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Author Topic: Deathwatch - Space Hawks Space Marine Chapter  (Read 3085 times)
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« on: 09 May 2012, 16:49:54 »

Deathwatch Custom Chapters
Table of Content
NOTE - Even more so than the Crimson Eagles, this chapter is awaiting official review. Additions, revisions or wholesale re-writes should be posted here or PM'ed to myself and/or Andy as required. Theoretically, their Special Mounts also need statting up at some point.

Space Hawks
The Space Hawks were founded as a strategic prognostication by the Dark Angels themselves. They are valiant, mercurial warriors and are widely regarded as one of the most gregarious of Dark Angel successor chapters. The two signiture weapons of the Space Hawk, so they say, are his keen blade and his sharper mind. They take great care to keep both finely honed and have a culture of reverence for their ancestors and history that fits very comfortably with their more cerebral tendancies.

They are also known, of course, for their unusual war-mounts.

The home-planet of the Space Hawks is a dead and blasted thing with only the towering hive-cities and the grand skyways showing any outward sign that it was ever anything but a mass of cold lifeless rock. It was not always this way, however. Before the coming of the Dark-Angels, it was a paragon of worlds, basking in the light of the living Emperor and his Space Marine legions. During the Heresy, however, it became cut-off from the empire and left to fend for itself, with disasterous consequences.

No records tell of what exactly it was that tipped the ecosphere over the edge, either carelessness or direct sabotage by malevolant outside forces, but the world became so heavily polluted that even the basest plant-life had become threatened and the many wonderous and beneficial animals native to the planet all but dissapeared.
The elders of the world, cut off from any outside help or contact decided to do whatever it took to try and preserve their world. Using experimental technology, even for a civilisation yet to fall from the glistening heights of the Golden Age of Mankind, they constructed a new STC and unleashed the powerful AI on their failing biosphere.

The native lifeforms were fused with mechanical elements, becoming strange new synthetic hybrid creatures. In those early centuries the biosphere underwent a cataclysmic upheaval as life adjusted to it's powerful new form, even as the seas blackened to oil and the skies burned with toxic fumes. However, even though the STC had done everything asked of it, it wasn't enough and the world fell further into darkness. Hive waged war on Hive, unrenewable resources were squandered and renewable ones fouled. Those who survived forgot their machines and their wonders and delved deeper into the dark hearts of the vast, dark Hives or dissapeared into the wastes to try and become one with the phantasmic, metal-and-flesh wildlife that now ruled the outside world.

When the Imperium eventually reclaimed the lost world, her people had dwindled to almost nothing. The cold, dead world showed no major signs of life outside the Hives, with only the few enclaves of native humans and their strange beasts of burden remaining.

Perhaps if things had been different, the Inquisition would have taken a keen eye on the newly reclaimed planet but in the greater scheme of things it was not to be. The Dark Angels had taken an interest in the planet and when they had exhausted their inscruitable reasons for being there, left behind the start of a new chapter.

The Cyber Knights of the Space Hawks
The Dark Angels found in those few survivors a number of surprises. Cheif amongst them was the strangely chivalrous traditions that had developed over the long years and their most unusual war-horses. The surviving legacy of that old worlds last-ditch attempt to save it's wildlife had at least one success and the people they found still rode those cybernetic warhorses to that very day. With the chapter still in it's infancy, the creatures proved their worth a thousand times over and before anyone really knew how they had become an intrinsic part of the Space Hawks chapter's ethos and identity.

The beasts are, for a start, powerful enough to carry a fully armoured space marine into battle, fearless enough to charge headlong into any odds and possessing of a longevity and durability that is truly astounding and every bit a worthy match to the Adeptus Astartes themselves. Upon being inducted into the Space Hawks, a Battle Brother receives his mount and will likely train with it for the duration of both their long lives. Facilities are said to exist inside the Space Hawks citedal which can heal the mounts, should they become wounded, from conditions that would have instantly killed any mere flesh and blood creature. If such facilities exist, however, the exact location and existence of them are closely guarded secrets.

Though they usually resembled coldly metalic horses, the beasts have been known to vary pretty wildly, with the most daring battle brothers venturing out into the unknowable expanses of their dead world, only to come back with new companions of strange and powerful form.

Space Hawks and the Inquisition

The Inquisition was initially wary of the natives of Parador, and the Dark Angels unilateral decision to found a chapter on the planet did not help matters. Still, the Space Marine Chapters do not answer to the Inquisition and so there was little they could do about it. However, the nature of the new Chapters favoured steeds soon became obvious and things became a lot more complicated.

