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Author Topic: 01.0 - Pilot Episode  (Read 3174 times)
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« on: 28 April 2008, 09:05:34 »

The team have been summoned to a penthouse located on the 35th floor of the Agora Towers. They are ushered into a meeting room and left alone for nearly an hour.

The room is designed to intimidate with a broad seemless window with a panoramic view of Caprica City. The sun is sinking into the sea. The chairs are impressive to the eye but uncomfortable. The table is made from a single peice of rare wood. The water glasses are Vinradi crystal, but there no water has been brought to put in them.

The team has been summoned by Admiral Geoffrey Rees for a no-excuses accouting on why the Griffon project has taken so much time and money yet still not complete.

The scene unfolds with our PC's "discussing" the delays and problems ...


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« Reply #1 on: 02 December 2008, 09:17:30 »

24/04/2008 - Battlestar Galactica RPG – Starter Adventure

GM - Zarniwoop

CrazyFrog – (The Toaster Lover, I wish)

This was the starter adventure in the back of the RPG book, it takes place about 1 hr before the Cylon attack on Caprica, and is designed to bring a group into the BSG universe to do some toaster bashing.

Adventure starts.

All the characters are linked to an experimental ship called the ‘Griffon’.  They are in a waiting room in a tower block in Caprica City awaiting a meeting with the military.

Having been there for 45mins and some characters (the divorced Pilot and Engineer) having argued through most of it about the failures in the project (in character, nice going CrazyFrog & Vince).

An admiral (Arnu) and 8 aids walks in and starts the grilling about the problems and the urgent need to get the Griffon online as the Valiant, 3 colony ships and a repeater station + backups have gone offline / disappeared.  As nearest ship we have to go investigate.

Then the admiral receives an urgent call over the wireless and walks out of the room.  The crew sit puzzled around the table, discussing / arguing about how to handle the admirals orders.  The crew leave the room and are travelling down in a glass elevator on the outside of the building,   when……………….

BOOM!!!!!   Nuclear strike on nearby power station lights up the sky and the shock wave shatters the glass in the elevator and kills the power, leaving them trapped on the 20th floor.

They open the door by hand and descend by the stairs, the power appears to come back online, in the lobby all the civilians are in panic, a TV reporter on TV is talking about some ships or something is nuked and the screen is blank.

Exiting into the car park 3 vipers can be seen heading for the ground and crashing.  Swarms of cylon raiders fly overhead.

The party split into 2 halves, 1 party on motorbikes heads for an apartment for some reason, 2nd party start for the base heading down the streets, while avoiding being strafed by cylon raiders, through some clever riding the cylon ends up flying into a building.

1st Party arrive at apartment to collect someone and head for the base.

When the party meet just outside the base, they see a large mob at the gates.  Sneaking in via the side gate, they enter the hanger building, were they find the ‘Griffon’ and a civilian transport called ‘Top Bird’.

1 half preps the ship, while the rest get supplies and find the flight keys for the ‘Griffon’ and ‘Top Bird’, during this Cylon centurion’s appear in the building and start a fire fight.  Some civilians also make it into the hanger.

With the ship ready for takeoff, lots are drawn and some civilians are taken onboard, much to the pilot’s annoyance.

The doors are opened manually as Cylons enter the hanger, the ‘Griffon’ takes off, leaving the ‘Top Bird’ on the deck to the mercy of the centurions.

Dradis detects basestar’s in orbit, so the ‘Griffon’ flies low level to a different part of the planet to try and escape.  During this time it is chased by 2 missiles, evading them, they full throttle into orbit and FTL jump away from Caprica.

While taking stock of the situation a message comes in over the wireless.

‘This is Commander Adama, I’ve taken control of the fleet, all ships to rendezvous at Ragnar Anchorage for counterattack preparations’

Shortly after another message comes in.

‘A small fleet of unprotected ships is nearby’

The crew sit down to discuss which message they are going to answer….

So Say We All

(I think I’ve got the write up correct, but am unsure about a couple of things.  If people can comment its much appreciated)
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