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Author Topic: Deathwatch - Crimson Eagles Space Marine Chapter  (Read 3830 times)
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« on: 02 May 2012, 16:28:03 »

Deathwatch Custom Chapters
Table of Content

Crimson Eagles
The Crimson Eagles were a Blood Angels successor chapter founded in the 39th millenium, to provide a standing force and bolster a recently reclaimed area of Imperial Territory. They are currently slightly under strength and will take a decade to fully recover, barring further losses.
In the years that followed, they soon developed a reputation both for their indomitable spirit and their willingness to do whatever it took to get the job done. This hasn't always made them many friends amongst the Imperium's institutions but none can doubt their devotion to the Emperor and the cause of Mankind itself.

Compared to other Blood-Angel successors, they focus less on the sacrifice of Sanguinius and more on what Sanguinius sacrificed himself for. Each Crimson Eagle is expected to be willing to make that same choice at a moments notice and they frequently have.

The Crimson Eagle homeworld was originally settled in the far distant past, perhaps by a Rogue Trader Dynasty in the days before the Horus Heresy, but likely much later than that. What is clear is that it lost contact with the Imperium at some point. The ruins that the original population left show signs of having either maintained the technological level of the golden age, or re-attained it breifly before they too fell to internal strife. By the time of re-discovery, it's population had regressed to a fuedal, largely medieval state with warring kingdoms and widespread injustice.

The people fight with swords and bows, living in simple wood and stone structures, with only a few powerful warlords holding sway over the occaisional technological treasure to further entrench their status and power. The greater cities are usually built over the top of and around the towering gothic spires of those who went before and the wastelands between cities are occaisionally broken by strange constructions and the dangerous creatures that now inhabit them.

Far removed from the turmoil and strife of the world below, the Crimson Eagles reside in a vast, towering fortress built into the side of a mountain. They issue no edicts, lay down no laws, but through folklore the people of Naraka have come to view them as the fearsome Lords of their world.

Recruitment and Pilgrimage

For the most part, the Crimson Eagles hold themselves seperate from the bloody strife of their world. However, they have inherited their progenitors extended lifespan and so they have developed a tradition of periodically going out into the world to walk amongst its people. Forgoing the majority of the technological marvels that the Space Marines have access to, they walk the world with only with the most basic of gear, testing themselves against the dangers that the world and her people provide. Many such Pilgramages double as recruiting drives, with the Crimson Eagle returning with several allies who have proved their worth during their journeys. This serves the majority of Crimson Eagle recruitment needs, but when they need to bolster their numbers more quickly, they have been known to set up tournaments of martial skill or set up grand endeavors to draw larger numbers of hopefuls.

The Halo Crusade Massacre

The Crimson Eagles had long been suspicuous of their fellow Space-Marines chapter, the Star-Wolves. Their increasingly wild reputation and bestial mannerisms offended the proud and upright Crimson Eagles and the dark fate of so many other Space Wolves successor chapters did nothing to alleviate these fears. It is sometimes claimed that it was the sorcerous powers that misled them into opening fire upon the Star-Wolves as they pulled into orbit around the World that they would later rename Shadow. However, in the aftermath of the incident, it was hard to deny that it wasn't infact a chaos fleet they had just attacked and yet the Crimson Eagles publically called the Star Wolves out as Traitors and Renegades.

Rumour has it that instead of admitting their mistakes and seeking forgiveness, the Crimson Eagles simply are unable to admit they were wrong. However, other rumours claim that by branding them traitors they seek to provoke the stubborn Star Wolves into proving them wrong and thus turning away from their dark path.

Faith in Suspicion and The Sisters of Battle
The Crimson Eagles are widely known to look down upon the Sisters of Battle. The specifics of this are not widely known outside the Chapter itself however. To the Crimson Eagles, the first and most important reason is that they believe them to be a poor mockery of the Space Marines themselves, created by lesser men to avoid beurocratic rules forbidding the Ecclesiarchy from maintaining 'Men Under Arms'. Secondly to this, the idea of an all-female fighting force offends the Crimson Eagles but again, not for the obvious reasons as they routinely recruit females into their number. Although this practice is rare amongst space marine chapters, they hold that no-where in the codex is it ruled out and that the proceedures that transform male hopefuls work just as well on females. They believe that a unified force such as theirs reflects the true intentions of the Emperor itself, but they don't tend to draw attention to the fact.

The third and most trivial reason is aesthetically based. Female Battle-Brothers of the Crimson Eagles wear the same armour as any other and are often very vocal about the more shapely designs of the Adepta Sororitas power armour, pointing out that the various unnecessary curves and bumps merely serve to weaken the armour and make them look silly.
Standing as tall as any other space marine and in full armour, the Female warriors of the Crimson Eagles are indistinguishable from their fellow Marines and fiercely proud of that.

Honor and Glory, Allies and Enemies
In the years immediately following the Crimson Eagles founding and establishment on Naraka, they were plunged into a prolonged conflict as an Ork Waaagh hit their home system. Spectacularly bloody as it was, the conflict began attracting smaller Ork warbands and threatened to spiral out of control, even as the Crimson Eagles themselves took terrible losses, including their Master of Sanctity and Cheif Apothacary. Their parent chapter, the Blood Angels, provided assistance by permenantly seconding a number of individuals to fill important missing roles. Chaplain Zael, who became their new Master of Sanctity in particular became beloved of the chapter for his dedication to the Crimson Eagles despite being an outsider as well as his care for those members of the Crimson Eagles who succumbed to the Black Rage during the conflict.

