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Author Topic: Red Dwarf: GELF Golf – Write Up - 04 & 25/09/2008  (Read 2747 times)
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« on: 30 December 2008, 18:29:57 »

Red Dwarf - GELF Golf – Write Up - 04 & 25/09/2008

GM: Zarniwoop  AKA Holly


Oscar – Chester  the Evolved Dog
Crazyfrog – H the Evolved Hedgehog
Arnu – Reginald Selwyn - hologram (Health & Safety Officer and Acting Ships Captain)
Sharpe - ?? the 4000 series mechaniod 
Zombielord – Elvis the Wax Droid
Tiki – the surviving human female
WhiteFire – Punk Rocker Waxdroid
EvilGinger – Vince the Skutter    Laughing 4

This was billed as a single session game.  Guess what happened   BangHead (Holly tries to count to 3)

1st Session.
Covered character and crew orientation, which descended through the nearest black hole into another reality.

2nd Session.
The start of the adventure,  Punk Rocker & Skutter Vince appeared to vanish after the orientation.  Maybe there still painting the ship in its regulation blue and applying the correct hazard and warning signs to the outside of the ship, so other ships are aware of us.  (Space Corp Directive 0123456789-A)

The rest of the crew, where required to go to the laundry to wash clothing, due to the strong smell coming from the surviving human.  Arriving at laundry they find no water, investigations show that the water tanks have been holed and water has vented into space.  Now on emergency water rations the crew need to find a source of water fast.  Leaving the skutters to fix the tanks, the crew go off in Starbug on the water quest.

They find that on the local Gelf planet there’s a golf tournament with the following prizes for coming:
1) Water, lots of it, in the shape of a giant Ice Cube
2) Lots of post it notes n stuff (H thinks this is better than the first prize)
3) Skinned alive and eaten by the Gelf’s

Other teams where:
The GELF Team
BLANK - Hudson

It was a 9 hole golf course, with many different obstacles in the way, and all players must play 1 hole.

Hole 1.
Elvis starts the round and nothing much happens.

Hole 2.
A Dinosaur appeared in the middle of the fairway, the crew scattered, and tried to use the golf cart to escape, which nearly went over the edge of the cliff.  (What happened to dino?)

3nd Session.

Hole 3.
A jungle path around the fairway with pterodactyls dive bombing the characters.

Hole 4.
The fairway is the side of a volcano and the green is on lava.

Hole 5.
Normal course, but contains gravity wells/

Hole 6.
Jungle trail with an Apatosaurus.

Hole 7.
Forest on either side of the fairway and the Apatosaurus charges through the middle.

Hole 8.
Gaint redwoods as the forest continues, a log swing takes out H (who spends the rest of adventure curled in a ball at the back of golf cart)

Hole 9.
Marshlands, swamp gases and the green is on an island.

The crew survived and got the water, there home team of the GELF's were bit upset.  So in the good tradi

The crew survived and got the water, there home team of the GELF's were bit upset.  So in the good traditions of all games, we exited stage left and cheesed it.

The End

I unfortunately didn’t make very good notes for the 3rd session, if anyone remembers better or spots something wrong.  Please post corrections.

Also be shocked it's only taken four months for the write up  Beer

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