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Author Topic: Deathwatch - Star Wolves Space Marine Chapter  (Read 2361 times)
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« on: 29 April 2012, 18:16:33 »


Here is the write up and stats for the Star Wolves Space Marine Chapter

Star Wolves

The Star Wolves were founded from the Space Wolves in the 36th Millennium as support to the Halo crusade.

The chapter has become a death cult that venerates the Emperor with grusome and bararic rituals that repulse even the hardiest of veteran space marine.

The Star Wolves are organised in to tribal warbands ruled over by a cheiftain.  The Star Wolves are few in number since the Halo Massacre and are at risk of dying out all together if they cannot increase the numbers of the next few decades.

The Star Wolves hold a special hatred for the Crimson Eagles chapter for their betrayal after the Halo Massacre.

They have made some allies with in the Inquisition, as they are not officially renegades but act out side of the Imperium, some of the more liberal Inquisitors find their services useful.


At their founding the Star Wolves were a fleet based chapter.  After the Halo massacre the surviving Star Wolves made their home upon Shadow, a former hive world fallen in to severe decline.  The people though not fallen to chaos have become a feral people. Each of the surviving companies have taken a region to rule declaring them selves chieftains, they have united the people of their region in to powerful warrior tribes who regularly fight against it neighbour.

Shadow is a broken polluted world it's sky dark with the smog from it past.  Shadow was once a Hive World on the edge of the Halo stars near.  It had been lost to the Imperium for centuries and fallen in to decline.  The world was one of the that was due to be repatriated by the Halo crusade but instead be came the last resting place of the Star Wolves fleet and their refuge.

The Halo Crusade Massacre and the Crimson Eagles' betrayal

The Star Wolves were sent to locate and secure a world in the Halo's Edge region.  The Star Wolves fleet arrived at the unnamed world.  Where the fleet was ambushed and all but destroyed by an attack from the Crimson Eagles.  The Crimson Eagles had been deceived by the lies and illusions of a vile sorcerer of the Thousand Sons, he had tricked them in to believing that the arriving fleet were a traitor legions fleet.  
To cover their shame the Crimson Eagles branded the Star Wolves as traitor and renegades forcing the Star Wolves in to an effective if not officially sanctioned exile.

The surviving Star Wolves regrouped and consolidated their forces on the world over which many of them had been killed in a tradegy that turned in to a cruel betrayel.  They named their new home Shadow as a reminder that they live in the shadow of their greatest tradegy.

Combat Doctrine

As the Star Wolves are few in number they have had to adapt their tactics.  No longer can the chapter field a full company to wage war directly against their enemies.  The Star Wolves now rely on the application of terror.  

The Star Wolves ritualistically adore their wargear with tropies from their fallen enemies (skulls are particually favoured).  The Star Wolves use hit and run tactics against their enemies, howling from the darkness to unnerve their foes.  They will also use booby traps and leave the enemies fallen comrades on ritualistic display to terrify the survivors.  

Star Wolves Names

A list of traditional Star Wolves names (Roll 1d10)

Star Wolves Characters

Star Wolves are know for the being strong and perceptive.  Star Wolves characters gain +5 to Perception and Strength.

Star Wolves gain Heightened Senses (Smell) as a bonus Talent.

Star Wolves may not choose the Librarian Specialty

The Star Wolves gene-seed has developed two distinct deficienct since their founding.  All Star Wolves suffer from a Hyper Stimulated Omophagea and an Oversensitve Occulobe.  Giving them an unsavory taste for flesh and a senitivity to light, how ever the Star Wolves are gifted with excellent low light vision.
Hyper Stimulated Omophagea – When give a chance to partake of the flesh of a fallen enemy the battle-brother must pass a Challenging (+0) Willpower Test or do so immediatly, whether he wants to or not.
Oversensitve Occulobe – The battle-brother can see in total dark as if it were low light and see in low light as if it were full light.  But if a he removes his  helmet he suffers a -10 to Awareness Tests in full light conditions.

Codex Demeanor: Swift as the Wind
The Star Wolves excel at rapid strike and lightning raids.  They are as quick to anger as they are to jest.  Star Wolves are known for their impatience but not reckless in there actions, they believe in immediate action but not needlessly suicidal action.

