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Author Topic: TOON: I Foogled You (Part 1)  (Read 2541 times)
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« on: 08 June 2011, 17:00:13 »

Toon Adventure - I Foogled You.

Date: 02/07/2009
GM: Zarniwoop
Players - Characters
CrazyFrog – GoogleDuck - A Duck who uses a laptop to order items from the Internet {replaces the bag of many things}
Morgalahan–  A Shape Changing Purple Alien Cat
Tiki – A Cat
Dat – Invisible mime who lives in an invisible box.  (The mime is only invisible if you look at him)

As you can or should know from our Thursday night group, this is going to be a wacky adventure.  I remember it was 2 sessions long with lots of laughs.  Beer

Part 1

Synopsis:  Mr Mugglesworth “an old geezer” has offered a million pounds for the last Foogle bird from darkest Africa.

The adventure starts with the GoogleDuck orders some transport delivers a hansom cab.  Tiki sneaks off screen, Morgalahan crashes through the roof of the hansom cab and the cab runs over the mime that was standing in the middle of the road in a surprised pose.

The cab arrives at Mugglesworth’s house.  Jeeves is at the door, Tiki hypnotises Jeeves for a saucer of milk but instead Tiki becomes a big game hunter.  Morgalahan just stands in front of Jeeves and says ‘Take Me To Your Leader’, while walking to the hall Tiki dives for GoogleDuck and misses.

Meeting Mugglesworth in the hall, he explains that he’s after the Foogle Bird.  Tiki tries to hypnotise Mugglesworth but fails, GoogleDuck tries to palm off a rubber duck as a Foogle bird the Mime see it goes invisible and sneaks of with it.  Tiki spots the rubber duck floating in the air and jumps onto it.

Mugglesworth says the Foogle Duck lives in darkest Africa and Jeeves will supply provisions for the journey.

GoogleDuck orders a taxi for darkest Africa and instead ACME delivers a hot air balloon.  All jump onboard, Tiki hypnotists GoogleDuck into flying the balloon and they take off.  Morgalahan gets stoned on catnip and starts shooting the ground with her ray gun.  They follow signs in the sky pointing towards darkest Africa.  The hypnosis wears off and GoogleDuck manages to drive the balloon into the ground, they all crawl out from the basket, except for the Mime who’s appears half buried in the ground.

GoogleDuck orders an elephant and they all board, Morgalahan pulls the tail thinking it’s the weapon controls.  The elephant takes off to the left heading for darkest Africa, Morgalahan falls off the back of the elephant, but luckily her caws dig into the elephants back.

Opening the provisions GoogleDuck finds a can of soda and a banana.  Then decides to order a Tom Tom satnav, which is delivered by air drop, just missing Tiki, but hits the elephant.  We enter darkest Africa, the Mime and GoogleDuck hit the ground and the Mime is KO’d.  Tiki hypnotises the elephant into trying to bury its head on the ground, it’s now unconscious.

Morgalahan finds a trail.  The Mime Mimes “Duck is a moron”.  The party start following the trail, after 10 minutes Tiki say’s we are walking in a circle, GoogleDuck reports satnav say’s not.  Morgalahan hears a bird noise; Tiki sneaks up and pokes Morgalahan making her jump into a tree shaking.

Suddenly Tarzan “nice but dim” swings into the middle of the party.  Tiki tries to hypnotise Tarzan with “You leave my jungle”.  Morgalahan shape changes to a purple tree; Tiki climbs the tree, while GoogleDuck starts arguing with Tarzan.  Then a large Ape bursts into the clearing and starts attacking Tarzan flatting him.

GoogleDuck gives the Ape a shuck up can of pop, Tiki tries 3 times to attack the Ape and fails.  GoogleDuck orders a female Ape friend for the Ape and gets a shotgun delivered.  Morgalahan tries to shape change into a female Ape and instead becomes ?.  Tiki tries to scream in terror at the Apes face and somehow (lucky dice roll) GoogleDuck shoots the Ape.

Tarzan wakes up, the Mime car jacks underneath the Ape, Morgalahan uses ray gun, Tiki hypnotises ? “He’s a vampire, talking about tragic existence”  Morgalahan shape changes into a female Ape, the Ape ?, Ape kisses Ape and the Mime mimes being a zookeeper, then the Ape attacks him.  Morgalahan shape changes into a flying pillow, Tiki jumps onto pillow and ends up on asleep smoking in a tree.  The Mime starts running like Forest Gump, seeing this Tarzan runs off with the Ape chasing him.

End of Part 1.

? =  I’ve forgotten or cannot read my own spider handwriting as I was laughing too much at the time. Laughing 6

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