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Author Topic: Lost Mines of Phandelver - 2. "Phandalain"  (Read 1720 times)
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Arriving at the town the party deliver their goods to the trader to collect their reward. As usual, feeling safe, the party splits up to gather information about the wherabouts of the Dwarf Gundalin and follow up on the information they gathered from the Goblin Leader.

Our Bard sets up in one of the local hostelries and puts on a show the rest visit various businesses. They hear conversations about a notorious group of brigands called the Redbrands.
Between them all they manage to garner a bunch of leads to various interesting quests they might wish to persue at some point.

Of course one of the group goes rogue heading out alone to the bad part of town and ends up getting dragged into a fight with some of this group, with the rest of the party eventually coming to aid. They locate the hidout of the Redbrands and devise a cunning plan to get themselves inside.


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