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Author Topic: Deathwatch Space Marine Chapter - War Panthers  (Read 1631 times)
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« on: 01 July 2012, 13:29:22 »

Here are the links the various other space marine chapters that have been created.

Deathwatch Custom Chapters
Table of Content
Here is the official write up for the War Panthers Chapter (Primarch's Curse to be added later when I have thought of something suitable - ideas welcome)

War Panthers

The War Panthers were founded in the 35th Millennium by the Ultramarines as a fleet base chapter.  That could defend the western edge of Ultramar against attack from an anticipated Blu'killerz Ork Waaagh! Fleet.

The chapter creation was inspired by the actions of Battle-Brother Panthaerus of the Ultramarines who gathered a rag-tag fleet to drive off the first incursion of the Blu'killerz Ork clan. Panthaerus went on to be the acting Chapter Master of the War Panthers whilst they were being founded.

Battle Fleet Sentinel

The War Panthers have no home world to call their own instead they patrol the western boarder of Ultramar in their fleet of 10 ships (each vast battle ship), the fleet is known as Battle Fleet Sentinel.  The fleet is a companies by a myriad of Rogue Trader's ships, Imperial Navy warships and civilian supply ships.

The Nano-tek Heresy

In 701.M41 whilst investigating a Space Hulk that had been discovered adrift along their patrol path, a squad of Tech-Marines were infected by a nano-tek virus.  This virus silently spread through the other Tech-marines causing the majority of them to fall ill suddenly.  The fleets Apothecaries came to resolve this malady.  The tech-marines driven mad by the nano-virus attacked and killed most of the Apothecaries and many other Battle Brothers before dying them selves.  Leaving the chapter dramatically under strength with only a handful of surviving Tech-Marines and Apothecaries.

The Oath of Allegiance

In the wake of the Nano-tek heresy the Silver Owls chapter came to their aid sending a company of Apothecaries to help train a new generation of Apothecaries in the War Panthers.  A cadre of Tech-Priests from the Forge World of Tagus Primaris were sent to watch over the machine spirits of the War Panther fleet.

War Panther Characteristics

The War Panthers are resilient in both mind and body and received +5 to Toughness and +5 to Willpower.

War Panthers gain Pilot (Spacecraft) and Pilot (Flyers) as trained skills

As the War Panthers have very few Apothecaries and Tech-Marines they are no currently permitted to join Deathwatch (and may not be selected as specialties)

The Successors of Panthaerus: The demeanor for the War Panthers instills a sense of hope even in the direst of times they believe that their is a way to succeed, a way to pull together whatever limited resources they have and used them to gain victory.  A War Panthers' spirit is hard to crush and they look to raise the spirits of those around them.

War Panther Names

Roll (1d10)

War Panther Pasts

Roll (1d5)
1.   Nano-tek Heresy survivor: You were one of the Battle-Brothers who fought for his life against the nano-virus induced madness
      suffered by the Tech-marines of your own chapter.

2.   Waaagh! Scarred: You have fought against the Orks as they attempted to invade Ultramar, you carry the scars of they conflict
      with honour.

3.   Pirate Hunter: You have been part of a Void Pirate hunting squad and have faced every thing from chaos reavers to Eldar Corsair,
      your deeds have kept the space lanes safer for the traders of the Imperium.

4.   The Vorethi Wars: You fought against the vile xenos known as the Vorethi a violent nomadic race of space farers who pray on the
      worlds of the western boarder of Ultrimar.

5.   The Long Patrol: You were chosen to go on the The Long Patrol.  Sent out on your own in a ship to liaise with the Imperial worlds
      in the flight path of the Battle Fleet Sentinel.

War Panthers Combat Doctrine

Being a spacebourne chapter the War Panthers use Thunderhawks to quickly deploy there forces in any land based conflicts.  Each War Panther is a skilled pilot with a lifetimes experience of space flight and aerial combat.

War Panthers Solo Mode Ability

Where they is hope there is victory: At Rank: 1 the battle-brother may re-roll a failed WP test; At rank 4 the battle-brother gains a +10 to the re-roll; At Rank 8 the battle-brother gains a bonus degree of success on this roll.

War Panthers Squad Mode Abilities

Oath of Vengeance (Squad Attack Mode)
Action: Free; Cost: 1; Sustained: No
Effects: When any member of the Kill-Team suffers damage, the character receives +4 bonus to damaged rolls against the attacker.
Improvements:  At rank 5 this ability may be sustained.

Tactical Withdrawal (Squad Defensive Mode)
Action: Reaction; Cost: 3; Sustained: no
Effects: After being attacked in melee combat, the battle-brother may call for a Tactical Withdrawal.  The Battle-Brother and those in support range may immediately move up to their Agility Bonus in metres directly away from their enemy as if they had performed a Disengage Action.
Improvements: If the Battle-Brother is Rank 5 or above the distance moved is increased to twice their Agility Bonus in metres.

War Panther Advances

Advance         Cost   Type   Prerequisite
Awareness         200   Skill   -
Awareness +10      200   Skill   Awareness
Awareness +20      200   Skill   Awareness +10
Navigation (Stellar)    600   Skill   -
Pilot (Spacecraft) +10    200   Skill   Pilot (Spacecraft)
Pilot (Spacecraft) +20   200   Skill   Pilot (Spacecraft) +10
Pilot (Flyer) +10       200   Skill   Pilot (Flyer)
Pilot (Flyer) +20      200   Skill   Pilot (Flyer) +10
Hatred (Orks)      400   Talent   -
Bolter Drill         1000   Talent   Adeptus Atartes Weapon Training
Hip Shooting      400   Talent   BS 40; AG 40
Unbowed and Unbroken   700   Talent   Fel 40

War Panther Phychic Powers

Hope in Glory (as Glory of the Emperor – Deathwatch page 200)

Paragon of Hope (as Paragon Psychic Power – Deathwatch page 200)

Panthers Roar (as War Cry Psychic Power – Deathwatch page 200)

Steadfast Mind (as True Strike Psychic Power – Deathwatch Page 197)

War Panther Chapter Trappings

Thunderhawk Veteran's Wings
This badge is award the greatest Thunderhawk pilots of the chapter.  It provides a +3 bonus to all Pilot (Spacecraft) tests and +3 to all Awareness tests.

War Panther's Combat Harness
The War Panthers like to be prepared for what ever situation they face.  If the War Panther is in a situation where there seem that there is no way out of there predicament then the War Panther player may spend a Fate Point to produce one small item from the harness that may help them escape from their current predicament.
Items that may be produced include (1 reload for a standard issue Astartes weapon; and injector with either a dose De-tox or a pain suppresant; Repair cement; Sacred Unguents; an Auspex; a glow-globe; a multikey; a pict recorder or a Vox Caster – others may be available at the GM's discretion)
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