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Author Topic: Lardie Glossary  (Read 2332 times)
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Shock an accumulation of near misses & disorder which lead to decreased effectiveness in shooting, reluctance to advance & eventually running off, can be reduced by use of Big men to rally the units.

Bottle the amount of shock which a group can take before it retires to the rear

Big men individuals with significant leadership skill in combat usually officers and non commissioned officers in Mud & Blood

M&B Through the Mud & the Blood, too fat Lardies rules for WWI platoon to company level actions, derived from the motto of the Royal tank corps

Blind(s) Unidentified troops or possible troops can move & spot but not fire, but can enter close combat but that reveals them. All dense terrain/buildings may be considered a blind & require spotting twice, once to determine the presence of a Blind & then to reveal what if any thing it is.

Spotting attempting to identify a blind

Acton (dice) each unit in M&B gets two of these per tun with which they may move, spot, shoot or attempt any other action they are refereed to as Action dice as on occasion such as movement or spotting each action gives a dice to roll to determine the effectiveness of the action. Though on  others such as shooting or rallying for instance other dice or no dice are rolled. As noted they can only perform these actions when ordered by a big man or on the turn of the Snifter card.

End of turn Card called the snifter card in M&B represents a lull in the action when any unit which has not yet acted gets to act but generally in a limited way. In the Case of M&B they may spot shoot or carry on any action they are involved in but not advance on the enemy, nor may they receive any help from any Big man . Any compulsory movement, such as cavalry completing charges or troops who have lost their Bottle retreating, is also carried out on the turn of this card. The final thing it does is cause the used and unused cards to be shuffled into a pack for the start of the next turn.

Storm card a bonus card with various names depending on the nationality of the troops it effects it allows the troops an action of additional movement even if they have already moved this turn

Bonus fire a bonus card which allows one of the named weapon to have an additional action of shooting even if it has already fired that turn.

Blank Card used as a place holder for the most part but may have other events tied to it such as reinforcements the mist clearing etc.

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