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Author Topic: Introduction  (Read 1890 times)
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« on: 12 August 2008, 18:00:28 »

This is the Jupiter mining corps ship Blue Meanie.

Most of the crew are dead.

The only "surviving" crew member is the Hologram of the Health & Safety Officer accidentally revived when trying to bring the captain back as a hologram (due to a typo in the serial number the last two digits were switched and we brought back the wrong crew member)

In the attempt to correct this error the other crew profiles were wiped and nobody can remember where the back up disks were put (I said it was in the shoe box in storage area A but nobody will believe me - and none of the scutters will go in there because it's been listed as unsafe for scutters in the latest risk assessment).

There are other none official crew aboard the ship but none of them are as yet registered.

End of report.

"Please note all crew (and visitors) should wear protective head gear whilst operation a space suit. Also note the hi-visibility tabard should be worn at all times on the outside of all clothing"

"Also Please note it is neither amusing or possible to insert protective head gear in to that or any other orifice of a softlight hologram"


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