The Space Hawks, for their part, refused to even surrended a single cybernetic horse for them to study for possible heresy, insisting (when they bothered to respond at all) that the Horses were a gift from the Emperor himself. Suggestions that they abandon the use of them were met with outright scorn if not direct hostility and so an Inquisitorial Fleet was drawn up in what can only be described as a staggeringly risky display of brinkmanship.
Dropping out of warp-space, the Inquisitor was surprised to note that not only all of the Space Hawks ships in orbit at the time, but that the entire Star-Wolf fleet was apparently also in orbit (ostentatiously as part of a number of preparatory talks and negotiations unrelated to the issue, but they did happen to be between the planet and the Inqisitorial fleet, with weapons at full power).

The histories do not publically record any detail of the immediate diplomatic aftermath, but after a humiliating climbdown the Inquisitor recieved a personal message from the Space Hawks chapter master. Popular legend has it that it came in the form of a hand written note saying simply "You can have our Horses when you pry their reins from our cold dead hands."
Some forms of the legend insist that it was delivered by an Eversor assassin, quietly and without word as a silent but not overly subtle rebuke from another Inqisitor. Needless to say, such rumours do not circulate much at all outside of the Star Wolves and Space Hawks themselves.

Honor and Glory, Allies and Enemies
The Space Hawks history is one rife with astounding accomplishments and hard won victories. Their willingness to serve alongside almost any arm of the Imperial war-machine no matter how risky (as long as they will have them) has earned them many honours and even some allies.
In the early years of the Halo campaign, they were called upon to prevent a Titan falling into the hands of the enemy during one of the bloodiest ground wars in the campaign, a brutal three way fracas between the Imperial forces, greenskin tides and the ruinous forces of chaos.

Swamped, surrounded and far from it's support, a single titan was in danger of being over-ran by the Greenskins amidst the ruins of a hive-structure. The entire chapter rode into battle, fighting their way through the heart of the Waagh to sieze control of the titan long enough to try to get it to safety. Sensing the opportunity to potentially turn the tide of the entire groundwar, the forces of chaos chose that time and place to tip their hand and a Daemon Prince led a charge of his own on the titan. With the Imperial forces tied up with getting the damaged titan manouverable before the Orks could rally, it fell to the Space Hawks chapter master to engage the Daemon prince in single combat, his winged steed allowing him to take the fight to the Daemon prince where he least expected it.

The Daemon Prince apparently believed that unhorsing the chapter master would make one or both of them less dangerous. By all eye witness reports, he was wrong on both accounts. With his mount free to wreak havoc and keep the rest of the Daemon Princes forces from coming to his aid, the chapter master slew the Daemon Prince atop the Imperial Titan, casting his broken body from the top at the climax of the encounter.

Because of these actions, the Space Hawks have been able to count on the support and friendship of the Adeptus Titanicus when necessary, however, such reckless endeavors have left them critically low on manpower and it will take some decades before they are back at full strength.

Combat Doctrine
Though they tend to favour mounted charges on an individual level, a Space Hawk army is essentially incomplete without a significant armoured vehicle presence. Heavy Tank support is typically provided to protect their flanks and to chew up whatever target is unlucky enough to be infront of them ready for the Battle-Brothers to strike, without warning. Between their vehicular support and mounted infantry, the Space Hawks are amongst the swiftest of all Space marine armies in the field.

Space Hawks Characters

The Space Hawks are as known for their skill with the blade as their leadership under fire. They gain +5 to Weapon Skill and Fellowship. They may not choose the apothacary speciality.
They have no noteworthy gene-seed flaws or deficiencies.
Traditionally, they charge into battle on their Cybernetic steeds and are loath to be seperated from them for long. The steeds are capable of looking after themselves, however and a Space-Hawk is just as ferocious on foot if logistics force the issue.
Battle Brothers seconded to the Deathwatch may insist on bringing their mounts to serve alongside them, but usually this would be carefully negotiated beforehand.

Demeanor: Knights of the Hawk
Battle Brothers of the Space Hawks know thier role. They are the shining sword of the emperor, swift to strike and gleaming in his light. It is upon them not so much to lead humanity, or even protect it single-handedly, but to inspire it to greater heights of bravery and righteousness. They feel very strongly the burden of being better, rising above and avoiding the mistakes of the past. It is often said that knowledge is dangerous and blessed are the ignorant and the Battle Brothers of the Space Hawks would agree with you a thousand times over but they see it as their risk to take on behalf of mankind. Knowledge that could protect the Imperium is to be preserved, knowledge that threatened to destroy it should be understood so that those mistakes can be avoided and the foul whispers of heresy and treachery can be discerned from mere over-zealous caution.

The Space Hawk is a fearless, inspiring warrior with a beautiful mind and a steady, human tone in his voice. They take grand risks so that others do not have to and would unflinchingly sacrifice themselves for their fellow brothers in arms. They can however be almost as secretive as their parent chapter, the Dark Angels and their willingness to face impossible odds has frequently led to personal disaster.

