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Author Topic: Arnu's Rogue Trader Game - Forsaken Bounty  (Read 2573 times)
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Burton Delvers

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« on: 01 July 2011, 02:44:45 »

This it the first part of the Rogue Trader game - Forsaken Bounty Part I
Burton Delvers

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« Reply #1 on: 07 July 2011, 02:45:50 »

Session Report

Session 1 - Forsaken Bounty Part I - Xenos on Ice
Location: In Orbit of Malfi; Malfian Sub-sector; Calixis Sector

Adequin, Aethelstan & Remmii were investigating the brutal deaths
of two crew members in the cargo hold of the ship.  upon examination the
two Voidmen had been attacked and but some vicious Xenos creature
(Adequin suspected that this was a Genestealer).

Further investigation led to the discovery of a cryo-crate that had
malfunctioned due to an unappeased machine spirit.  The crate had
contained a humanoid Xenos of some kind.

A few minutes later the their fears were realised when they were attacked
by a genestealer!

Adequin froze in terror during the initial attack taking some damage to his
leg.  Aethelstan and Remmii (both used to the horrors of the warp found
the genestealer to be less fearsome).

As the attack continued Remmii was badly wounded by the armoured
Xenos, but his mutated form allowed him to survive the assault.

Aethelstan unleashed his potent mind upon the Xenos and ordered it to lay
down and stop.  Thus allowing the them to dispatch the foul Xenos with
both bolt and bullet.

A canine creature was released from the crate during the fight, it
immediately bonded with Remmii who kept the animal as the ships

The Lady-Captain was able to smooth things over with the recipient of the
goods (hiding the lost cargo deep within the transit documents). 
Burton Delvers

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Deranged Hermit

« Reply #2 on: 07 July 2011, 12:19:27 »

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