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Author Topic: Session 4: Lost and Found  (Read 1655 times)
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« on: 06 August 2007, 20:11:07 »

[Sorry very Sketchy notes till I find some more or recollect the finer details.]

The Watch is on the lookout for anyone who knows what happened to Linech

Silk informs us he we need to go and see Father Fabitor, meanwhile the Bard has struck up a conversation with a distraught nun (Demeil) who tells him of a sad tale of how she has lost some Wafers a religious artifact of her order which she is desperate to retrieve.

When we speak to Fabitor he tells us that he was sure the threat on Phon had receded and had said she could return home. However, he is most distressed as between the Ghostly Minstrel and her home she has disappeared and he has no idea of her current whereabouts but he has people looking into it and will inform us as soon as he has any leads. We decide, after much debate and disagreement in the party, to pursue the wafers whilst we await further clues on phon's disappearance.

We discover, eventually that the wafers were last seen when Demiel was in a pub. We go back there and we Silk inquires with the barmaid (using charm spell!) whilst we ask some of the patrons. Speaking to a fellow named Araevil Seversong he tells a tale of 2 dwarves who steal the wafers from Demiel's bag after she had been drinking! heading towards rivergate. This does not tally with the information we get from the barmaid we grow suspicious and Araevil makes a break for it.

We pursue and he starts shouting thieves we attempt to win the crowd over to our side and when we get close to apprehend him we try to grapple him rather than draw weapons. A fight ensues where my face gets severely scarred by Araevils vicious bladed weapon. During the fight he pulls out a scroll and proclaims to be an agent for the Emperor, the scrolls bears his seal.

All are arrested and placed in custody until the matter can be resolved. Whilst in jail the barbarian confronts Araevil intimidating him and we ascertain that he was paid by a Thord Questin to steal the box. We agree to let things go between us and he says once the authenticate the paperwork he will be released and he will say it was all a mistake so they will let us go.

Araevil gets dragged out of the cell by the guards and we are then released. Just as we are leaving Araevil is seen escaping the jail Silk gives chase but loses him.

We discover that Silk has actually stolen the papers and left fakes in their place.

We discover Thord is hiding out in small park and go there to confront him, we retrieve the box and give chase to Thord, who manages to sink the barbarian into the road thus as we try and rescue him he tries to make good his escape. But Wulfgar caught back up to him and subdued him all angry-like, with the tying and the stabbing. We ended up letting him go, though, eventually, as Fabitor and Demiel didn't really give a damn, and he had no material wealth to be relieved of.

We return the wafers and inform Demiel who arranged their theft, Thord is a rival in her order and she is grateful for our help.

Fabitor has some news for us Helmet Ittlestein is allegedly the father of Phons baby, Helmet is a High Priest of "The Watchers of the Skies".

Phon was seen willingly getting into a golden coach

Helmet is believed to be leader of the Republican Movement and believes Ptolus should be independent and free.

There are portents of runebearer children which Helmet is concerned about and would kill to further his aims and would also seek out evil artefacts and beings. He would also assassinate the Emperior if needed.

His Sister Nahya works in the Stockyards.

The Temple of the watchers is 2-300 years old and looks well maintained.

We find out the coach is Helmets personal coach and is seen going to the Admin building in old town.

Following the lead to the Admin building Silk goes in on a fact finding mission, only being Silk he gets distracted and forgets to gather any information on the areas we needs answers too and gets sidetracked onto other avenues of investigation. Sadly the party draws a blank and decides to regroup and re-consider our options.
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