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Author Topic: Paranoia Starter Adventure – Mister Bubbles - Write Up Part 1  (Read 1721 times)
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« on: 07 December 2008, 23:26:59 »

Paranoia Starter Adventure – Mister Bubbles.

GM: CrazyFrog – First time in the crazy chair.

Sharpe - Jennifer - HPD&MC Recording Officer
Zarniwoop - Ginger - CPU Team Leader
Tiki - Peter – PLC Hygiene Officer
ZombieLord - Hunter – R&D Happiness Officer
Whitefire - Gunther – Armed Forces Loyalty Officer
Arnu - Dexter – Tech Services Equipment Guy

Congratulations, Troubleshooter!  Your friend ‘The Computer’ has chosen you for an important and fun assignment carefully matched to your recorded level of mission experience.  You are to report immediately to Transbot Tubeway Platform A8:C7:60:FF for transport to Briefing Ro**CARRIER INTERRUPT PLEASE WAIT**ollwed by escort to standard PLC outfitting.  If there are optional service firm services available after outfitting, you many be required to volunteer for additional duties at his tim**CARRIER INTERRUPT PLEASE WAIT**andard time to complete a mission of this variety is 5 Hours 12 Minutes from time of mission alert delivery.  Upon completing your mission in the standard time, report to Transbot Tubeway Platform B1:22:FF:C2 for transport to debriefing, where you will provide a quantitative assessment of your mission success.

Act 1 – That ‘new’ mission smell

After receiving above message, the team got there personal and issued equipment, and headed to the transbot platform.  While waiting they chatted about things (Zombielord was talking about strange things like India and goats).
The transbot arrives at the platform, just as the troubleshooter’s go to board it, another transbots crashes into the rear of it and knocks it off the rails.  A battered transbot now rests in the platform, which they board.  It leaves the platform with only them onboard and enters a tunnel, where it stops and the lights go out.  Hunter starts a song for happiness and for an unknown reason his hair stands on end and he stops singing.
The lights return and transbot starts moving, and stops in the next platform.  The team exit very quickly as there is a smell of burning from the bot.

On the platform there are 3 doors, 1 is red so the team go through it and find Han-O (Orange Clearance) talking about scrubots and eating people.  While trying to calm him down, Han-O pulls out an grenade, Hunter tries to distract Hans by talking to him, Gunther jumps on Hans to get the grenade, Ginger distracts both of, so she can exit the room unnoticed.  The grenade explodes spreading Hans-O around the room, Gunther is immobile / incapacitated and Hunter loses his right hand.  The rest of the team exits the room into a corridor leading to a glorious chamber containing catwalks, sidewalks, autocars, citizens of many different colours.  Jennifer asks friend computer for help with Gunther, some medic’s come but cannot save Gunther, so they all stand near the big fountain looking for where to go next.  Gunther(2) appears from a local transbot and then a jackobot wheels up and say’s ‘I am jackobot ED-1E. . Please, call me Eddie. You’re in need of outfitting’

Act 2 – What the market will bear

The troubleshooters follow Eddie who leads them to an extralegal IR market.  Some of the troubleshooters lose some money and purchase things they don’t want.  In the end they manage to find the exit and are in a well lit RED corridor.

Session ended here for the night
Next act is – You’ll never eat lunch in this town again.


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