Space Hawks Primarch's Curse

Pride of the Knights of Parador
The sacrifices made and risks taken by a Space Hawk can eventually devolve into a dangerous self-destructive streak shot through with a growing obsessive nature.
Level 1 (Allure of Lore) - Whenever presented with an opportunity to obtain Lore that could potentially aid or threaten Humanity, the Battle Brother must succeed on a challenging (+0) willpower test or be compelled to gain it for himself. The GM may increase or decrease the modifier for this test depending on how dangerous the knowledge may be and any likely ramifications for attempting to obtain it.
Level 2 (Not Without My Pony) - Having fought alongside their signiture steed in a hundred battles, the Battle Brother becomes unwilling to fight without it. They will always insist on it's presence on a mission, thoroughly believing it to be vital to their success. If forced to be seperated from their steed for a significant period of time on a mission or forced to undertake a mission without it, the Kill-Team's cohesion is reduced by 1 until such time as the Battle Brother is re-united with his steed.
Level 3 (I'll Handle This) - Caught up in the philosophy of necessary heroic sacrifice, the Battle Brother must succeed on a Hard (-20) Willpower test to resist volunteering for any and all dangerous tasks, combat roles and so on. If the Battle Brother is the Team Leader, he must also make this test to resist volunteering the entire kill-team for such roles, regardless of whether there may be an easier way to acheive the same goal.

Space Hawks Solo Mode Ability

Hawks Response
Quick reactions are the Hallmark of this chapter. While in Solo Mode the battle brother is considered to have the Lightning Reflexes Talent.
At Rank 3 they gain +10 to all Dodge Tests
At Rank 5 they gain the Rapid Reaction Talent
At Rank 7 they may, once per game, automatically pass any one Agilty based test. (For opposed tests, they are considered to have rolled 01)

Space Hawks Squad Mode Abilities
Attack - Storm of Hell
Full Action - Cost 3
Sustained (Yes)
While this is in effect, the Battle Brother and those nearby gain the Furious Assault and Frenzy Talents. At rank 4, activating this is a half action.

Defend - Knowledge is Power
Half Action - Cost 3
Sustained (Yes)
While under the effect of this ability, the Battle Brother and others within support range gain +10 on tests to resist the effects of a psychic power (this can include dodge). At Rank 4, this improves to +20

Space Hawks Chapter Advances
Lore: Forbidden (Any)200Skill
Lore: Forbidden (Any) +10200SkillLore: Forbidden (Any)
Lore: Forbidden (Any) +20200SkillLore: Forbidden (Any) +10
Lore: Scholastic (Any) 100Skill
Lore: Scholastic (Any) +10100SkillLore: Scholastic (Any)
Lore: Scholastic (Any) +20100SkillLore: Scholastic (Any) +10
Blademaster300TalentWS 30, Melee Training (any)
Infused Knowledge900TalentINT 40
Forsight500TalentINT 30
Counter Attack500TalentWS40
Space Hawk Trappings

Great Cloak
Either worn attached to the Battle-Brothers power-pack or draped more expansively across the whole thing, such large heavy cloaks are a common sight amongst the Space Hawks. Sometimes worn with high collars, sometimes with hoods. The particular cut and decoration (aside from being rather showy and ostentatious) often has some manner of significance in relation to the Chapters various secret guilds and sub-organisations.
Scholarly Cloak: Choose one scholastic lore and add +3 to all tests on it.
Cloak of Secrets: Choose one forbidden lore and add +3 to all tests on it.
Seekers Cloak: +3 to scrutiny tests.

These ceremonial looking swords with their elaborate winglike hilt and elegant blade are never the less deadly weapons worthy of the Adeptus Astartes. Aside from their use in the initiation ceremonies of the Space Hawks, they also frequently take them into battle in addition to the more common-place Astartes Combat Knife. (Use the stats for a Ceremonial Sword, table 5-8)
Rarely, a more specialised warrior may instead take a larger, two handed version instead of the knife as a replacement for the Combat Knife. (Use the stats for a Sacris Claymore instead)

Space Hawks Equipment
Space Hawks have access to special, Cybernetic Steeds to carry them into battle.
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« Reply #1 on: 11 May 2012, 19:15:24 »

I love this so much I am having geekgasms.
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« Reply #2 on: 11 May 2012, 19:20:49 »

They are rather cool & I am trying to work out a way to work them into my Deathwatch game haven't yet but I will....


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« Reply #3 on: 12 May 2012, 01:13:29 »

Some nice work there.

I am looking at doing a write up on the War Panthers when I get the chance.

We will definatly have a good number of Chapters for Deathwatch players to choose from!
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