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Author Topic: Crazy Frog and EvilGinger Starwars Minnis Vendeta  (Read 7157 times)
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« Reply #15 on: 28 February 2009, 22:38:26 »

OK its over.

As history is written by the victors and following in the steps of Spartans (300) story telling, the battle went as follows.

My small army (x3, 1 for each round) of carefull and highly skill figures (Cheese teams) was totally out manned and gunned by the hugely over powerful army of Evil Ginger (some figures over 8ft high)   Wink.

The army of the Crazyfrog stood on the battlefield (minus the cheerleaders, who disappeared to play other games  Wink ) and through great skill and cunning of there most excellent, highly intelligent and skilled commander  Roll Eyes me, was able to crush the army of Evil Ginger.

Except for the small hiccup in the second round, where the same  'most excellent, highly intelligent and skilled commander' nearly destroyed the whole map and table with the green cloth and washed the floor with his cup of tea   BangHead (Which is the drink of the nation 'James May 2009')

So the battle is over and I'm still alive, it was an expensive game, I needed to buy 5 new dice before it started  Grin.

So my new dice are safe from the Hammer of Thor is was going to use on them.

But am puzzled what Arnu had planned when he voted for 'somthing so wyrd I cant think of it at the moment but sugestions are welcome post below'  and didn't post anything  Huh?


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« Reply #16 on: 03 March 2009, 18:07:02 »

Ok well in the case of the skirmish at Thermpopolae the history was written by the losers

"Any fool could hold the pass at Thermopolae
only a Spartan would be fool enough to try to hold it with there flanks turned"

Having won the pregame sledging contest hands down I took the field with three squads I have in the great tradition of all my army's knocked up on the morning before the game.

The first was a separatist squad and proved to be lacking in the ability needed to deal with the Gungan cringe as we shall call it a mistake I shall not make again. It withdrew in good order and would have escaped with very light casualty's had  we actually played to any sort of time limit .

The second was a Mandalorian squad thwarted by over lapping command powers which rendered mere storm troopers only slightly easier to hit than cloaked figures in cover even so I managed to counter this to some extent using combined fire but was unable to engage decisively with my close combat forces and as before all of the frogs major minions cringed this time behind several walls and took no active part in the action. Again casualty's where fairly light and the game over ran a great deal.

The third encounter was a very small elite squad which was the only one frog as it called itself at the time managed to actually beat. Even then his squad mainly cringed out of harms way and relied on one figure to do all the fighting a tactic which would have failed had frogs dice rolling not been exceptionally good.  <I sware in the background I heard one of the trumps of doom >

The forces which opposed me where as there commander admitted repeatedly "cheesy" and "highly abusive"

all in all it was a moral victory as far as I am concerned and a learning experience.   

afterwards we had a game of race for the galaxy which I deliberately let  frog win and we arranged to repeat the experience with again but to do a war game next time.


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