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Author Topic: Session 3: Aqua Marina  (Read 1643 times)
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« on: 22 July 2007, 23:26:33 »

So... We headed on down to the ship, chatting merrily away to the henchman (Seanus) and discovered a bunch of sharks and Sahuagin about the place. We dispatched them (with the aid of a Triton Ranger called Quillons from Kon Argis) and searched the vessel. It was full of drugs (which Rain set about destroying) and our Ranger, Galorian, noticed a trail along the sea bed. Somebody had been taking the drugs (and perhaps the coffin) off this boat. Unfortunately Silk passed out under the strain of the ocean so Gog helped him to the surface whilst the rest of the party followed the trail with Quillons. The Triton led us to an undersea cave and then left, so the party head for the surface to meet up again with Gog and Silk.
All together again we headed off into the cave. At the first fork we went the wrong way - you could tell that it was the wrong way because it took us straight too a giant crab. After that the gang followed the other route and, after battling past a few more Sahuagin's found our way to a cave that was partially above ground and guarded by humans.
After a bit of snaking around and pretending to be lizardmen (silk) we fought the guards and, with the help of some slaves, overwhelmed them. They had found the coffin but something had gone a bit wrong - the guard we held captive garbled something about the dead girl assaulting one of the guards and dragging him off. Most of the party high-tailed it at this point - concerned about their waning water-breathing magic - but Gog and (a more trepidatious) Rain continued to hunt for the little girl. They found her too, still carrying grievous wounds but also walking, talking and crying. Our heroes led her out of the caves (much to Seanus' confusion) and back to a hideout.
From here on in it all got a bit hectic but suffice to say that everyone got what they wanted in some way. Our nobles friends got their info and their statue. The half-orc, Lynech got his daughter, more than he bargained for and his just-deserts. Silk got his drugs. Everybody else got laden with treasure... But what was it about that watch...?
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