contemplation and calm.

Stereotypes (Positive)

Elegant, Sophisticated, Confident, Careful, Cunning, Collected, Individualistic.
Stereotypes (Negative)
Cruel, Shallow, Self-Interested, Insecure, Morbid, Vindictive.

Morrigan - Symbol is a Crow.
Acanthus - Time and Fate, Fae and Thorn, Omens and Chance.

Stereotypes (Positive)
Inquisitive, Daring, Smart, Intellectual, Curious, Cheeky.
Stereotypes (Negative)
Flighty, Neurotic, Tense, Sarcastic, Frail, Non-Athletic, Opportunists.

Gadsden - Symbol is a Snake.
Mastigos - Mind & Space, Sinister and Transgressive Antagonism.

Stereotypes (Positive)

Objective, Measured, Deliberate, Non-Conformists,  Unflappable, Dedicated.
Stereotypes (Negative)
Cold Blooded, Untrustworthy, Provocative, Ruthless, Unscrupulous, Insincere.

Athena - Symbol is an Owl.
Obrimos - Prime & Forces, Power and Self-righteousness.

Stereotypes (Positive)
Wise, Academically Driven, Self-Assured, Patient, Studious, Polite, Formal.
Stereotypes (Negative)
Haughty, Proud, Arrogant, Condescending, Authoritarian, Bad Tempered, Brutal.

Baskerville - Symbol is a Dog.
Thrysus - Life, Spirit. Vitality and enthusiasm.

Stereotypes (Positive)

Sturdy, Happy, Fun, Friendly, Brave, Sporty, Affectionate.
Stereotypes (Negative)
Stupid, Aggressive, Puerile, Clannish, Loud, Lazy, Non-Academic.
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