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Author Topic: X Men Saga – Write Up - 06/11/2008  (Read 2704 times)
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« on: 05 December 2008, 22:09:59 »

X Men Saga – Write Up - 06/11/2008

GM: Arnu

Crazyfrog – Wolverine
Zarniwoop – Shadowcat
Sharpe – Colossus
Vince - ArchAngel
Tiki - Nightcrawler
Chris - Deadpool

Travelling to Muir Island on the Blackbird with Sabretooth sedated in the Cargo hold.
On the approach to Muir the cockpit panel fizzes and dies, the X-Men decide to bail out, Shadowcat phase’s to the island, Nightcrawler with Sabretooth teleports off, Archangel flies off, Colossus and Deadpool drive into the sea and Wolverine jump out and sinks like a stone to the bottom of the sea and blacks out.

While walking on the seabed towards the island, Colossus finds Wolverines body and fast ball specials it onto the shore.  Seeing Wolverine come flying out of the waves, Archangel tries to catch him in mid flight, missing and get thrown into a building.

With all the party recovering on the island and Sabretooth in a cage, several characters are walking around the island. When the alarms are activated, due to U-Men invading the beach front.  Archangel, Wolverine go to fight them, Wolverine gets shot, but between them they finish the U-Men.

Then there is a large explosion from the main lab.  Deadpool is in the control room, and see’s a large glass container shatter and an energy being take shape.  The being heads for Sabretooth and disappears.  Deadpool reports to the other what he saw then tries to fix the control panel using his head which causes it to explode.  Hearing the news of an energy being and knowing they are on Muir Island the team realise its Proteus.

Colossus, Shadowcat & Nightcrawler enter the lab where Sabretooth is, to see him wake up with glowing red eyes and break out of the cage (he’s been possessed by Proteus).  Colossus KO’s Sabretooth, Proteus possesses Nightcrawler, Shadowcat phases through Nightcrawler who disappears.  Archangel and Wolverine return to the lab on-route Archangel finds an unconscious Nightcrawler (A) and a conscious Nightcrawler (B) in the corridor.  Archangel dives onto Nightcrawler (B), KO’s him who then changes into Mystique.

Colossus and Wolverine enter the lab together and see Proteus in energy form standing in the middle of the room.  Before he can move Colossus fast ball specials Wolverine into Proteus who dissipates.


I think it ran like this  Scratch

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