Star Wolves Primarch's Curse

Hunger of the Wolf
Their Omophagea become accutly stimulated turning the hunger for flesh in to horrific caraving.
Level 1 (The Hunger) – The Battle-Brother will always favour melee combat over ranged if at all possible.
Level 2 (The Craving) – When a Star Wolf slays a foe he must make a Challenging (+0) Willpower test, if he fails then he must stop to take a bite from his fallen victim.
Level 3 (The Madness) – As level 1 but the Battle-Brother must make a Hard (-20) Willpower test, if he fails he will spend 1 round per degree of failure feasting in the flesh of his kill.

Star Wolves Solo Mode Ability

Wolf Senses – Required Rank: 1, Efects: The Star Wolves have (like their progenator The Space Wolves) preternatural senses that exceeds most space marines.  When in solo mode and not wearing a helmet the battle-brother may re-roll any failed perception test and counts as possessing the Dark Sight Trait.

Star Wolves Squad Mode Abilities

Squad Mode: Attack
Tooth and Nail – Action: Free Action, Cost: 2, Sustained: Yes, Effects: The animalistic nature and fighting style of the Star Wolves often gives them an edge in close combat where they may unleash their inner beast against their enemies. While this ability is in effect, the Battle-Brother and those in support range of him may re-roll all opposed tests in grapples, add an additional +10 to any bonuses for outnumbering foes in hand-to-hand, and add +10 to Dodge and Parry against Melee attacks.  Improvement: If a Battle-Brother is Rank 4 or more, the bonus to outnumbering and to Dodge rolls increases to +20.

Squad Mode: Defensive
Pack Tactics – Action: Free Action, Cost: 2, Sustained: No, Effects: Star Wolves are skilled at baiting an opponent or distracting and enemy at a critical time so that another Star Wolf can attack unhindered.  When a space marine attacks a single target, another space marine with in support range may volutarily give up an unused reaction to distract the target.  If he does so, the first space marine's melee or ranged attacks against that target mat not be parried or dodged.  Improvement: If the Battle-Brother is rank 3 or more, melee attack rolls against the target affected by this ability gain +10 bonus.

Star Wolves Chapter Advances

As their resources are limited Star Wolves treasure and value every piece of equipment they have.  They also believe in their natural instincts to keep them alive.

Advance                    Cost   Type      Prerequisites
Tactics (Recon and Stealth)      100   Skill
Tactics (Recon and Stealth) +10   100   Skill      Tactics (Recon and Stealth)
Tactics (Recon and Stealth) +20   100   Skill      Tactics (Recon and Stealth) +10
Concealment            100   Skill
Concealment +10                 100   Skill      Concealment
Concealment +20                 100   Skill      Concealment +10
Intimidate                    100   Skill
Intimidate +10                 100   Skill      Intimidate
Intimidate +20                 100   Skill      Intimidate +10
Pilot (Personal)                 200   Skill
Pilot (Personal) +10         200   Skill      Pilot (Personal)
Pilot (Personal) +20         200   Skill      Pilot (Personal)
Tracking                    200   Skill
Tracking +10            200   Skill      Tracking
Tracking +20            200   Skill      Tracking +10
Hardy                       400   Talent      Toughness 40
Hatred (The Crimson Eagles)           500   Talent
Heightened Taste                 500   Talent

Star Wolves Trappings

Death Mantle
This mantle is worn over a Star Wolves power armour.  A Death Mantle is covered in barbaric imagery to strike terror in the the hearts of their enemies. The adds a +2 to Intimidate Tests.

Rune Carved Skull
A skull of a defeated enemy that has been carved with runes that tell of the deeds and heroics that it took to slay this foe.  Below are a list of the type of Rune Carved Skulls avaiable:
Skull of the Heretic: Adds +3 to Awareness Tests
Skull of the Daemon: Adds +1 to damage with Righteous Fury
Skull of the Xenos: +3 to Pilot Tests when using a Jump Pack

Star Wolves Equipment

The Star Wolves like to use Jump Pack that are modfied so that they can make a howling noise whilst in use (if a space marine is flying in the dark with the howling activated it gains a +10 to Intimidate tests).

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