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Author Topic: Rogue Ship! - Episode 01  (Read 1556 times)
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« on: 19 February 2009, 07:34:03 »

Not just any monkeys, but flesh-eating, six armed and psychadelically green flying ones.

To Recap -  You are a largely ex-military crew of daring mercinaries, on a simple find-and-retrieve mission. A vast intergalactic freighter went missing in a barely-mapped sector of space. You tracked it to an unexplored Planet, several times the size of earth yet with comparable gravity.

Amongst the planets noteworthy features; Relatively small oceans, almost total forestation, dangerously high Oxygen levels and a missing Moon! No, really, the charts claim there is a moon, but all you cats found was a load of metal-rich asteroids. Weird, huh?

You avoided disaster, navigating your way out of and around the Asteroid field, landing in the general vicinity of the wrecked ship, and broke out the grav-raft, skimming along just meters or so above the swampwater. It was all going so well, untill you parked just outside the fire-forged clearing where the vast majority of the Freighter rests.

Jim's character, taking the opportunity to see what's lurking around, breaks out some space-binoculars and looks up, just in time to dodge the killer flying monkey! Admittedly, the monkey didn't actually hurt Jim, but a well meaning attempt at blowing the monkeys little green brains out backfired quite nastily, and now Jim's vac-suit boots are full of blood and the pilot can't look him in the eyes!

What could possibly happen next?

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