The climactic battle of the conflict took place when the Master of Sanctity lead a particularly large death-company, backed up by the Death Korps of Krieg (who had fought valiantly alongside the Eagles for much of the campaign) in a surgical strike on the Warboss of the Waaagh. Striking at the heart of the Waaagh, right where it was the strongest rather than at a weak point was a clear suicide mission, but it took the Orks completely by surprise and the Waagh's momentum was crushed. Of the couple of hundred strong Death Company, few were left alive at the end of the battle and of those, only Zael did not eventually succumb to his wounds.

With the aid of the Death Korps of Krieg the Waagh was eventually dispersed, although the system is periodically subject to Orkish incursions. In the years since, the Death Korps have become frequent allies of the Crimson Eagles due to their sometimes similar values and frequent history of working together. Such was the success of Zaels repeated strikes upon the Orks in the campaign that he is still remembered by the greenskins to this day. It is perhaps due to this infamy that the Crimson Eagles have found such determined enemies in "Da Breakas" of the Koronus expanse.

Combat Doctrine

The Crimson Eagles share many traits with their Progenitors, the Blood Angels. Amongst them, their tendancy to favour brutal close combat tactics in general and the use of Chainswords in particular which they have developed into a bloody art-form.

Crimson Eagles Characters

The blood of Sanguinius is strong in the Crimson Eagles, they gain +5 to any two skills at character creation.
They may not choose the Librarian Speciality.
Lost Zygote: Their Gene-Seed has developed a flaw since their founding. They no-longer gain the bonuses of Lyman's Ear.

Codex Demeanor: No Mercy No Respite
Crimson Eagles are relentless even by the standard of Space Marines. Once they have joined battle they would rather die than accept that it won't be won. They are stubborn in the face of adversity and capable of awe-inspiring feats of courage, but their focus means that they might sometimes neglect things they consider secondary concerns and have even been known to ignore orders when not serving under other Crimson Eagles.

Crimson Eagles Primarch's Curse

Unrelenting Rage

Level 1 (Bloodlust) – The Battle-Brother cannot stand to leave an enemy alive or end a fight without even a single kill. If an enemy surrenders or a fight looks like it will end without a foe’s death, the Battle-Brother must make a Challenging (+0) Willpower Test to avoid finishing them off or hacking down at least one foe. The GM may increase or decrease the modifier for this test depending on the circumstance and the ramifications of the killing.
Level 2 (Close Quarters Killing) – Those in the grip of Unrelenting Rage favour close melee combat, where the blood of their foes stains their armour red. Unless there is no possible way to close with a foe, the Battle-Brother will always favour melee combat over ranged combat and will charge into the fray, discarding the bolter for the hungry teeth of a chainsword.
Level 3 (Never Back Down) – The Battle-Brother finds it impossible to appear to admit defeat or stand down in the face of overwhelming odds. Whenever the Crimson Eagle would be required to give ground or make a tactical retreat from foe (i.e. disengaging from combat), he must make a Hard (–20) Willpower Test to do so.

Crimson Eagles Solo Mode Ability

Eagles Response
Quick reactions are the Hallmark of this chapter. While in Solo Mode the battle brother is considered to have the Lightning Reflexes Talent.
At Rank 3 they gain +10 to all Dodge Tests
At Rank 5 they gain the Rapid Reaction Talent
At Rank 7 they may, once per game, automatically pass any one Agilty based test. (For opposed tests, they are considered to have rolled 01)

Crimson Eagles Squad Mode Abilities

Attack - Fury of Sanguinius
Free Action - Cost 3
Sustained (No)
Until the start of his next Turn, the Battle-Brother and those in Support Range of him add +10 to their Weapon Skill, Strength, and Toughness, including any corresponding increases in Strength Bonus and Toughness Bonus. If the Battle-Brother is Rank 4 or more the bonuses are increased to +20.

Defend - Feel No Pain
Free Action - Cost 3
Sustained (No)
Until the start of his next Turn, the Battle-Brother and those in Support Range of him halve all Damage (round up) after
reduction for Armour Points and Toughness Bonus. While using this ability they may not use their Reactions to Parry or Dodge and must use an Action with the Attack subtype. If the Battle-Brother is Rank 5 or more, the restrictions on using Reactions to Parry or Dodge can be ignored.

Crimson Eagles Chapter Advances

Acrobatics +10100SkillAcrobatics
Acrobatics +20100SkillAcrobatics +10
Investigation +10100SkillInvestigation
Investigation +20100SkillInvestigation +10
Blademaster300TalentWS 30, Melee Training (any)
Combat Master300TalentWS 30
Flesh Render400TalentAdeptus Astartes
Furious Assault400TalentWS35

Crimson Eagles Trappings

Eagle Pendant
The ornaments represent the Crimson Eagles dedication to the work of the Emperor and his Devotion to his Chapter. The materials vary, sometimes carved from bone, sometimes gold or even precious red gemstones. They are usually worn around the neck or sometimes attached to a belt. Whenever the character spends a Fate Point to gain a bonus on a Test, he may add +13 instead of the usual +10.

Golden Icons

Crimson Eagles frequently hang sacred gilded icons on their armour or from their belts. The exact form of these items varies, but they are considered a display of devotion as well as serving as a focus for spiritual meditation. Choose one of the following types:
Icon of Inspiration: Add +3 to Command Tests.
Wings of Wrath: Add +1 to Damage if the character
hits with his attack during the Charge action.
Purity Focus: Whenever the Battle-Brother gains
Corruption Points, reduce the total by 1.

Crimson Eagles Equipment

Crimson Eagles favour the use of the Chainsword, it has become their Traditional Weapon.
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« Reply #1 on: 02 May 2012, 21:21:42 »

Again a very apt addition to the background.


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Updated to include a few bits I missed out on the first pass - Now mentions chapter ally, enemy, and legendary figure as well as Primarch's Curse.
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The Crimson Eagles are now Internet Famous.
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