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Author Topic: Arnu's Rogue Trader Game - Forsaken Bounty - Part VII  (Read 2338 times)
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Burton Delvers

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« on: 28 September 2011, 16:45:21 »

Two important things that need to be addressed before the session write up:

Number 1:  It is a little known fact that there was a Golgafrincham Ark Fleet, Ship D which contained all the workers who were overcome with artistic pretension and created furniture which, while pretty, confounds any mind that holds even a hint of practicality. I hope it was fired into the sun.  I give you exhibit A:  The weird black chairs that can be found next to the back door of Spirit Games.  These sleek chairs of black lacquered wood add a chicness to a store previously characterised by worn tables and overflowing shelving units.  However, they do have one curious design flaw:  Their padding is underneath the chair.  

That's right.  Their designer, clearly concerned that cushions or padding would ruin the smooth curved lines of the chair, put the soft part on the underside of the seat.  Reason being that without the cushions his pretty little chairs would be easily scratched when stacked.  So I spent the session perched on a chair which offers more comfort to itself then to its intended user.

I say perched because the thin back rest is very flexible and offers little support to the back unless you enjoy lying back in a manner that will send you posterior into a pin and needle filled slumber.

Much was my ranting about the chair on the night.  Andy said he would give me 50 XP if I wrote it up here and since I am an XP whore....  Points please!

Number 2:   Discussions about the chair moved onto means by which they could be made more comfortable.  A cost effective method was proposed: Utilise the homeless.   So for a further 50XP, I make the following recommendation.  

Tramps should be offered opportunities to:

1) Be used to cushion uncomfortable seating - such as the chairs is Spirit Games or the benches in bus stops.   This would give them somewhere to sleep as well as give more comfort to the general public.

2) Be used as draft excluders in bus stops - Obviously the tramps may find bus stop benches uncomfortable then they could also better insulate bus stops from the elements.  

3) Be used as lap warmers - an alternative to being used as cushions is also as lap warmers.  An individual tramp could switch between cushion and lap warming roles as best suits the need of the chair user.

And on to the write up proper...

The Lord Captain after considering her options decided to tow the The Emperor's Bounty back to Port Wander.  As we traveled back, we cleared a path through the Battlefield salvaging as we went.  The ship was sold for a healthy profit.  Back at Port Wander, arrangements were made with Darric D'Shemme to exchange the art collection for the Light of the Galaxy.

We then were given the following leads from Orbus:

1) Lead on the location of the Dread Pearl
2) Lead on an archaeological dig
3) Lead on artifact in space near warpstorm
4) Rumours on where the Emperor's Bounty went

The Lord Captain decided to follow up on the archaeological dig and space artifact as they were relatively near each other and sounded highly profitable.
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Burton Delvers

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« Reply #1 on: 29 September 2011, 02:21:05 »

A very fine write up good sir and it has brightened up my lunch break tremendously!

I am so impressed that I am awarding you 50xp for Bob's Forgotten Realms game (take this PM to Bob to redeem your XP)
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