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Author Topic: Session 2: A Small Distraction  (Read 1718 times)
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« on: 20 July 2007, 09:54:13 »

We have been sidetracked from the main underwater mission by a mysterious pipe smoking, black caped stranger who dissapeared after we accepted the mission to take a message to some wizard.

There was some touching of this strangers ring, which caused some concern but we glossed over that.

Still waiting to give the parcel to the Wizard Gwindor Hvitski (sorry if I got the name wrong)
We managed to use our 4 potions of heal up dealing with the Goblins and assorted nasties for the village but we do have the potion of Haste left!

Good news is we have probably erradicated most of the threat and should be able to find the missing villagers in the room we have not yet opened.. or we could find something else to try and kill us

Having rescued the village merchant from a band of Goblins and hopefully the missing villagers we might actually be getting a better reputation, that might just make it back to ptolus Wink

Also, we've lost our Sorcerous pal, and drafted in a great strapping barbarian from the plains in his place. So we're keeping our ears open on the girls behalf, double-bluffing a gangland boss and stemming a rise in goblin activity. Oh, and we've yet to deliver that message. Still, it could be worse - at least life in Ptolus is never dull...

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